You dont like my ways?

Boring or just dry? Wet or sticky? Can you stop watching? You correct the faults of others We all have opinions I fed them every day But have seldom listened to a few Gone my way and get off I want If you are not happy with me or happy Can not get it up […]

I need you close to me.

Please help me relax Give me a shot with your The energy I need tonight Almost every day, it takes so much You are not locked at me anyway Only me who is in love with your name And we are not a couple Only friends of the same grounds I feel at peace with […]

Some times….

In particular, I would live out But on my way You should like it Nothing compels me to What you wish just like me You need not be in a certain way Wearing clothes of the finest materials? Who cares as long as you are yourself And not playing a character I’m real If no […]