You got a spy at your side

I am not like other Can sit and watch you play Just want to be with you Kiss Me heats up Could it lead to more? Runaway is not, as previously Just want your love to myself Is it too much? You can write up that I do everything for you Even if times are […]

I believe in myself.

Hm … any time What you need one I’ll be there Someone said love is never easy No matter what it’s about But I’m your woman Now Is all you need Only you open your eyes and look It’s only you for me Sometimes it’s hard times But I would not change anything between us […]

As my master wants …

I want .. Erotic dreams streams And all you see is my wet body Forgive me, but do not think you will pay Once you have stopped the hands of the fire Is it a bit of pain, a bit of jealousy I bet only those who love me Let me have my way, I’ll […]

In love

I’m sitting here in a room And fantasize about your body Like a girl who was in love Must admit it’s awful But while a great feeling The plot thickens and tension rises Incorporate I fall down and cry Just as in love stories Crazy, after a few weeks you’re here And I want you […]


I hate talking love You have wrapped me in your violence But you find it hard to show emotion There is so much more I want Take me to your heart I’m such a girl who wants your attention I try to satisfy you But you misunderstand me Two maniacs who gropes say the Okay, […]