Poetrey and music

You and I?

You and I
Can you do what I
The perfection
Hold on tight to your hat
I will challenge you in the music talent
Come on up and sing your lyrics

Will overwrite all
But you know that everything is given
You are trying to outdo the conscience
I am not a liar like you
My grandmother always said to be no mattress
I come from a good family

I am a princess and you are a slave
Can not be more of a say no
Do not come near me
And I will not respond as much as hello
I’ve given you chances of being nice

Poetrey and music


I am the star compared with you
You zero your trying to challenge me
With it’s about honesty
And you will not know if

Sexiness is not a virtue
You are trying to drag me down
And thinking that you are gaining
But when you take a look
You are a thriller
And no one will like you
They talk about you

You manage everything behind closed doors
They throw me out, because they know
However much you kowtow to them
But you’re not for me
I can deal with your charades

Poetrey and music

I have only one thing to say

I have only one thing to say
Who am I to you
The only thing I take orders from God himself
And the faith is strong
But sometimes it is difficult to give
When I feel lonely
So I think of those who remain
I’m here, and what I deliver is so good
To teach those who want to open the heart
And take in what I give in the form of words

I respect where I go
But sometimes, it receives
When some misunderstand me
The one I resigned myself, is one who understands
He was the great artist in the world
But now I’m living for
My generation will grow old
And they all go over maybe a better world

Sometimes I slip and does not forgive
Go ahead and aim for the future
Because I refuse to live in bitterness
Smile and taking chances is the price I have received
So I take the risk

Poetrey and music

No one drives me to the bottom.

No one drives me to the bottom.
I will succeed in my goal
Reading up on how my life has been
And share my knowledge straight out
Aggressive, but with serious elements
You can not ignore
My beauty comes from experience
I do not care about latest fashion
But want to look good to the last breath
Do you have anything to add do it now
Give me fired or criticized for making mistakes
Come on, do what you feel
No one will pull you up
But your cordial gesture gives birth to my strength
I’m not fragile, has a lot to learn

Poetrey and music

Always on the edge of happiness

Always on the edge of happiness
He and she, who comes next?
Love’s strange ways
Thickets and wounds to reach
Some of my secret
Binds to me like a snake
Squeezes the life out of you, but if you’re boring I’m going
Do not come with a crown
If only my own darling

Only a person born in sin
Now it is my great desire for an association
Between two who love each other deeply
But it is not easy to make me happy
I give everything, and then takes you back
It should never happen again
But as soon as I turn my back
Do you go to someone else, so I can not lock me