You and I?

You and I Can you do what I The perfection Hold on tight to your hat I will challenge you in the music talent Come on up and sing your lyrics Will overwrite all But you know that everything is given You are trying to outdo the conscience I am not a liar like you […]


Sckrollan I am the star compared with you You zero your trying to challenge me With it’s about honesty And you will not know if Sexiness is not a virtue You are trying to drag me down And thinking that you are gaining But when you take a look You are a thriller And no […]

I have only one thing to say

I have only one thing to say Who am I to you The only thing I take orders from God himself And the faith is strong But sometimes it is difficult to give When I feel lonely So I think of those who remain I’m here, and what I deliver is so good To teach […]

No one drives me to the bottom.

No one drives me to the bottom. I will succeed in my goal Reading up on how my life has been And share my knowledge straight out Aggressive, but with serious elements You can not ignore My beauty comes from experience I do not care about latest fashion But want to look good to the […]

Always on the edge of happiness

Always on the edge of happiness He and she, who comes next? Love’s strange ways Thickets and wounds to reach Some of my secret Binds to me like a snake Squeezes the life out of you, but if you’re boring I’m going Do not come with a crown If only my own darling Only a […]