Life´s test

You met me in the wave rolling No stopped up I knew you then, but you replied to By hiding your true self Emotional man’s heart But regret nothing, there are obstacles Your life is for the learning I have always believed in you That night when we met Our lovemaking was not like any […]


Dear underworld, why do you take from me the best Showing up at times when there are errors The timing means that people are intimidated And holding back when they see you Relatives fertile soil is I want to revive yourself Missing my grandmother and uncle The old ones who were close to me Always […]


I dream real Feels like a world waiting Someone else, people are blind They think we’re alone here on earth Is it not obvious, everything will be I do not go around the wheel again Seems like there are quite similar All the time fighting for something new Being someone who you do not know […]


Life is complicated It need not be But my love life is completely For the one I dedicated my life to But he continues to hide Do not let me in there What should I do I lose control Has nothing to do with other people to do Friends, we are already long back Sometimes […]

A son of god

What did you say about you means he An aesthetic face of god Son of the kingdom hall Why was I in love with you I’ve been singing all my life If God had a name What would you say if we have angels Something tells me that they are difficult Love is true, but […]