Poetrey and music


I leave the small hole
Move to the center
There is no grief
My step between two small towns is over

But I will remain the same person
Will never try to be someone else
You had your chance to impress
Though you made ​​a fool of you I talk to you

Do not think that you’ve done so far
It makes you weak, you must look further afield
This small cavity is not the world
Is heavier outside the little bubble
No matter who from here to see it larger

Poetrey and music

One two three trick or treat?

Go down on your knees and pray now
My story is deep
The deal with everything
I have been near the bottom
And pulled me up from a pit

Still, I am asked
Recreational Drugs and Alcohol
Free if I would say yes
But I’ve had enough of the world
Nevertheless, I can defend those who are close to me

My husband is the heaviest, has lived through
And fared so far
I am looking to capture the best
Will not fish for zeros

Earn your own income
Can you give me something new to chew on
Bit or stand over
I dare to go my own way
No one else can be like me
Appeals nicely to choose their gang
Become a friend and put down the ax

Poetrey and music


You do not like me, why did you
Kiss Miss, I is not for you
Forget me, you should not
Mix up with me
My story is buried in grief
Why are you trying to make it difficult
Feelings between you and me
There is nothing there, stop playing nice
I make my mistakes, you can not do the right
My lesson, let me make them

Poetrey and music

Give me that…moonwalk king

Way and dance
Close-ups and sex articles
That every part of his destiny
But I see the more so
Body and soul

The dance of Latin Tango
story he wrote to me
Cutest and sexiest ever
Can you measure yourself with the
No one can take someone else’s place
He makes me see things for what they are

Give me your hand again
Caressing my fingers and tickle my cheek
Kiss my dreams at that time
But your auora remain here beside me
The dance of the night and morning
Can you stay a little longer
But your name forever in my memory

Poetrey and music

I remember you

What you held in your hands
Wash the wound in me
Gently put you next to
And told stories I know about
How they walk outside our auora
And your beautiful gift you possess

You’re everything that made ​​my imagination
I remember you, you know I will always find you
And when you think that loneliness is closely
Do you know who are you closest to
A small hand, grew and became a young lady
Someone you could not imagine being one of your

Forever you believers
But can not sit in pain
When you please step forward
And take the whole step
I always remember you
For you created my dreams

Poetrey and music

Father figure

your embrace
And the freedom that seduces
The one I can never keep

But now and then I fall
Tripping over your photos
As a thing of scrape

Sometimes I think you are all
But when I see how you live
What you can not live with

That’s all you want
No strings attached
But that love is there

I could be the
But sometimes I think that you are too much
You would never be able to hold my hand
But in the dream is always there

As a wound in my heart
Somewhere, I know that it never heals
Just open and empty without you
But fill my soul with proximity yet

Turn to the wall
Sometimes I miss you more
You have never given me a chance
Your fear of what happens

I can not sit here and wait
Have to live life, but you get over me
And it all starts again, the eternal saga
It had no direct early
And it will never end

Poetrey and music

Take it like a man!

Go down on your knees and pray
I will not spare you Kekki
Learn what the hell you want, it’s time
My life floats are not in danger, more a you
Remember? every time you meet me
That I should clarify every single thing you do

My motto is not to kill you
It is too easy penalty, but suffer forever
You were the sweetest I had
Of your jealousy, love, you know what that is?
Life is about sacrifices
Even when someone turns
You can not pierce them to trust you
Have you never understood

I should slay you
But it is too light punishment
Do not want you to continue entering
With the sweetheart who tries lung soul
Do not want you to caress with dirty hands