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The confuesing book of life…some mysterious ways.. — August 31, 2011

The confuesing book of life…some mysterious ways..

Read me sleepy
Studying my soul so deeply into
The cards I am putting
You feel my senses
But when you deny me
Why you once let me in

I know exactly what is happening
When someone walked inside my door
This has happened before
And you’re still with my life

Reckless, brave and afraid
But happy and emotional
Something you envy
But deep is something you have
I just want you near

nothing physical
Sometimes, I get confused
For you seduce me as well as dismissing
And it has always been so
Then the day I saw you

Not you… — August 30, 2011

Not you…

I remember when we met
You looked lost out already
Why I died in your arms
Perhaps it was only close
No more that kept the two of us

I’m not your sweetie
And live the life I want
Regret nothing but time was short
You never got to know me in real life

Do you want me
When you see me now more
Is it just lust for a new adventure
I’m not the person for you
And life taught me what is?

Again and again in your dreams
Just as the only one I have loved
But it was never you
The right is not a myth
You were only a fantasy

Sometimes it’s sad, but life teaches
I am strong and teach me all the time
God has a plan for us all
Whether you like it or not

What you dont know about my life… — August 26, 2011

What you dont know about my life…

My real world
Two different
For you, I was weak and small
Nobody followed me home from school
Beaten and mocked
But when the city went into the den
I came out as a star on the town

I met my secret brothers
Sisters who looked so much better
They all wanted to try my juices
But I did not give more one took
Therefore, I had respect among my
In a suburban town does not make something of their own
Everyone should be equal or you’re history

But because I went always into town
And partied with the older cooler one you think
Sometimes they taught me bad mischief
I can admit that that was followed
Is not proud to have bloody hands
Sold between night and morning
Tried recreational drugs so much that you’re standing in the lee
I need nothing more teenagey there is enough

But sometimes I was so damn passive from my life
I wanted to go to the clouds and never return
That was what I had for me sometimes

New faith and steps… — August 24, 2011

New faith and steps…

A cold has struck, darling is with me.

I know the face of adversity before, I dare to take chances, new tag even with relationships.

Someone must be out there for me to accept all of me, I know compromises meet halfway? I may be poor at it if I meet someone who is as stubborn and bosses like me.

Personality or Aspberg all can at least minimize that creates more trouble, I’ve despite the cold that broke out in three days to clean my bathroom! I hate the mess that is clean and it is disappointing that exists, but had to be done.

I live in an area that makes me tired, have utjänat my time here no matter what happens to everything new home possibly after October, they have started to rebuild its tiny Ör where I live now …

it will be more extensible? Whatever it is I have a new apartment new start where I forget everything Jeddah here, even if only a few blocks away or in central Sundbyberg, for a while.

The main thing with a roof over your head does not need one million hut, I am satisfied with my sweetheart’s. And yes, it went fast but both were equally anxious with each other, are two things that are important to me! For various never go, saying as children play best matches more even though it can also be bucking.

I have decided to give this chance and go for real love as long as it lasts. This time, I feel calmer, although the intensity was the same for both .. love at first sight has happened to me twice in their lives … and one was oki the other was pure hell!

Hey yo football chic annika waren! —

Hey yo football chic annika waren!

The first girl I met
I knew you were an insidious
And it is a
Believe it is you who call me
Private number it says on my phone
Every time I hear that voice

If bathrobes and coffee cups
You were the porn in class
And surprised me completely
How can I forget your pace
To dance close to me was your thing

But now many years gone
And last we spoke to refused to Me
Do you remember when you said no
For you was married and lived life in America
How can you have it in your life

Back and forth can never determine
But now I have found the right
Football girl I will never forget
But there are other times now
Let us preserve the old days in mind

I will hit you again untill i got my pride back! — August 20, 2011

I will hit you again untill i got my pride back!

You are still here as a disturbance
And you interfere with our relationship
I see you in my dreams the way you run
And trying to get people to trust you
But the time to send a rocket again
In through your window with notable force
That you have made yourself worthy of my missile at you

Dug the energy out of me and stuck the knife in me
To be kind to you give nothing
And I should have understood your way to psych your girls
You talked about each one and throwing stones in glass houses
Now I’ve had enough, your sister talked about the
How do you handle all around you

Make way for yourself and others will crawl
And in your shit I will not remain
Delete all files about me, or least that’s what I promised
Luckily I did not give all my pride
It is the one you’re looking to crush all other

I can´t sleep becuz of you.. — August 19, 2011

I can´t sleep becuz of you..

Time to write
Memories I shall keep
Burn holes in you
The heart beats to a song
I get the sense of a text

Many people wonder how I get on
It fills a thought that must go
Right now it’s a lot that spins
Then I am active at night makes me such a
Can sleep half good
But the thought-provoking me

Every little part of me knows you
But I can not give myself completely to the reference
Waiting in to see if you are right for me
My dreams hope so
And fantasies strip sometimes
But take it back when you hit me with shock

Astonishment mingled with love
Oh what will happen if I end up wrong
My pleasure is people with the right passion
Bring me to life even when autumn approaches

The help? — August 16, 2011

The help?

Sometimes I wonder how far it should go? I am now trying to grasp the nature of the employment office again, after three years away, I have a lot of explaining! But it started with this in Småland Hultsfred 2006, I could not believe my ears had just worked over the summer as a care assistant, and all was well both between patients and my staff. But I could not be left in place began in the adult study on Aspberg and ADHD!

I just felt a loathing to do these tests again, the whole thing was while I was trying to free myself from my ex partner. He was not helpful for his method was to me like most do? Nothing worked for me learning mess anyway, the question is why people in society devalues ​​most with letter combinations? instead of highlighting the good side, we actually have. I hope for a better solution, one that we had, and that the money runs out so that they can do other things first! It’s actually my country and city that is supposed to be providing a good livstandard, how can you get it when you breach the diagnosis, I mean we become more and more how will it end?

Give me — August 15, 2011

Give me

beautiful accessories
Surround me with passion
Will live with love
Come and give me the same
I will not wait forever

It takes you a long time to understand
I’m a love goddess
Someone has to make to find love
I’m not a superwoman
But enough of love
To save your restless soul

You wade into thin air
And seeking solace
Understanding of what you missed
I may be the
But you can not just take

You call me selfish
We all have within us
It is about to distribute it equally
Not too much or little
You know, just be yourself

Now people want to play.. — August 14, 2011

Now people want to play..

I’m his female
And he is my mate
You can not pass you by
without permission
He listens to me

But could never share my
There are many thieves
I’ve seen them up close
They have no respect for anyone
And playing with anyone to show power
Power dependence is dangerous
You are closer to the number of the beast
But I’m not going to defend yourself

I used to play charades
Still, I win
Has both good and evil in me
What we can all make use of
Where I come from it is up to me
I have respect for my loved ones and those who are close to me
No one should come between us