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You got a spy at your side — September 30, 2012

You got a spy at your side

I am not like other
Can sit and watch you play
Just want to be with you
Kiss Me heats up
Could it lead to more?
Runaway is not, as previously
Just want your love to myself
Is it too much?
You can write up that I do everything for you

Even if times are tough on yourself
You feel that everything is too far down
But I have my eye on you
You have a spy who looks at you
From the distance we can think of each other
And when we meet you smiling like never
So I know you have feelings that
Your eyes light up so wonderfully

Here we go all night long —

Here we go all night long

You may see me cry and laugh
Here’s the thing, he came by
Could not take my eyes from you
What a body
Your whole driving me crazy
You’re so fine, you´r so good

I have never met a man he
You can end the fight as well as
Make me horny, warming my body from head to toe
God …
Let me say, we need to pause and privacy
Even when we are out there, always someone who wants to talk
Even if you are social

You make me say crazy things
Can blow air in the talks we have
But sams as hell, once the
You would never let me fall
The thing e done, my friend and love
Take a step back, I’m not a game
Everyone knows who I am
But he knows me inside

You play me like Brandon lee`s guitarr —

You play me like Brandon lee`s guitarr

I feel like from an 80’s movie
Do you have a way Brandon Lee playing his guitar
Just as you feel when you show up
He is my

May be older one you
But that’s just numbers
Have no limit in the current situation
We can make music, and film
Both you and I love art

Why stop now, when we are on the way
Your opinions weigh much
I listen to what you say
But has own choice, and responsibility
not your

I’m in love
Know that everyone says we are too different
Maybe not, more like one like this, they can not be
And I love you, may you be afraid
But one day you will

I believe in myself. —

I believe in myself.

Hm … any time
What you need one
I’ll be there
Someone said love is never easy
No matter what it’s about
But I’m your woman Now
Is all you need
Only you open your eyes and look
It’s only you for me

Sometimes it’s hard times
But I would not change anything between us
Feels good though, although I miss you all the time
Even then you are barking and biting wind

I’m the woman you need
Even if you’re talking out your feelings
Oh … you are a man who does not show the
You are brought up that way, but inside it burns to
Danger and excitement at the same time
I’m your woman know that you also
What a pleasing willingness
I take it, can resist temptation

Can sit on your lap
Without making much noise
And when it’s passionate love I have it
So girls pass up, otherwise it teaches you fall out of his arms

As my master wants … —

As my master wants …

I want ..
Erotic dreams streams
And all you see is my wet body
Forgive me, but do not think you will pay
Once you have stopped the hands of the fire
Is it a bit of pain, a bit of jealousy
I bet only those who love me
Let me have my way, I’ll give you love

I know you can give me pain
Mix pleasure with enjoying
Because you know I belong to you
For your eyes, I know

Test your games on me
All over me
Let me fall into a trance
I love your annoying gesture
You give not all at the same time
Love that you refrain

In love —

In love

I’m sitting here in a room
And fantasize about your body
Like a girl who was in love
Must admit it’s awful
But while a great feeling
The plot thickens and tension rises
Incorporate I fall down and cry
Just as in love stories

Crazy, after a few weeks you’re here
And I want you here forever
How can the rail, I take the opportunity now
And do not wait
Having never been much for taking it easy
Come on, you’re hardly one who sits down
Like doing things, running to the dance
Just like my parties and nice people

Satisfaction —


I hate talking love
You have wrapped me in your violence
But you find it hard to show emotion
There is so much more I want
Take me to your heart
I’m such a girl who wants your attention

I try to satisfy you
But you misunderstand me
Two maniacs who gropes say the
Okay, but not everything is money and jobs
I have so much more, I want to discover

Take me to your bed, give me your
Love and appreciation, just as you do
Your kisses are warm, your annoying charm
I can die for a caress
And your mouth is driving me crazy

In my bedroom —

In my bedroom

I feel naughty and disobedient
Arousing aggression in the game
Want heal you
Taste that you gave yesterday
Anyone can play, but did not win me that you
Remember what I said
My wet toy makes me crazy
I love to ride him
And even with clothes on, I go crazy

My bad boy is the hottest
His body is muscular and no weak thing
I agree if he forever
Nothing can replace what I feel right now
Just want to feel your lips close around all me
Narcotic almost obsessed
That’s what you like, you have control over me

Adult —


I dream myself away
My hot pictures of you and me
Make the entire adult
In your teenage sleeping rooms are all new
You remember how it was
Before coming to the naked part

Small and curious
How it might have been
Without a thought, in panties and bra only
I sit astride you
And I see that you close your eyes
But deep down you love these games

Dominance verse led submissive girl
In his eyes you can see, he does not provide for easy
This is exactly how I want it
Even when we become co and has fought
I love domination in my small games

Put the needle in me — September 29, 2012

Put the needle in me

I’ve got a devil in me
Someone who makes life crazy
But it’s hard to keep away
The responsibility is mine
But must admit the charm is wonderful
You make me crazy, in which no others understand
Know exactly all my buttons

I can read you, but you underestimate
Everywhere there are people who can see you
Only applies to read
And I know very well that you are not good
But burns me so deeply
I find it hard to change course
But will sleep alone tonight