What if??

Now it’s time to return a tab to the blog, I do not know the body tends strangely. With nid bleeding five seconds two weeks ago.
And slept for hours while I went to sleep at night, some syptom reveals himself as the first two times I was pregnant!
But will not say too much, have also had many apparent pregnancies in my time, however, it would be a more weird because my ex boyfriend was said not to have children?
Will pick up my medicine in the morning, then I buy me a pregnancy test, so you know, black and white, it would be so I have something worth living for, besides myself. Clear job it will be with myself and a new life :)
Now you are aware that my ex boyfriend went back to where he lived before, and also tend to change number so I can not reach him! yet he pointed out the phone eventually I would be pregnant, I have heard of me?
It’s been almost four weeks now since we spoke at last, and that conversation did not end well, with all agusations.. to me and hating half Greek family so it is never easy!

I’m not bitter just cynical were the relationships right now, anyway, I try to come again on my way, which, seems to counteract high.