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If he ask you to strattle on picture — January 31, 2012

If he ask you to strattle on picture

I see you addade me
What did you bitch??!
Your husband shoot you and put you
He says that love never fades away
But everyone can see your ass in the picture
Straddles, get other men to look at

As long as he is your
Understand me right
The same stupid girls turn into
With his arrival
Think I’ll sort out their lives
Give me peace

Drama and marquees
People wanted to see more
See but not touch
He invites you out like a whore
In addition to the world

No respect for anything
I spit on his cock
And he makes it to sleep
In my violence, he would not live long

One year older —

One year older

If I refuse to listen
Just enjoying the time
What is left then?
I wake up with fear

If I close my eyes
Drift on clouds
But for a while
Then the black cloud back

Drinking myself to sleep
But what gives it
The next day is the same
But I doubt a super eight
Participating in a good idea
Maybe it works
Do I have time left?

Or is it just nonsense
To live to enjoy
And do not rush
But now I have heard the statement
My life will never be the same

Some one elses body —

Some one elses body

Hate to be similar
Genes conferring disease
So I smoke again
Trying to forget what my doctor said
All samples and the stress
Food diet and by-pass would be nice
But I do not change the facts
To my anxiety demon continues to require

Does my gene in the mirror
The black angel in the corner
Which took the lives of my grandmother
And it almost cost the time of my father
How can I forget their faces
Hear the answer on the shortened time
Have had enough of suffering for your sake

Can you hear me or are you deaf
Leave me alone and give me your eternal
I will not go through the trial 24
Not that to please you
Perfection is nowhere at all
But we are driven to madness anyway

A lot of hell —

A lot of hell

Is so fucking scared
Thinking about where I am going
Thoughts on other

Constantly forgetting myself
Superwoman or superman
Can not be the
Not until I are in the process myself

My healing flesh has not recovered a
I try to push away my anxiety
But it reminds when the weight increases
How close I am there
What I do not wish
And what started the anxiety

Are you disapointed — January 30, 2012

Are you disapointed

Listen to me
I have an important message
Do not eat someone’s heart
But if you fall for me
I’m not easy to make happy
Spoken from the beginning
Perhaps you feel offended
But is not fake

Hanging by a thin thread
Our love is like a jack in the box
I know if my problems
But if I choose you I stay true to
Even if things attract outside
Will only break your deal once it runs out
Is not easy to have on dealing with

He looks good and gives the right
But something does not go together
We went to fast forward
But do not want it any other way
You say I can not choose
Perhaps it is
At first everything looks so good
Everything feels like butterflies

The girls never learn —

The girls never learn

He gets the girls to go crazy
Where around the world and the way most
Is hard on the surface, my mind, you never take
Protects my little girls
They are the ones I live for
But a life without pleasure is nothing

He gives you a piece of
But no more
Will not hunt in order to
He gets the girls to run after
Sitting at a bar somewhere
They always come back

He does not ask for anything
Will not promise gold
And you’ll give everything
Love is hard and cold
But sex is tender and caring

Secret desire —

Secret desire

Dissolve your knots
Live life with experiences
Both beautiful and terrible
Nothing is given free or
Living with the name and price

I wanted you, but you just smile
You’ll learn as soon as they hurt you deeply
Women and men can play as
They can turn your back for a fuck

I dig you, you always have pride in
Deprived of your charm in secret
You make me tremble
That should get you thinking about
Invest in high-stakes
No cheap prices

My little ones —

My little ones

‘m Glad for the help I received from my partner with new home page, my little babies to get babies … so is the idea anyway … in a month I’ll go and see if it was achieving little ones:)
Tomorrow it’s time for new feeding and cleaning the cage .. which I do about once a week, more is not needed for the two

Give me… — January 29, 2012

Give me…

lose control
For one night with me
Leaving everything behind me
We only have one life
As far as I know
My time is running out

And I am just older
However, time course, give what I want
Smile with me and sing
Dancing and cheering
Give me the pleasure and enjoy else darling

You and I are the same scrap and barley
Why look at higher elevations
Perfectionist in all
But no one can find the key
Why Go ye
When I give you the real
Here and Now dance away the time with meHypnotico

Play —


Left to chance
Let fate bring you the guide
I drop everything
Takes of me naked
Allows you to eat my juice

And the soul time
Move your body with my
Put your hands in the air
See but not touch
I want to party with you

The old days you were sexy
And charming, as dangerous as now
They all want to have a piece
But playing dumb, egnore and party with me
Move your body closer to me
Will give you of my strength
Give you support when you need