If he ask you to strattle on picture

I see you addade me What did you bitch??! Your husband shoot you and put you He says that love never fades away But everyone can see your ass in the picture Straddles, get other men to look at As long as he is your Understand me right The same stupid girls turn into With […]

One year older

If I refuse to listen Just enjoying the time What is left then? I wake up with fear If I close my eyes Drift on clouds But for a while Then the black cloud back Drinking myself to sleep But what gives it The next day is the same But I doubt a super eight […]

Some one elses body

Hate to be similar Genes conferring disease So I smoke again Trying to forget what my doctor said All samples and the stress Food diet and by-pass would be nice But I do not change the facts To my anxiety demon continues to require Does my gene in the mirror The black angel in the […]

A lot of hell

Is so fucking scared Thinking about where I am going Thoughts on other Constantly forgetting myself Superwoman or superman Can not be the Not until I are in the process myself My healing flesh has not recovered a I try to push away my anxiety But it reminds when the weight increases How close I […]

Are you disapointed

Listen to me I have an important message Do not eat someone’s heart But if you fall for me I’m not easy to make happy Spoken from the beginning Perhaps you feel offended But is not fake Hanging by a thin thread Our love is like a jack in the box I know if my […]

The girls never learn

He gets the girls to go crazy Where around the world and the way most Is hard on the surface, my mind, you never take Protects my little girls They are the ones I live for But a life without pleasure is nothing He gives you a piece of But no more Will not hunt […]

Secret desire

Dissolve your knots Live life with experiences Both beautiful and terrible Nothing is given free or Living with the name and price I wanted you, but you just smile You’ll learn as soon as they hurt you deeply Women and men can play as They can turn your back for a fuck I dig you, […]