Poetrey and music

That`s what i have lived through…

That`s what i have lived through…

You say why?
Why should I trust you?
When nothing in this town is truth
Only you survive your fault?

Oooh … I survive
For I know my virginity
And that is what you are jealous of …
Truth or witchcraft
I choose truth, you can not just shut up ..
When you have nothing to defend

But it seems to fall from your mouth …
Why … did you kill my friend?
Her dreams reflect my ..
And why do I know
You can always take my life

But I go to the grave with the truth ..
Can still read what you’re thinking
And you’re so fucking much better than me …?
This boat drops for you ..
Your breath will slowly stop
We all come to a stop
But you chose untruth
And it’s not me …

Poetrey and music


How could you be so fake?
Who can I trust?
My love was true
And that is what counts?
Nothing surprises me anymore
Anyone who says it is obliged
You know that blood is on your fists?

Why would someone who loves killing?
You are a sick man …
Just wearing, ever since school days
No one believes in what you give

Damn how could you do that?
I was more the friends Jennie missing
And no stops, just keeps
You’re talking … about how you are missing
Interment was your shame ..

Never forget …
Your favor is not
I loved Jennie
Who stand for it?
I will never forget her

Poetrey and music

How could you?

I knew someone was bound
That Jennie was not alone
She went with you
You thought everything was ready
You sit so inocent?
But now I know who was guilty
Do not come by my side
Why you go so timid
Can I forgive you?

You know that friends do not kill each other
But you took the life of a friend
For your jealousy
Hope justice skipped

Have heard words of wisdom
I’m trying to forget
But every time you talk
Am I disgusted?
You were at the funeral Nattalie
No one trusts you


Keep up the good shine

It was a long time since I saw my friend
But somewhere there she probably next
The strength to continue with the experience
Some die young and others go on
Mistakes and risks is what life is
But I try to take it easy
Stress gives nothing
You must be strong and enjoy what’s up now
For no one will help you laugh
Find your special places
That make you feel good
What that one may be
I feel her support
Even if the sky is far from
Somewhere to justice skipped
But some seem to call
And do not want the truth

Poetrey and music

I have to fight to survive

Among all, there is a star
Is there passion and hope
So I take the chance when you give it
Let me smile just like other
We who lived on the ground know it
Regardless of country and time
Everyone has baggage
Good friends are a support
Family means everything to me
Without them I would be nothing
All love to the
And from my heart these words
Although I viewed as a troublemaker
I have to beat me up sometimes
To reach out
No one can hear you if you sit quietly
Because I have worked hard for 20 years
And may continue to prove

Poetrey and music


I will continue to be your friend
But many will not like what we do
Even when others leave me aside
So are you there
Can sleeping on your shoulder without problems
This is how I want it

I do not care what prejudices people have
They may well try to change me
It has never failed before
I’m the one that you see
And follow my own path

No need to tell me about rules
I break them like the one he
And that’s what we do
We are so similar but different
Age is no more one senses
Therefore, I like him