Poetrey and music

You dont like my ways?

Boring or just dry?
Wet or sticky?
Can you stop watching?
You correct the faults of others
We all have opinions
I fed them every day
But have seldom listened to a few

Gone my way and get off I want
If you are not happy with me or happy
Can not get it up to your fantasies
I can not force you
Refrain if you do not want!

Have my own imagination deep inside
My fairy tales will never come true
Closest I come is a maniac
Someone who will never be the prince in black!
I have accepted its conclusion
But the only difficult for mediocrity
He who is content with merely vanity

Money and gold is not of value to me
But you want it tight in life
You hunt me a job, you think I’m lazy?
To bed too late at night, I can not change
I will stop giving you tips
But it is my way to go, and you do not like it!

Poetrey and music

I need you close to me.

Please help me relax
Give me a shot with your
The energy I need tonight
Almost every day, it takes so much
You are not locked at me anyway
Only me who is in love with your name

And we are not a couple
Only friends of the same grounds
I feel at peace with yourself
When you rebuke me
Proper not without reason
I can tease to the limit is reached

Scare me mercilessly as I listen
But you must have the right harness
The gift, I listen to
My dream is all I want
But no one outside can reach
For I have locked myself to you

Poetrey and music

Some times….

In particular, I would live out
But on my way
You should like it
Nothing compels me to
What you wish just like me

You need not be in a certain way
Wearing clothes of the finest materials?
Who cares as long as you are yourself
And not playing a character
I’m real
If no character

I do things sometimes that comes to mind naturally
While you associate everything with ugly
So I can not live
Everyone has their opinions and principles
But walk the hall way is to think of
Trying to practice my bad points