Am i that cute??:)

I stand at a distance and admire
Times change indeed
Sorry if I responded a bit late
But I need a siesta at times
So many hard cases I met
And now finally finds more quiet

You and I may have a gain
But I do not track somewhere
I do not want to create a depression
That’s enough right now
And now I feel good

Can I ask for more
You are sweet and give me love
But please do not access a throttle
We are new to both of them

Live your life and you are faithful to me so do not worry
I am yours and nobody else
Just let me make the process of my pace
So you should also get what you want most
I just laugh at a song like this
Know that you miss me so many times you have called
I can not blame you

Published by lachicalove

I am an unusual person, I believe, has gone through a lot in just 15 years, studies of Asperger VS Add lived a pretty wild life outside of Stockholm City, has grown in the suburbs and this is my story of how I was treated by people both as youth and adult, who I have been designed for.

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