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I can handle your betrail — December 30, 2011

I can handle your betrail

I learned something useful
There are worse one you
You are not the last to play yourself
So I continue my life
I look around me now
Feel much better
For I find medicine
With nothing more important
People like mad as you are out
But I know at the next corner could be you
Copies are many
But I get out of the grave again
The strength I carry with
See the light in the tunnel
But for you, it continues to be black

Linda Axelsson? who are you now?? —

Linda Axelsson? who are you now??

All about scandal cover made Linda
What should I think
When you hide
You will never get out of the closet
Do not wait
And you know who I am

Could wish for a Merry Christmas
Because I have moved on
scandals continue
And you also love the attention
You condemned me for

I am not angry
Happy and smile at my life
Tragedy and drama are part
I have grown accustomed

Why am I surprised
I saw Elin fischer on your wall
You were supposed to close your account?

Different types of ….. — December 29, 2011

Different types of …..

Cheap creep
You are a thief
And now you must pay
The price is without mercy
Little miss thinks she can come here

Now that the beloved is sitting with me
I guess something went wrong
Not my fault
But now you infringe on my land

Do not want to disturb please
Here she comes by like a tail
As a poison flowing in all veins
She is just a cheap thief
The heart is but it’s cold
And her soul will die

Idiots who buy it
And leave something of value
You fucking and dreams of a life
But she will run
To the next one
I know its charisma

Idiots falling pine
Here she comes, and I think get scammed
Just because I dream about both by my side
I do it with one at a time
It is the difference
But you see not even the

Remeber me —

Remeber me

Takes a ciggarett and look out
Kill everything we have
With unnecessary stories
You think my be nasty
I give the same medicine
You can not hear yourself
Without Objects me all the time
Remember how it used to be
I am a new person
Whoever you see both
Do you dislike so remember to go back
I am myself all the time
Drinks may be so
A part of my life

How to kill a fantasy —

How to kill a fantasy

I was going to write about an adventure
Sexually and I liked
But now cut off everything
With unnecessary elements

You kill the imagination
When your ex girlfriends call
Want to meet others up to you
Think about what you say me

Of current I tell
And things that are emotional
Regardless of hate or love
Can not you see the message in the

I do not want to hear more
Let them come
And I leave you
You should not make fun of my time
Do not forget who I am

Russian whore — December 28, 2011

Russian whore

Someone will contact
Though she knows about
Is she right or honest
Can I give you a lesson

Who I am
Someone will team up
I do not know who it is
But you left him
Why contact now

What name do you have?
Your dirty reasons
In order to survive
Take advantage of my husband
But you will get the call
Everyone should be familiar to you

R.I.P to the old and a new start —

R.I.P to the old and a new start

Rest but not sleep
There are dangers everywhere
Your peace with me
What I tried
I see your face
My dear friend
Mary and Jennie were the two
I could have stopped it?
But did you chose the path
The friends you now see today
None of them are proud of it
I can not raise them to the skies
Tried to silence and throw the ax
But all it does is to open wounds
And they do more harm to see a move
I’m just trying to live life
But it will return
Today is the one I had on life
Yet another beautiful soul
And her name is Roy
The name I keep
And the soul is pure
She is love and a friend of mine

I loved her! —

I loved her!

I was asked this weekend
What do you think Jennie said
Think she would appreciate my love
She knew what I liked
All she told me
I was one of those who opened her closet
Unleashed the one she wanted to be
She had no one who understood
Both her sides
Did any of you been able to do it
With wear and tear around her body
Hated every second of the falsehood they spread
I will never forget
But I live my life with love
Have all the names at the back of the head
Some hang out one to be different
It was like she read my mind
I knew exactly why she was silent on some
Constantly afraid that someone followed her
If you ask me again if she relied on someone?
Few were her real friends
And she could count on the fingers
So should I forget those who did harm

stupid girls — December 26, 2011

stupid girls

I’ve grown into this
But nobody is perfect
Just be myself
So let me be
Allow me to miss the only
Nobody can do anything about it
If she wants to or not
It is not up to her

Your stupid questions makes it more difficult
And your expression looks so silly
We used to be so nice
And you were just a kid when I knew you
Not the one I used to talk to
But now you’re just like any other
So cold and gullible girl

I do not make your choices
So let me be
Just thought you learned something
By spending time with trash
Clearly they’re still there

Loved or hated —

Loved or hated

You know I lie with her image
Under the pillow rests her face
So I light another ciggarett
And I just forget them which words you said

To annoy my heart
But one day you will get also
The truth will shine through your lies
No one comes from what they’ve done
Everyone pays a price for the sins

But you look like you are spared
You know who I am
People like you do not bother me
But I hate to be chased by rats

Shame you carry with you
It’s not me who’s lying to myself
Everyone sees through when you shut your mouth
Although he says love you so