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I can´t take it anymore — March 25, 2012

I can´t take it anymore

I will not sit in 12 steps more
A group so confused
Everyone knows, and nothing is private
That’s what you want, I know my own load
But you are a co-dependency, in all relationships

I’m just angry, look to your own problem
Why do you take on me, I promised no
And I know the truth about myself
But many do not even know why they’re with me
It is not true, you can say anything
How is one going today

I will never get the girl in luxury packaging
Something you expected then sooner
But I are nobody’s fool that deliver
And you gave your heart, so did I.

I going insane — March 24, 2012

I going insane

People forget quickly sometimes
His own baggage, and let someone else
I’ll never be your waitress
Is not brought up to the
Taking it on my way
No matter what happens tomorrow

I take my responsibility, should not blame them for you
Wrong of me, but also believe you can err
Even if you never allow it
So cowardly, here in my world, I learned the
Can not I find the dream

The clock is ticking, and time disappears
You did time in morrn, I said okay
But one knows for sure what it is about
After there is no turning back
And I must say
Do you have more negative to say
Think about

Because of you… —

Because of you…

Why should it be this
I dare not trust anyone in my world
In addition to a gas that is not visible
I should see between the lines
Have put my foot too many times in the potty
What should I do, alone is strong is a myth
And that’s what people are saying

Because of you I’m weak
Because of you, I’m crying once again
Because of you go I bet
And because of you I’m back at zero

Just let me be, you took your chance
Without being able to stand for a goodbye
But I’m the one that says stop now
You might find someone that is your right

Gold diggers —

Gold diggers

You are not right if you are taking over
You are not right if you try to fool yourself
You are not entitled to change me

I do not take over your life
I’m not right for you if you soften
I’m not right if it feels wrong
I is not right to force someone

Understand it, and remember
My words mean what they say
Does not take back or adds
You took me for a millionaire
But I’m in your income

Oooh fat fall… — March 23, 2012

Oooh fat fall…

Please aaah! You do not know who I am?
Have a bunch of brothers who are around
It’s not my problem, but all other
Those who think the trick is with me
I’ve lived in this so long

Hate canceling lot of fuss, at my expense
Want to escape with your cousins​​, do so
I’m calling to see how you feel
And you shape the back, while driving around town
I have a private life, and value in myself
No one takes me back

You do not stop if you find it difficult
I have never forced anyone, when I cry you running
What do I need a partner to
If you can not be everything I dreamed
Maybe it’s just an illusion
Take your murky rules and give to someone else
Ask someone to be nice pussy
I’m not a lap dog

I hate you — March 22, 2012

I hate you

Never break the rule
You are damned
Maybe you take for granted
I see and learn every day
My mistakes, I get to live with
No matter how much I suffer
But taking life is the ultimate

Do you get away
Because you will get another chance
Do not take my time to wound
I will not give more, I gave
And you can not take my life
Though my tears flow down his cheek
I see you everywhere

I stood there like a dummy
And talk to people, because I do not know who
Hope you did not know me
Somehow, I tried to give you tips
On the way a list of what you can do
My feeling relaxed
When I do not know if it’s you

Same again —

Same again

Saw me? I wonder if you see
Why should I apologize?
You tried to forget
But that person came back
Why so, the love is rotten

I drank myself to sleep
So I know what you did
Hurry up, or forget
Time stops, no one takes any
Love bites and makes the heaviest scars

I threw up on everything
I saw you when you showed your weakness
Did your life
Hurry up or give up
My heart remembers everything

Zombie boy —

Zombie boy

You walk stiffly home
Without seeing or reading
Thinking of seconds
As a pounders
Gets a kick of playing
But no one understands
In addition to

I care about a zombie
And no, I get back
My scars they’re like new
Every day and seconds

You hear my voice in a jar
Your muffled heartbeat suggest panic
And the feeling of not getting what you wanted
Maybe I’m in love with a zombie boy
By concealing his intention to leave me
In another dimension

You see through me with a blank look
Pass and in one second you’re gone
When you have an accident with death
I’m in love with a cold person
Maybe it’s you here next

I hate you right now —

I hate you right now

So you lie there so calm
However, the pain stings
And my anger grows more

I had to see your hope
Was it evil or goodness
And I just want to forget the feeling
On leaving me to see

No one will see you again
Invisible and sneak behind me
I can not hear you, banish you
When you have not tried more so

So you people think I’m cynical
Perhaps it must be such
The rat makes a weak
But have learned trample
Shame is there and messes
But it does not lower myself to you
So I left for me to go before it ends

Leave me alone —

Leave me alone

I fed with grief
Each chapter begins as
All they come to me
Before the explosion approaches
I guess the question, but can not answer
Because I do not know who you are
Please let me be

Look at me, I did not choose it myself
My gift burning a hole in my soul
But I will do just that life
Sometimes I stand there on tip phase
Want to know about it more, but it would be easiest
I chides you, and what you do
The plan has already been anointed, you do not think about
Everyone will miss you
It gives you now fuck off

Life back to know the future
Started out my life in coffee sump
It’ll show what I can see
My scars of wounds, and the pictures I had to live with
The laughter of being a fool, but the truth is there
I tried to wash me, its eyes
Looking into the night seeking answers