Poetrey and music

Your circus is not mine

I’m tired of women fucking motive
Always something in the ulterior motive
Had I been born guy would be my trust zero
Understand just how the hell you are
I could never get trust back from
One moment you stand on one leg
Others jump in full in a bloody drama
Can not defend human adults
Do they take for granted that I will be there
Are you a guy is tit say goodbye
Then you’re not for me
Come and play, but do not forget what I said
Giving up, this city makes me puke finished
Have always ways this fucking circus
Always a fucking drama in the henhouse
This light is on but no one is home

Poetrey and music

You have no controle over me

You think you scare me
What is it for me?
You are nothing
Cheating is not my thing
If you’ve been there, you take my opinion
No bloody baby sitting

I’m over you, remember it
Gonna be so fine without you
My years have been many, but that which you
You think you have an eye on me
But you have nothing in my life
So turning back to your former
What you would really like to live in

I do not want more to see you near me
You have lost me, I’ll be over you soon
Do you feel I have nothing there
If there is no hint of space left

Poetrey and music

Imaginary friends

Imaginary friends?
If you ask me what I think about you
So I answer
So now you know it
Why should I pretend to be someone’s friend

When there is no more between us
I just want to go on my own journey
Learn through life what is good and bad
I’m ready for it

If you wanted fashion tips, probably you will be disappointed
I’m not like anyone else, shame on me!
Control over me teach you never get
Then I own person
No matter how many people hate me
Is there always someone who loves my heart

Poetrey and music


Pathetic brides!
I wish we never met
But you have given me the experience
Come back when you want to cry out
Schyy it’s not just your life
But others also

Remember I have no regrets
Just teach me of wrongdoing
To trust a girl that you are wrong
Come on .. fight who the hell do you think I am?
Do not need to resort to my knuckles because I have control
And you’re too old
Remember what I say now is forever

Why are you all so stupid?
That you do not understand who I am
Think what you want it!

Poetrey and music

Your a fucking joke to me!

You are not serious
Speech is gold
Being quiet is silver, it has taught me
Why do you say things
If you do not want to hear my opinion
Let me think now? consulting the case your

Can you take the story for someone else
Is tired of petting with adults
Your game is free, and you bid on it
Look at your columns how good you are?
But never came to me
I, no ripples

Let me know when you intend to be honest
The third time you are stomping on my toes
Why do I give you permission
For no one who you have respect

Talking about the goblins and the hyenas
Stay away if it does not fit
You are bidding on stage, I’ll just sit quietly?
So there will never be

Poetrey and music

To my best friend’s mom :)

The strength is in it
You’ll be strong
Experience gives you the pain and memories
I will always be the preparation
But I get used to me never
It’s just the way they are

Where are you now? tell them it will be fine
My image of you as a single and strong mom
Keep calm down

Ask nicely to make it go fast
Pain is the worst
In all respects, no one wants to be in pain
I hope you do not have the
My light and kind of life even when you were in trouble

Poetrey and music

Vem vill leva för evigt?

Vet inte vad jag ska skriva
Ditt liv är fyllt med gott och ont
Världens bästa song kan tyda
Och jag vill sända denna dikt dit
Att nära och kära är här en minut
Nästa gång du vänder dig om är dom borta
Livets börd som trycker dig framåt
Medan glädjande minnen ska vara för att bevara
Men när du inte kan känna kramen mer
Och famnen du kände till lämnar dig på öppen grund
Blir vi varse om att hålla ihop familjen är viktig
Jag sänder en värmande kram
Och hoppas den når fram på något sätt
Min oro kan inte stillas
Det innebär att vi blir förstående med svaret
Sinnet och kroppen ställer in säg på att lämna något