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Thank you… — July 27, 2011

Thank you…

You continue along the same route
Just as I
Yet, try either me
Can you see that the chance is gone
You do not appreciate my stubbornness

And if you do not have it with me
So look at I can never stop
Now I feel good
My other half is the right
Is happy and keeps me close
We want it as much

But thank you for the time
You taught me what is love and not
Will never forget all the moments
Both joy but despair

Addictions is the devil. — July 26, 2011

Addictions is the devil.

My new black pants suit my shine
Without my jewelry and colors, it is not me
That last beer, I need
Though my stomach says no
Am I depending perhaps it is so
And when it ends, I cried
Pathetic how such things can go awry
When it’s time to go home and sleep
I can not close your eyes
I have to say a final word to you
And hope I wake up the next day
Maybe somewhere I know my weak points
But to announce them to you always
The sun is you when I feel down
Who were dried with
The danger to like the situation is to drop the gun
And say yes hey come and get me

A song written to Terra Naomi that nice voice and guitarr:) —

A song written to Terra Naomi that nice voice and guitarr:)

Devours me completely in the music
When should I be great
And what will I be when
When was the time here
Has it already passed

What did I do with the time
Germinates and grows into a flower
After so many years of negative energies
All of a sudden you show up and talk happily
Maybe what I need
But sometimes it turns my demons at you

Too happy and up makes me nervous
A guitar and my cups of coffee makes me calm
Sitting here would be good if not heart jumps high
Now it’s just taking his steps around the lake
I want a pet now
But you are far from
And always, it is as they seem to be

Freak of world or none —

Freak of world or none

Something I have to accomplish through the circus
Entertainment and clowns are part of the
When it happens to me
Then follows a number I can imagine
Do not care about any statistical response

I just is and that which you desire
Special and unique in every way
Someone should have that little extra
And one of them happens to be me
Have not found at
But have heard it too many times

I have a lot to keep our fingers crossed
And what I hope is a long way to go
In the meantime, I try to feel good
And want to live my life here and now

Although all eyes in my direction
And lips that whisper my name
I will continue as a circus forward

The anxiety has a face —

The anxiety has a face

The demon brought to life
During the month of August
Is everything over again
And back I am among the winter
Before even the leaves have begun to fall

The day will come when my birthday
I hate these years with numbers
It haunts me
Is this how my father felt

I am beginning to understand the meaning
And everything comes closer
How many years you just playing around

Now I’ve had enough of you
You are never with me
And you never get me to feel good
My anxiety escalate again

Summer has just three months
And winter more that I hate
This dreary darkness that follows
How should I handle another year
Starch and preparations are increasing
I see it all in front of me

Who will juge me? — July 25, 2011

Who will juge me?

The clock has struck eight soon
And I await the evening
Tuesday or Wednesday is often the same
Take my quiet mode
But know that you will call
I can probably tell yourself not to worry

But I need my break from everything
Come back with a cold beer or glass of wine
For it makes me so tender and kind
The whole day is spent answering questions
If the whole of life and you
Nobody understands that I can not just ignore

Are not built to go
But sometimes I take the time to go out
Wander around in solitude to breathe
It’s just so nice enough influence
I hear someone mutter beside me
But nothing I do in memory until tomorrow

Am i that cute??:) —

Am i that cute??:)

I stand at a distance and admire
Times change indeed
Sorry if I responded a bit late
But I need a siesta at times
So many hard cases I met
And now finally finds more quiet

You and I may have a gain
But I do not track somewhere
I do not want to create a depression
That’s enough right now
And now I feel good

Can I ask for more
You are sweet and give me love
But please do not access a throttle
We are new to both of them

Live your life and you are faithful to me so do not worry
I am yours and nobody else
Just let me make the process of my pace
So you should also get what you want most
I just laugh at a song like this
Know that you miss me so many times you have called
I can not blame you

Your home — July 24, 2011

Your home

Despite the madness and hatred
Are there wonderful things
You look through the glass
And over the peaks
Somewhere you feel calm
Through sorrow and joy

Man is no machine
But sometimes it feels so
There is still hope
Just keep fighting for the right
While everything seems hopeless
That’s when you need to show off
Be proud of your home

Protect your own ego
And keep moving forward for your loved
They did not want to see you give up now
This is my neighbor
And all of mankind

I´m special tallanted — July 23, 2011

I´m special tallanted

I see you crystal clear
Align what you want me
But never underestimate my voice
It is powerful and has a lot left
My words will rain on the nation

My poems are living just like me
And try to take away from it now
It follows me all the way home
I am not afraid of ordinary people
It is God that makes me scared

Have you perhaps something against
Do not spill your scars on me
And forgive not for my feet
Describe only what you want to change
I do not want to hear the lamentation
Is that clear

Republicans and brainwashed look at me! —

Republicans and brainwashed look at me!

Bloodthirsty creatures
Wake up and see yourself
It can be anyone
Tomorrow or today
I do not want naive and believe

Who will help me
We arrived too late
For those who set standards
Without our common support, we are looking
What should we divide
Not each other but the great empire

Of those who appear to be in power
Distorts our senses to be tamed
Therefore, they impose themselves on
You say we have freedom
Nowhere can we secure
Neutral countries does not exist

Who can entrap a poor man
Allows the parasites on the weak
And think it’s right for us
I just want to spit and say
There will be more