Situation and problem solving

Is tired of not being able to show my feelings To some maniacs will refute me True as it is said Presented with the evidence and issues Everyone is trying to talk me into something else I just want to be myself And like who I want Without guilt and shame I know how people […]

I drive my own race

Time and place Right or wrong Now I drive I’m just a girl from a small town But have dreams just like other Green eyes that light up A smile so easily And what I feel is my thing But I admit I hit straight in the heart Can whistling day and night And everyone […]

Let us be

I should have understood that they have their eyes on me I have been rebel all my life Just like some other outcasts of society They gather us as a bunch of pigs in a zoo And keep track of all that is not accurate You have to have proper heritage and grades Otherwise we […]

In a second

I would die for the boy But should not reveal all the details They are my But he’s best friend Always sweet and talkative with me In one second, it turns to smile And I’m in love again My friend is the finest trouble in this city I can swear that no one is who […]

Who is undoubtedly the most complex here

I’m wondering what is wrong with the likes of you Everything has to be about sexual designations But one thing leads to the other While I do not fuck around Yes. that they would like to For there are those who are unhappy Can never find one to give his love to No, because it’s […]