Act of roleplaying

In a game of two We share something so cool I just love your attention The page is filled with shame Should I be your mom or dad Treat yourself at little or boss It is the game, the roles we go in now and then I love role playing, like a theater act The […]

I believe in fate

We continue to play the games I want Just give me what I want You are my seductive prince of the night Take off your clothes, show you naked for me Let me lick you all You will feel well-lust But I do not believe in happy endings Because I believe in fate What will […]


Cupid’s arrow hit me, when I was weakest He will continue to feed me with erotic pictures But I do not love you Are just obsessed with your charm, and how you move I know what your time is, how to pillaging and taking We are so alike, I have heard that it is not […]

My ex is a sick bastard

I do not want you .. Stop .. ‘m Happy this style Do you think I left my side When you’re wrong For you hated’re my style and attitude You from forest soils, suggesting that I am bad Upbringing was too lame Come on, you fucked everything about your own age and younger Shut up, […]