The wild one

Blue eyes Your brown red hair Real man with a shade of black clouds The scent is sweet When you are dancing and singing for hours What a lovely sight See you there in the shower Your body is a sculpture The chest features I follow with my fingers His dream is big Gangster live […]

Remember you

Kiss me before you go Always I will remember you Sowed tracks within me I have no desire to go out But I am driven by the night owls And once again I dance For you are always in my memory I know you’re singing now for thousands Maybe your girl is sitting there and […]

As children play best

My love why Why are you so far from Traveling across country While my heart pounded a little bit every day You are my design of a man Nothing takes the taste of me It is like I write it Do not make me sad Do not make me cry I just want to laugh […]

Life is not always what it seems like

Do you know how it feels Have to sneak around to not show Feelings of overflowing to the end Anger mixed with passion tear out The storm has already started Questions rain down on me Soon they reach you If they have not already done so kind today I do not know why It just […]

The hunt is on

My mouth is closed The policeman passed People asked me What are they doing here today I have no idea But imagine that there are reasons I sit not in their pursuits Keeps me far from Do not sit locked up But I see them looking this way Nothing scares me anymore Maybe they saw […]

It´s not like any other

Four months of blood, sweat and tears My bed feels alone seeking contact But not the one I gave you Nothing is the same No matter who I meet All the time I see those eyes Like a reflection in the water These blue makes me mad all over again never Forget Big dreams and […]