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Crazy or normal — March 28, 2012

Crazy or normal

They call me crazy
The authorities and the common people
They say that I am partying too much
What does it take the average person to fall
They say that I was so weak

Look at yourself now
They talked all around me
Do you know who is behind
Today is nothing new
I’ll go ahead

They say freak diagnosis
Wacky and different girl
Call what you want
I eat you for breakfast
Today we know more, there are as sisters and brothers
I stick to the family differently

Sweet nightmares —

Sweet nightmares

They provide the sweet nightmares
Fox does not make any time spent on me
I like honesty, but a sense of power
And accepted by all, from Stockholm to Skåne
Gothenburg and Gällivare, all together they
I’ve read about my antics and what I stand for
Grew up in the harsh climate, has always been there
And you know what it is about
Love exists, but not give up, no
Live for loyalty and your true friends
Parties and lust, enjoy and live
The concept seems easy or ridiculously
To mature in this world is a must
But in different ways

New photos of me —
Spanish delight —

Spanish delight

Ganash see in my eyes and feel
I have something for you, you are real
So human and happy creature
Will warm inside, no doubt
Only someone who you can enchant me
I know how dangerous it can be
Someone I should know
The storys beginning and end
Spanish auora and freedom
You do what comes to you in
Not controlled by anyone except God
I believe in your personality
Let me sing, hear my voice
Read my poems and you’ll understand who I am

Let me be free —

Let me be free

Let me go free, make me yours
Give me your whole body
The heat and flames bring us together
You make me weak, looked into your eyes
I can not take away the look
Stuck there immediately
Some people have that

Kiss me and feel the heat
Release your demons free
Creating magic with me
Let me get rid of all regulations and laws
Do any criminal with me
Take me, take me into your karma

Katy perry —
Super paranormal —

Super paranormal

I will become a legend
My poetry strikes the soul
Do not want more or less
The truth is near
To teach the world how it works
But for many, a white lie nothing

I look the same, no matter
If you hurt me and play on me
So you have me on your TV screen in seconds
Everywhere you look around, I will be with
It’s the price you pay to play dumb

Super paranormal, understands exactly what you are
If you excel in my heart, it strikes back
Nobody can fool me into thinking you are true
If you show a tendency to falsehood

Are you melting for me —

Are you melting for me

I aim for the higher odds
Always a person of risks
When you fall in front of pine
Think of who I am
Has nothing to hide

But the talk going around
Although I only know half
I do not know any of us fucking
Is a strange conclusion, merely a prelude of what could be

I go in for some pampering
Is not shit that takes trash
Whatever your background, we should think about exactly
For it is again important to me
What you have to wear does not matter
I just do not like ties

You think i forgett — March 27, 2012

You think i forgett

I do not know who you think your girl is
Is it obvious what I’m doing
Do you think won this time
Blowing up o calms the storm
But profits e not your profit

So you see a small flame
That you can play over me
Oh I did not notice anything
It is just stupid
I stand ready to throw everything
Because I know what makes a fight
There are two, but the blame always falls on me
This time, I remember everything

Do not think you won, t know who you think I’m
Someone who you can cheat, take back
Winning the bet you made with your ancestors
So everyone knows about it, I wonder what they think
But it does not bother me!

The fire will blow up again —

The fire will blow up again

There are eyes that see
Memories which are evident
Lips that would meet under the mistletoe
I just wish that you were everything to me
The desire to stand on an altar
Meet your mouth o all of your words
Written in the wind that is the destiny

I did not think it would lead to a fight
O thoughts of money o power
Love is supposed to be pretty strong o
But now it feels like an anchor
Equally heavy o it just falls to the bottom
How does it feel sometimes

Was I too stupid o nice again
The feeling disturbs, O rebels
Makes me doubt about what I do
But the fire will flare up again