Lenny krawitz

Poetrey and music

King of Sweden in Philosophy

You make me crawl on all fours
I do not want to stop practicing after you
Your will is of steel
No one can beat you
I just want more peeping

You built me up
And living just for you
Had not been too much if you gave me everything
But you are a freedom to
I know exactly what you’re all about

And no one can beat you
I travel in a floating target for you
Dressed in paint or leather nearest you
You are so hot that the girls scream
Like the Elvis rebelled with his songs
I have not even come so close to you
But with a kiss and then quenched the thirst

Have you found any new adventure now?
Deep and philosophical person who takes me to the views
And deep valleys, no one else could have made

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I give you my life

To all out there, the story has two sides
I am beginning to like this, let’s hear what I have
Say what you will about me, but you have not been in my shoes
In the past, you may not know or say something
How can you all judge me, you were not there
Just looked outside, heard what everyone said
The talk that I spew on, bullshit and hypocritical
That’s the way they were here, many years have passed
Some are stuck there, I do not feel sorry for myself
In addition to the fifteen years I was sitting outside
The doctor studied me, I was their test rabbits
Without an answer, destroyed my school and family
Taken from the air many times, guessing and testing of a child
I was an innocent girl again, ordinary and a little shy
Everything every circus show, the whole town knew
But nothing is my fault, I take my responsibility anyway
Trying to fight my way through this, but one that had been left
So stop saying that I had no trouble in my life
Each has its own history, to walk in the atmosphere
Invisible and cold ends in murder and misery

Poetrey and music

Your world colides with mine..emo boy!

You are content with your own world
Something I can not stand
My own clashes with your life
How do your values ​​infect me
In the beginning it always feels good
And my imagination takes over
The rails of the bed
Always the same thing when you stain

I rise from bed
shaking inside
Think what will happen now
Have I fallen into the pit again
Feels like being eaten alive
The heart is naked and seen
I must go now before it’s too late

Dear God does something powerful now
My illness bury me alive
But sometimes I feel lonely without it
For what it may be a warning to me for the terrible things
And tormentors only to keep their hands away


Time depressions and goals

It’s been a while since I wrote the blog.
Recurs now and then, have stumbled into the antique stuff.
Have been infected with the flu a second time at short intervals, things rolling forward.
That is when they feel like everything is going backwards, although I do not want it.
Sensitive to fall and darkness, depression is approaching.
And people are becoming more profound, just like me.

My sweetheart and I are on our fifth month together, the love has not gone to one, my mother and I discuss a lot about everything about this.
She says the first few months tend to be intense, I think very much about it.
But wished it could last longer, feels so good to float on the clouds only, in any case have tried to find their own practice site in equestrian sport, my other big interest.
Besides poetry and my pram nojjor, collecting things that you can sell? or keep for yourself.
Have been thinking in recent years on this with family, feels like time passes so quickly, that time should be inside soon.
Sometimes see in front of me a little boy with golden brown hair, perfect smile and Central coated eyes.
Worst Karate Kid and self-esteem on top.
But desire can only be a reality, I know if someone can show the back of it too.