Poetrey and music

The wild one

Blue eyes
Your brown red hair
Real man with a shade of black clouds
The scent is sweet
When you are dancing and singing for hours
What a lovely sight
See you there in the shower
Your body is a sculpture
The chest features I follow with my fingers

His dream is big
Gangster live to make money
And I know it’s something that makes me hot
Rebel and go along the street’s wild life

I could wait one million years
For a piece of your heart
Do not say no
Within me burns desire
Love among the weapons and ammunition
We can go around by car
I can sit there and listen to your voice

Poetrey and music

Remember you

Kiss me before you go
Always I will remember you
Sowed tracks within me
I have no desire to go out
But I am driven by the night owls
And once again I dance
For you are always in my memory
I know you’re singing now for thousands
Maybe your girl is sitting there and no one knows

Hug me before you go
When I want to feel your embrace
And it was hot
I felt so lucky
Sweetie you are the best
But can not without a little tear grieve

He spread the pictures over the net
Nowhere is safe for me
Everywhere you lit up all over the world
A voice, a poet in the blood that makes me weak in the knees
I know you had that dream from the beginning
And you can help to understand
Such as you and me

I have the eternal longing
When I do not get
You know it’s the excitement and adventure in itself
Do I miss you forever
Since I have not tasted the finished from your mouth

Poetrey and music

As children play best

My love why
Why are you so far from
Traveling across country
While my heart pounded a little bit every day
You are my design of a man
Nothing takes the taste of me
It is like I write it
Do not make me sad
Do not make me cry
I just want to laugh and talk
Let’s relax and see what tomorrow day gives
Take a ride on the wild side again
Like we both go crazy rioting
You and I were born to be rebels

Dropped and lost sometimes
Often, I am blinded by lust
Like now, when I look into your image
Staring straight
Do not make me sad please
I can not stop love
Sometimes the road is difficult
I do not know why
Do not ask more
Just be my friend

I can not pretend anymore
But keep me in the background
Your letter is left of your last words
Perhaps we will never be the chance again
But at least I got joy in your glow

Poetrey and music

Life is not always what it seems like

Do you know how it feels
Have to sneak around to not show
Feelings of overflowing to the end
Anger mixed with passion tear out
The storm has already started
Questions rain down on me
Soon they reach you
If they have not already done so kind today
I do not know why
It just so people
I can not find all the answers
But you are never alone, remember
I would not disappoint
Even if you hear this before
Gotta take a chance to live life

You know that
No need to actually learn
As confused as a child
Took forever what I came across
Still, it is so
I will never be more loving
Or give back what I took
Is it a crime to imprison me
Like they did with you a thousand times again
Unfortunately, we live with the scars
On various trips through time

Poetrey and music

The hunt is on

My mouth is closed
The policeman passed
People asked me
What are they doing here today
I have no idea
But imagine that there are reasons
I sit not in their pursuits
Keeps me far from
Do not sit locked up
But I see them looking this way
Nothing scares me anymore
Maybe they saw my poems
Do I have a murderous bitch
Let them come and ask
I have no answers
More a secret that lies deep within
No one will miss something that is bad
Therefore I swear never oath
Even if people think it’s a shame
Those who start wars to end well.

Poetrey and music

It´s not like any other

Four months of blood, sweat and tears
My bed feels alone
seeking contact
But not the one I gave you
Nothing is the same
No matter who I meet
All the time I see those eyes
Like a reflection in the water
These blue makes me mad all over again

never Forget
Big dreams and goals
You’re living it now by all means
When the others are looking at
Still, it’s a pretend world
We choose to do something that is visible externally
Attention is intact
And you get me off
I give you all through a picture
Can I feel your body
Laughter and crying in the background is heard children screaming
I sit down and close your eyes

I know that my path is paved so
Love you no matter
clench your fists
Beats me to your chest and breathe
What time and year
Is it my time to understand
It’s you and me
No one else is hurt but makes as good
You just have to remember

I have never written this way before
Had to shut my emotions
To the people talking and lying large
You know how it works