Love at distance

You always shake my world Regardless of age shows your charm Your body-built And I can say it is enough for me A taste of what I once felt Can not wait Chamber that gives himself I lose all control when you are there Can you feel the pulse rises You do not even see […]

What you show me?

What you show me? The card game blow down The pyramid I built up again Anxiety is like an evil demon Never be himself same again Although medications are I hear about all the diseases There is no new epidemic Of course we humans do not know what to do But it is us .. […]

I constant see fear in peoples faces

I migrates along the way My glass is empty again Filled with anguish when I see my life The end stop somewhere But is not afraid of it Just want to belong to those who love me most That they never lose faith In the darkness may scare On the other hand, perhaps the light […]

Philosopher negative side

Since I was born and where conscious I counted down Strange thinking Maybe I was a deeper one second And it has built half my life But my relatives say, be proud And who wants to live forever on this earth? Well I know if it changes But without loved ones will be different Nothing […]

If every one imagen you…

Girl you’ll be a woman soon told you But I am still young Life is playing a game, but we will probably not lamps All we know is just for us Remember no one lives exactly equal I grew with thee, in the storm Yes … I love you a   And it hurts the […]

Talk to me…my text of this song:)

Talk to me … is you there? And the words you said The years passed, my friends will barely remember But you are a charm that turns, no one knew where the Took steps straight into a storm But we live in the same   Belong to me? Why do you think your mother like […]