Poetrey and music

Lady Gaga – Alejandro

Poetrey and music

Act of roleplaying

In a game of two
We share something so cool
I just love your attention
The page is filled with shame
Should I be your mom or dad
Treat yourself at little or boss
It is the game, the roles we go in now and then
I love role playing, like a theater act
The wonderful thing about art
I can do it how you want
Kiss or even diss

Do not say my name, call me mistress
That’s what I show me in your eyes
Please honey, sweet as cotton candy
Can you give me, or show
Act where we play

Add me down gently on my order
Sir, show mercy and tenderness
Or are you tough and hard, so show the way
I can take it regardless of your role
That’s how we play the night away with sweaty exercises
But do not say my name, just call me mistress
Because that’s what I show me in your eyes

Poetrey and music

I believe in fate

We continue to play the games I want
Just give me what I want
You are my seductive prince of the night
Take off your clothes, show you naked for me
Let me lick you all
You will feel well-lust

But I do not believe in happy endings
Because I believe in fate
What will happen will happen
I’m not the man
Come and get me here and now
But I feel lust

And when I want to be close
Is it you I think of
Can you describe better than I

Who can write so that I do
Describe the feeling I have
Pulsating night and day
Kiss I’ve been looking for all my life

Poetrey and music


Cupid’s arrow hit me, when I was weakest
He will continue to feed me with erotic pictures
But I do not love you
Are just obsessed with your charm, and how you move
I know what your time is, how to pillaging and taking
We are so alike, I have heard that it is not always good

I love it all the way with you, it is your body
Your heart is tender and fragile
But you never show it
Will never get you, but one more night will not hurt
I will do everything in order, ending up next to you
Just rub your thigh and kissing hot in the night
It is enough for me

Me and you are criminals and sly
We run the same game
Therefore, we would never go together under the same roof
I just want to taste it you lemming me

Poetrey and music

My ex is a sick bastard

I do not want you ..
Stop ..
‘m Happy this style
Do you think I left my side
When you’re wrong
For you hated’re my style and attitude
You from forest soils, suggesting that I am bad
Upbringing was too lame
Come on, you fucked everything about your own age and younger
Shut up, better run my road than yours
Phantom image over Sweden
Looking for the guy chasing little girls with binoculars
Damn how customer I keep you behind your back
And when I think about it I feel ashamed
Ask God for forgiveness and the girl
Like any victim of such a perverse person
Should have slapped you deal
But know that pain is not put on
That is how you have spent your time as a child
But that is no excuse, to brutally crush the souls of others
An innocent child in 13 years, my life, you ruined the shit