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I reach to win — December 31, 2012

I reach to win

Yo  man, never believing for a second that you won
I walk through the concrete, to reach
I still think he is cruel
Although I did not jump on his cock
What happens, will be
Just remember, I’m heavy and deep
You wanted a piece, I gave you
Can not complain, had hoped that you were more a little shit talk
I can handle these bulls to men, even those lice to women
None of them can step over me, that’s the thing
I’m not bitter, I’m waiting for my dream
And it will wrap up like a rocket
All will soon be shocked, because I’m going
But it was more a swell you knew
Luckily there is a world with many eyes
Many hate me
I spit on you
They are, after all, nothing

What happend? —

What happend?

I met the most wonderful
But the deal turned by the idea
When he says that it can not
His life is something else

Wish we had something more
But must realize that the night was all
Still, I wrote a letter
That he will always have a place in my heart
So I can keep moving forward

But you must not stop hearing from you
I have not asked for anything
But you treat me like I’ve scared you
Maybe you chose it after I passed
Guess I do not need it, however,
But I do not cry

Life is paved with memories and images
Something that will always follow me
Although I do not accept everything you have done to me
But will seek further

My ideals —

My ideals

A man said yesterday, you always meet men who are good looking
I did want both quantity and quality in the same person
But it is not easy to find, for men and women think differently
And I know, I fight well
My desire to find my king
Enjoy what you want about it!

As sour as happy can I be
It will pass quickly because I do not have all my life
Some people think I forgive quickly
I do it, but never forget what is my homework
So love is my salvation, lucky there are more
I’m not going to sit alone and rot away
Forget it!

Hi all, so long as there are men and women
Am I fertile and passionate
I’ll take my chances and risks of the
Sometime it’s my turn
I live on my hopes

People who call themselves friends? — December 30, 2012

People who call themselves friends?

Hey friend why are you looking at me like that
Tell me, did you forget me?
When I miss my friends love
And they turn me back
Is it time to move on
Because I will find what I’ve missed

Break me deal it seems unlikely according to me
It will take much more than that
I have someone who appreciates all of me
Thanks to me, but I stick to him
Please stop complaining now!

Is a thin line between foe and friend
Whatever you did, do not try to explain
Half the town staring?
Why to me, why did you forget everything when it was free
Later or sooner do I find the missing
This day, I am not free more
And you whine like a begging dog

But I have no desire, you do it all over again
No one wants to spend time with a fool, who can not find home
Forever alone, you do it all the time
Whatever you did, you are forgiven

My shadow watches over you my friend —

My shadow watches over you my friend

Love is a road paved with thorns
But I’m not afraid to cut me
I love a person you
And watch over you on your journey
The few who know me so close, you know how I am
And that I possess the energy
For anyone who happens to touch my soul
Remember what I say

This world consists of different opinions
And wars pours over us
Amidst all want a few peace
But above all, love and passion
It means everything to us
But I can love from a distance
Only I get to see you again
Forever you’re a part of me
The fade never out
Maybe it becomes weaker with age
However, so strong energetic

In my text, you should remember
You are not any, I may seem sad
Because I care about you, you belong to me
We shared a bed and exchanged bodily fluids
I rarely do with anyone
It is written above your bed
If you look up there, memories of me than

But do not be fooled, some will try
I should know who have lived a little longer
Never let yourself  be fooled, take them when they sleep
Like a hunter of the night, you go from there is always safe
That you are anonymous does not always have to be negative
Because when it comes to your vulnerable
You must be able to defend yourself in this world

Passion for hooligans —

Passion for hooligans

I knew it from the start
How my role models would look like
The dangerous and adventure-seeking
Forbidden fruit from a tree
These really are such
But I feel no shame or sorrow
Only when solitude awaits me

Because I know they will be
Like the shadows on the wall
The mirror image of what I miss
Character of dominance
And anyone who can save me

But wanting it is dangerous
On the border between criminal and honestly
It is on its charm
I see these charming creatures pass me
Taking them into my life
Something I will remain a slave to
Because I can not see the road without a guide in sight
He is strong and has no fear why?
Sometimes he turns me into a dangerous path
But I’ll take that into account, almost like a punishment

Whitney Houston – I Wanna Dance With Somebody —
As Whitney Huston —

As Whitney Huston

As Whitney Huston
Do not think I forgot about my song
This feeling shocks me sometimes
But now I remember when my career was greatest
All this music that I sing to
And when I’m alone visit it myself
Because I want to dance with someone
Want to feel the heat
With somebody who loves me
Do you recognize the text and who sang it
It was than of my
Always go for goals

She was like me purposeful
Inboard a fragmented person
But we all have two sides
I honor still her music and voice
Her name is Whitney Huston
Because I want to dance with someone
Want to feel the heat
Yes, I want to dance with someone
Someone who loves me for real
That’s how I usually sing

Maybe I’ll get back to the days
Have gone years between
Before I stood on a stage to provide entertainment
But I will never forget the gift

Iggy Pop – Living’ on the Edge of the Night —
You’ll wake up my deep side —

You’ll wake up my deep side

You’ll wake up my deep side
Live by night
And sleeping for days
That is how I learn
Always there has been so
This city center living in the night
Maybe I break any rules
But no liar is not me
It’s not just black and white
Mm but to me what do I find middle ground

We humans strive perfect
No, it is just our son of god so it is said
But if we were to go about perfection
Had there not been any test
In order to get there, I have to live through it all
Up and down, life is different for everyone

Mmm but when I see you, falls slightly
My curtain, that I hid myself behind
Reveals itself in your bed
You are an intellectual person like me
Together we would rule the world
But none of us think that way