The black whale stone

A stone of long-term survival From the earth’s crust Used as perfume and incense Changing the form of heat, and become stiff with cold Just like me, how can you give it to me My sister devoured it with delight But I felt the strength Your toys you find along the way People have no […]

Bottle myths

One night … is what is needful You want to tear my clothes And tie up my hands I can let you have your time But just once, I have a tale to tell When you lie in my arms All the words you said appears only when the bottle is Otherwise, you want me […]

Pushy men

Oh God give me peace to say no Pushy men who think they know me Expose me for this You are the one I want But sometimes it makes me mad Why should I sit at home for you When you are going to her Our relationship is not like others I know we can […]

They dont know anything

People may have preconceived notions Even if they think you are playing with a different I know she is standing there ready But I’m not like her And you do not owe me anything He goes home, we have not seen in a while But I miss inside My tears dry alone Why is it […]

I will be alone this christmas

You may say that I do not know now And I can not dwell Hi I can not see why she did that to him Sniffing track like a dog He’s with me now, and you bury yourself in the past I was up there would not be any more I hate constable lover, it […]

Trick or treat

Is so tired of all authorities They try to inform my life after them Rules I have not written for a man Turn in and rock me to sleep Every time I go out, they stand and keep track Spreading rumors that I can not handle Is it them or me with the disease Yes […]

What you want

Black with blue such you And rarely are you happy I can not live like Is this how we should be My curtain goes down tonight And when you scream, I can not go out Then turn my smile, have hope for change But the same thing tends to happen with you No matter what […]