Not you…

I remember when we met You looked lost out already Why I died in your arms Perhaps it was only close No more that kept the two of us I’m not your sweetie And live the life I want Regret nothing but time was short You never got to know me in real life Do […]

What you dont know about my life…

My real world Two different For you, I was weak and small Nobody followed me home from school Beaten and mocked But when the city went into the den I came out as a star on the town I met my secret brothers Sisters who looked so much better They all wanted to try my […]

New faith and steps…

A cold has struck, darling is with me. I know the face of adversity before, I dare to take chances, new tag even with relationships. Someone must be out there for me to accept all of me, I know compromises meet halfway? I may be poor at it if I meet someone who is as […]

Hey yo football chic annika waren!

The first girl I met I knew you were an insidious And it is a Believe it is you who call me Private number it says on my phone Every time I hear that voice If bathrobes and coffee cups You were the porn in class And surprised me completely How can I forget your […]

I will hit you again untill i got my pride back!

You are still here as a disturbance And you interfere with our relationship I see you in my dreams the way you run And trying to get people to trust you But the time to send a rocket again In through your window with notable force That you have made yourself worthy of my missile […]

I canĀ“t sleep becuz of you..

Time to write Memories I shall keep Burn holes in you The heart beats to a song I get the sense of a text Many people wonder how I get on It fills a thought that must go Right now it’s a lot that spins Then I am active at night makes me such a […]