The record play same songs

Will I ever happy Is the perfectionist who is talking or hypochondria Am I infected forever Or can I move on Should I stay or not The same words echo in my head I would not sit still Do make time to go forward It is so slow and everything is repeated Why should I […]

I got my feelings but they eyes on you.

Chorus, and the same circle But is always a step ahead Nobody plays more than me Those days are gone Nothing can control me My emotions control me And they might confuse me for a while You are a passion and desire But I do not sell me Can you see that I am stronger […]

Look around and do your own thing..

Why try to sell something that does not work Realize your limit before you make a fool of yourself Hit or completely removed made ​​of yourself I only take risks when it feels good Chances that lead nowhere I’m fed up with a blank expression And people who refuse to live in the day Taking […]

Just look into my green eyes..

To my sisters forgotten Already many years have passed But I play this song for you Santana on the guitar to the text Mary and Jennie could have been here now But their paths chose a different route Trusted the wrong people So I notice that they are still here Though you can not get […]