I leave the small hole Move to the center There is no grief My step between two small towns is over But I will remain the same person Will never try to be someone else You had your chance to impress Though you made ​​a fool of you I talk to you Do not think […]

One two three trick or treat?

Go down on your knees and pray now My story is deep The deal with everything I have been near the bottom And pulled me up from a pit Still, I am asked Recreational Drugs and Alcohol Free if I would say yes But I’ve had enough of the world Nevertheless, I can defend those […]


You do not like me, why did you Kiss Miss, I is not for you Forget me, you should not Mix up with me My story is buried in grief Why are you trying to make it difficult Feelings between you and me There is nothing there, stop playing nice I make my mistakes, you […]

Give me that…moonwalk king

Way and dance Close-ups and sex articles That every part of his destiny But I see the more so Body and soul The dance of Latin Tango story he wrote to me Cutest and sexiest ever Can you measure yourself with the No one can take someone else’s place He makes me see things for […]

I remember you

What you held in your hands Wash the wound in me Gently put you next to And told stories I know about How they walk outside our auora And your beautiful gift you possess You’re everything that made ​​my imagination I remember you, you know I will always find you And when you think that […]

Father figure

your embrace And the freedom that seduces The one I can never keep But now and then I fall Tripping over your photos As a thing of scrape Sometimes I think you are all But when I see how you live What you can not live with That’s all you want No strings attached But […]

Take it like a man!

Go down on your knees and pray I will not spare you Kekki Learn what the hell you want, it’s time My life floats are not in danger, more a you Remember? every time you meet me That I should clarify every single thing you do My motto is not to kill you It is […]