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Life´s test — February 29, 2012

Life´s test

You met me in the wave rolling
No stopped up
I knew you then, but you replied to
By hiding your true self

Emotional man’s heart
But regret nothing, there are obstacles
Your life is for the learning
I have always believed in you

That night when we met
Our lovemaking was not like any other
Because you held me in your arms
And warmed me until I went
No one knows more of a you and me

Missing — February 28, 2012


Dear underworld, why do you take from me the best
Showing up at times when there are errors
The timing means that people are intimidated
And holding back when they see you
Relatives fertile soil is
I want to revive yourself
Missing my grandmother and uncle
The old ones who were close to me
Always there to protect me
In good times and bad, life is a trial
I fear the day when my parents are gone
To me they all, those who really know me
I know it will be tough on any day
Would rather not think about this idea

Kitty kat —
Reflections —


I dream real
Feels like a world waiting
Someone else, people are blind
They think we’re alone here on earth
Is it not obvious, everything will be
I do not go around the wheel again
Seems like there are quite similar
All the time fighting for something new
Being someone who you do not know who
This time, I turn and should be glad
For all I have, it may be gone tomorrow
But it happens everywhere, when everything goes against a
The man wonders why
Can see that we are all going the same direction
Why can not anybody see what I do

En vouge — February 27, 2012
Why —


Life is complicated
It need not be
But my love life is completely
For the one I dedicated my life to
But he continues to hide
Do not let me in there
What should I do

I lose control
Has nothing to do with other people to do
Friends, we are already long back
Sometimes it reminds me when you’re away
There are no relationships, distance or closer
What will become, I can not go on pretending
Should I wander through life alone
That’s what I think

You tell me that I must stop
How do you do, every time I seek you
Are you going to haunt my soul
In my dreams, kissing and lovemaking

A son of god —

A son of god

What did you say about you means he
An aesthetic face of god
Son of the kingdom hall
Why was I in love with you
I’ve been singing all my life

If God had a name
What would you say if we have angels
Something tells me that they are difficult

Love is true, but everything is sinful
I just want to touch you
Maybe it would help with feelings
Anything I can check
I know what it looks like
That I have lost all senses
But he is not like us any other

I hate this…. —

I hate this….

I hate infidelity but there is
So I just have to say my thing
I’ve got you under my skin
There is no cure
Is as painful as cancer
Not enough medication
I know that you fall for him

All the stuff you do, but it does not always help
If you are faithful he makes a gaffe
For many runs through the desire
Death scaring as
But it’s too late
I love you, but gave another to a second
Why chase it Me, I’m so tough
But it does not matter

Women out of controle —

Women out of controle

Without control, she wants
Sticker which is wounded
I will give back
That’s right, I do not know what he thinks
You can not even say hi

You’re lying to capture any
Hearts are there to give love
But sometimes, such as you
You want it all I want
No one knows what you will do next
Any day will it take you

You think everything falls like gold spoons
Your attitude is wrong, just because you look good
But the inside is just the route
You are shallow, you want a richness you can not touch
No one should try to marry you
You show up wrong
Equal to sponsor docu soaps

God above —

God above

Was born naked
Knew nothing about life
Our time catches up
Also you have wondered
No matter what you say
Aliens and ghosts
I know we are more
You think your time has run out
We live on to show
Mankind was greatest
Relligoner and war is everything these days
Seems like the bad guy has won
Many die without an answer
Just goes to sleep where you left them
You wonder, did you?
I say believe in yourself
So it meant, what we have ways