Poetrey and music

The black whale stone

A stone of long-term survival
From the earth’s crust
Used as perfume and incense
Changing the form of heat, and become stiff with cold
Just like me, how can you give it to me
My sister devoured it with delight
But I felt the strength

Your toys you find along the way
People have no respect, the paranormal
Have always been curious about humans
Too much and too strong to overcome
She put the stone in his hand
And did you need to clear your mind
I smelled and felt, it devoured all of me

I asked my sister to hide stone for me
But where were the black and inviting
Now it has reached my body and soul
It was turned inside out all of me
From head to toe, inside twisted my veins and muscles
Felt like someone took say board
That should not climb me
But now he has already got the right
I felt anger, lust and forbidden fruit
Then I slept wonderfully, for the first time in my lifeUndo edits

Poetrey and music

Bottle myths

One night … is what is needful
You want to tear my clothes
And tie up my hands
I can let you have your time
But just once, I have a tale to tell
When you lie in my arms
All the words you said appears only when the bottle is
Otherwise, you want me and like what I own

Your mouth against mine, you like our neighborhood
You want to tear apart my whole
Stretch out my body, massaging it up
Be your and then devour me

Without you, I go over
With you I can be crazy
Weigh the pros and cons
You want me and I love you
Forget I wait forever

Poetrey and music

Pushy men

Oh God give me peace to say no
Pushy men who think they know me
Expose me for this
You are the one I want

But sometimes it makes me mad
Why should I sit at home for you
When you are going to her
Our relationship is not like others
I know we can never endure
And sitting down is the worst thing you can do yourself

I’m fooling myself, but I can not resist you
We both walked in the same circle
And there is no one else in

When someone e crazy believe
I’ve forgotten you just like that
Do not pleasure of another man
But society makes me whole
Because when you are not around, I am alone
Without the company, I am crazy
But it is far from intimate
I just want it with you

Poetrey and music

They dont know anything

People may have preconceived notions
Even if they think you are playing with a different
I know she is standing there ready
But I’m not like her
And you do not owe me anything
He goes home, we have not seen in a while
But I miss inside
My tears dry alone

Why is it like this in my life
As you yourself said, once they stand up in the back
When you come to me
Stupid man, do you not know who she is
You said it yourself .. stupid games
I love you for real
But you can not see it, which is a shame
Everything for you is a game, but close I die
And you give her what I miss
But make your choice, can not decide for you

Poetrey and music

I will be alone this christmas

You may say that I do not know now
And I can not dwell
Hi I can not see why she did that to him
Sniffing track like a dog
He’s with me now, and you bury yourself in the past
I was up there would not be any more
I hate constable lover, it is so
For nothing I have notified each clarified

So you wonder why I hate authority
Therefore, the snooping after fault patterns criminals
Blames someone who bikes on the wrong side
When there are worse, others are treated as babies
Here I am with my baby, who has not done something
Just because he has a disability, he shall be prosecuted for any
You dumped him and left the city, so why dig?

I’ve been through things you do not know
And I can say, I know if someone should dragged authorities
But gave me, and looking ahead
Who the hell wants to see back in the sad and live to fight?
You will see me there, heard that you did not fall in taste
I’ll crush you next time you destroy my year

Poetrey and music

Trick or treat

Is so tired of all authorities
They try to inform my life after them
Rules I have not written for a man
Turn in and rock me to sleep
Every time I go out, they stand and keep track
Spreading rumors that I can not handle
Is it them or me with the disease
Yes I know they just want to be section riders
Sometimes I have to be a drama queen
To bring up their eyes on the right thing
But forget it, now I have had enough
Nothing they did was to help me
Everything is about money, what you earn
And not how many wounds they create
You shatters everything I have
The friendship of those I know, I will create new
Were you there and the way, you might not say so
All are not equal, only the disease
I do not care what everyone else tells me
Is an individual, so stop petting Now

Poetrey and music

What you want

Black with blue such you
And rarely are you happy
I can not live like
Is this how we should be
My curtain goes down tonight
And when you scream, I can not go out
Then turn my smile, have hope for change
But the same thing tends to happen with you
No matter what day of the year

I just want to know the life and time is not wasted
Ate the ridiculous sit influence on your couch
That’s the way we do anyway, you’re talking about erotic
And closeness that you never have to give
How are you coping now, when the walls burns within you
There are empty phrases that you give me