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What if?? — April 29, 2012

What if??

Now it’s time to return a tab to the blog, I do not know the body tends strangely. With nid bleeding five seconds two weeks ago.
And slept for hours while I went to sleep at night, some syptom reveals himself as the first two times I was pregnant!
But will not say too much, have also had many apparent pregnancies in my time, however, it would be a more weird because my ex boyfriend was said not to have children?
Will pick up my medicine in the morning, then I buy me a pregnancy test, so you know, black and white, it would be so I have something worth living for, besides myself. Clear job it will be with myself and a new life :)
Now you are aware that my ex boyfriend went back to where he lived before, and also tend to change number so I can not reach him! yet he pointed out the phone eventually I would be pregnant, I have heard of me?
It’s been almost four weeks now since we spoke at last, and that conversation did not end well, with all agusations.. to me and hating half Greek family so it is never easy!

I’m not bitter just cynical were the relationships right now, anyway, I try to come again on my way, which, seems to counteract high.

I missing you… —

I missing you…

I see your name
You are awake
Are what happens
But nothing is changing fast
The time might seem like
I wanted to be near you
Any year that you make from
But I sit no babysitter
I’m just delighted

I heard how lonely you were
Maybe you do not have any
To me? are you alone now?
You try to be as tough and hard
But everyone knows loneliness
And the obvious for you
Non ashamed the
Just be yourself

Blue eyes — April 28, 2012

Blue eyes

I have a plan
But do not know if it succeeds
Only your blue eyes takes
I have a feeling for you
And I know how people talk
Showing my good side for you
What do you say?

One look from you and I fall
But no one else would be happy
I see you walking around
Wonder what life is all about
It is to enjoy
And remember the best
So let’s dance the last minutes

Erkan and Serkan hahahah i love you brothers —

Erkan and Serkan hahahah i love you brothers

I come from a country free
But looking for the right
Many following vocal
But I make it second
You’re no
Now I have a new king
To apply no
Just ask anyone I know

Erkan and Serkan kings of the city
Beginning to fight, I can admit you are weak
Haha you’re not
I hide not
Just like their way
Be cool and chill with me
But stop the war against girls

Haha your my cute —

Haha your my cute

Erkan ….
You are loving and strong
Maybe someone you wake me up
I like you, and with that smile captures everything
My body wants you close
You can be my man?
Why slow down? the other are cross
Bu I’ll give you a chance
I’m no easy ride
But perhaps you have me

Here i go again —

Here i go again

Here I come again :)
I miss someone by my side again
Looking with a magnifying glass, not to fail
Has stopped moping, because soon it’s summer
Living life as if the last day was here this morning
Why take everything for granted, thank you for your time
With all that it offers, although some make it hard
But I do not care about
You do that I do not want a troublemaker
It falls just apart
The entire public should know when I feel good
My closest friends are very good
Black taxis and festive fun
Bills and whiney bitches is not interesting

Stop playing ritch? —

Stop playing ritch?

Martin in my world leading gang law
You have no faith here
Why do you go to meet
Because you’re sweet, I am calm
No one knows our destiny
But many are trying to break it
What a show
It’s all about respect here
Maybe you are wrong in
But hold on to what you feel
The women were serious
When they look into my green eyes

To hell with your boys hood… — April 27, 2012

To hell with your boys hood…

Your problem is not my …
Sometimes you just tired
But never give up
Although it looks that way to you
Is a whole army in the sky and waiting
The hardest you’ve ever met
But that’s not my problem
I have warned you to take my time
If so do you get tenfold back
I am not afraid of you
If you even trying to pair you with others
They may be ten, yet your case is large
And the hell with your homework

I tell the sweet tale… —

I tell the sweet tale…

The history that was and is …
Will tell the sweet tale that was
Before you destroyed everything
This is my feeling
You were not there with us
Yet jaws you with me

And talking shit about me
While she showed lot of photos
It was the era romance
But you were not kind!
Yes yes, go and tell your friends
I say just go to hell

If you had been nicer, maybe she stopped
But mentally you crushed her long ago
I do not speak lies, has been too long
And you try to lie to me?
You think I’m an idiot
Some people think I’m buying anything
But have news for you
I still hate your ass

That´s why i hate you… —

That´s why i hate you…

Therefore, I hate you?
I can not take more
But do not give up on it
Living life
Even if you stand with the gun in the air
You are so weak at heart
I have the strength to break you down mentally
The laws of physics can kill, but the words stay forever
So what you are trying to get me to listen to
I turn around and pointing fingers
Therefore, some people like me
You are not one of them, but it does me no!