Republicans and brainwashed look at me!

Bloodthirsty creatures
Wake up and see yourself
It can be anyone
Tomorrow or today
I do not want naive and believe

Who will help me
We arrived too late
For those who set standards
Without our common support, we are looking
What should we divide
Not each other but the great empire

Of those who appear to be in power
Distorts our senses to be tamed
Therefore, they impose themselves on
You say we have freedom
Nowhere can we secure
Neutral countries does not exist

Who can entrap a poor man
Allows the parasites on the weak
And think it’s right for us
I just want to spit and say
There will be more

Published by lachicalove

I am an unusual person, I believe, has gone through a lot in just 15 years, studies of Asperger VS Add lived a pretty wild life outside of Stockholm City, has grown in the suburbs and this is my story of how I was treated by people both as youth and adult, who I have been designed for.

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