Thank you…

You continue along the same route Just as I Yet, try either me Can you see that the chance is gone You do not appreciate my stubbornness And if you do not have it with me So look at I can never stop Now I feel good My other half is the right Is happy […]

Addictions is the devil.

My new black pants suit my shine Without my jewelry and colors, it is not me That last beer, I need Though my stomach says no Am I depending perhaps it is so And when it ends, I cried Pathetic how such things can go awry When it’s time to go home and sleep I […]

Freak of world or none

Something I have to accomplish through the circus Entertainment and clowns are part of the When it happens to me Then follows a number I can imagine Do not care about any statistical response I just is and that which you desire Special and unique in every way Someone should have that little extra And […]

The anxiety has a face

The demon brought to life During the month of August Is everything over again And back I am among the winter Before even the leaves have begun to fall The day will come when my birthday I hate these years with numbers It haunts me Is this how my father felt I am beginning to […]

Who will juge me?

The clock has struck eight soon And I await the evening Tuesday or Wednesday is often the same Take my quiet mode But know that you will call I can probably tell yourself not to worry But I need my break from everything Come back with a cold beer or glass of wine For it […]

Am i that cute??:)

I stand at a distance and admire Times change indeed Sorry if I responded a bit late But I need a siesta at times So many hard cases I met And now finally finds more quiet You and I may have a gain But I do not track somewhere I do not want to create […]