I reach to win

Yo  man, never believing for a second that you won I walk through the concrete, to reach I still think he is cruel Although I did not jump on his cock What happens, will be Just remember, I’m heavy and deep You wanted a piece, I gave you Can not complain, had hoped that you […]

What happend?

I met the most wonderful But the deal turned by the idea When he says that it can not His life is something else Wish we had something more But must realize that the night was all Still, I wrote a letter That he will always have a place in my heart So I can […]

My ideals

A man said yesterday, you always meet men who are good looking I did want both quantity and quality in the same person But it is not easy to find, for men and women think differently And I know, I fight well My desire to find my king Enjoy what you want about it! As […]

People who call themselves friends?

Hey friend why are you looking at me like that Tell me, did you forget me? When I miss my friends love And they turn me back Is it time to move on Because I will find what I’ve missed Break me deal it seems unlikely according to me It will take much more than […]

My shadow watches over you my friend

Love is a road paved with thorns But I’m not afraid to cut me I love a person you And watch over you on your journey The few who know me so close, you know how I am And that I possess the energy For anyone who happens to touch my soul Remember what I […]

Passion for hooligans

I knew it from the start How my role models would look like The dangerous and adventure-seeking Forbidden fruit from a tree These really are such But I feel no shame or sorrow Only when solitude awaits me Because I know they will be Like the shadows on the wall The mirror image of what […]