Poetrey and music

You were right, I cut down your jealousy

We all are junkies in some way
Do not stress over it
Our common path
But our lives have looked differentley
From the rich to the poor can be
Or vice versa
And the shit is not clean
For it just gets worse

But what we have together is another
In a family built on love and security
Although hatred is behind in every corner
You should not write so hard on him
Jealousy is at its hottest when someone succeeds
And I admire him for it
Someone did something
And here I am than
With your thumb up your ass
But I am almost on the way

Hatred and love are so close
You have no idea, that’s how we built up our society
Mad as hell and not the least self-absorbed
Not just because I love his lyrics
But his words give strength to me
I play in every song
Although I do not know anything about rap

Poetrey and music

My taste seem to be others also

Does what I want
I see a sweet person
I walk through the fire
But he is busy
Do I wait patiently
Because I believe in fate
Is it meant
Will it prove anyway
But I steer towards what it means

Know exactly what I want
And I’m talking about myself
Too often, I listened to other
And their worry-solving life
As they hated
They said to me you should be happy

What determines these
Even I have my luggage
No whining for it
And I’m kind
Maybe even nice
Once in, I am there
But never sticks the knife into the back
If I hurt someone, there is reason

Poetrey and music

Situation and problem solving

Is tired of not being able to show my feelings
To some maniacs will refute me
True as it is said
Presented with the evidence and issues
Everyone is trying to talk me into something else
I just want to be myself
And like who I want
Without guilt and shame

I know how people are
Jealousy and judgmental
Statements that attempt to change
Why would I do that?
Not for the sake of others

I admire what he is doing
And creating art lies my heart
Truthfully and rewarding message
But here it must be pulled back lot argument

I am so sick and tired
Try and I guarantee met with opposition
Never thought I would do it again
Start over in this wheel
Around it goes, but I take it my responsibility
It is still chaos in the city
I might as well show what applies in my life

Poetrey and music

I drive my own race

Time and place
Right or wrong
Now I drive
I’m just a girl from a small town
But have dreams just like other
Green eyes that light up

A smile so easily
And what I feel is my thing
But I admit I hit straight in the heart
Can whistling day and night
And everyone wonders what happened to her
Mm, I’m only human
Feelings come and go
For a man or a woman
And it’s not end of the world
Just a start of a new friendship
Have not said no more or less
So run, I will not let you down

My style and type depends on the personality
Are you real or dishonest
Keeps my enemies closest
To know where I have them
But I do not do it on purpose
Are others having problems with my opinions
And I dare to stand still for them

Poetrey and music

Let us be

I should have understood that they have their eyes on me
I have been rebel all my life
Just like some other outcasts of society
They gather us as a bunch of pigs in a zoo
And keep track of all that is not accurate
You have to have proper heritage and grades
Otherwise we are in danger of being stalked
Still worse is if we do something slip
Unfortunately I’m not in love with the authority of persons
Will never be, but help those who need

Poetrey and music

In a second

I would die for the boy
But should not reveal all the details
They are my
But he’s best friend
Always sweet and talkative with me

In one second, it turns to smile
And I’m in love again
My friend is the finest trouble in this city
I can swear that no one is who he

Women chasing him
While other men want to be next
Haha I must admit that he is good looking
And he easily makes me laugh
Forget yesterday that was so boring

Poetrey and music

Who is undoubtedly the most complex here

I’m wondering what is wrong with the likes of you
Everything has to be about sexual designations
But one thing leads to the other
While I do not fuck around
Yes. that they would like to
For there are those who are unhappy
Can never find one to give his love to
No, because it’s old, and all are aged beyond

Wow what time we got into
I’m not old in appearance
But have learned a thing or two when it comes to my own morality
I can swear that you
Still better, I’m just showing how it may sound
Hello, I’m really tough, trying to embarrass her there
While the other takes, what’s wrong with you filth
I understand you’re sick, do we fucked
Of course all of Sweden would like to know the