King of Sweden in Philosophy

You make me crawl on all fours I do not want to stop practicing after you Your will is of steel No one can beat you I just want more peeping You built me up And living just for you Had not been too much if you gave me everything But you are a freedom […]

I give you my life

To all out there, the story has two sides I am beginning to like this, let’s hear what I have Say what you will about me, but you have not been in my shoes In the past, you may not know or say something How can you all judge me, you were not there Just […]

Time depressions and goals

It’s been a while since I wrote the blog. Recurs now and then, have stumbled into the antique stuff. Have been infected with the flu a second time at short intervals, things rolling forward. That is when they feel like everything is going backwards, although I do not want it. Sensitive to fall and darkness, […]