Poetrey and music

The record play same songs

Will I ever happy
Is the perfectionist who is talking
or hypochondria
Am I infected forever
Or can I move on
Should I stay or not
The same words echo in my head

I would not sit still
Do make time to go forward
It is so slow and everything is repeated
Why should I be so different
But suppose I was born that way
How do you solve the deep disputes with tell myself
And I already know how the events are

I can never keep a close
It takes a while back, pull back
Just like everyone else did
What would be different with you now
I can not be positive
Maybe it burned me too much

Poetrey and music

I got my feelings but they eyes on you.

Chorus, and the same circle
But is always a step ahead
Nobody plays more than me
Those days are gone

Nothing can control me
My emotions control me
And they might confuse me for a while

You are a passion and desire
But I do not sell me
Can you see that I am stronger today
I have eyes with me all the time
The ears hear but the right

My heart speaks plainly
It can not be misinterpreted
Without rules, it can go wrong
But even I have my

Poetrey and music

I will never be girlfriend to an submessive man..

The moon shines weakly in the night
Summer wind is beautiful
I take the Center party in the game
So far I have not lost much
Perhaps a bit of my time
But I have experience of my life

I want the man who stands in the Middle
He can advance and give orders
Authority is preferable in my world
Are you a bystander as slave?
You could lose everything

I can never be the girlfriend of a submissive man
Perhaps the woman as she should be for me
The taste is different and I know
Cannot get lost slightly more
Just says that some disagree life
It is part of the story

But I do not want an inexperienced person
Someone who talks too much without knowing
It is just to tease my eye
And complicate the relationship that we should try to have
No, I would never fall for a submissive man
Especially as he plays only to get
Were yourself and nobody else?

Poetrey and music

I want a man like Joel Kinneman:)

He plays different roles in a theater
Has a face that attracts attention
Rows of soft and hard
I want just such a prince
The words fall right in the mouth
Can you hear my call out there

He plays akord on a guitar
He is sitting in a salon and tests its voice
Splits up and makes me speechless
His talent was hidden in the underworld

I want a man like him
A prince with the gift of my
Artists in their blood regardless of how
I love this person
Scratch my back and get fan
I want to travel the world with someone you

Poetrey and music

Look around and do your own thing..

Why try to sell something that does not work
Realize your limit before you make a fool of yourself
Hit or completely removed made ​​of yourself
I only take risks when it feels good
Chances that lead nowhere

I’m fed up with a blank expression
And people who refuse to live in the day
Taking the next day instead
It may never be more
People take for granted that the next date is

I’ve learned to take advantage of the present
Is so tired to stand and watch you go to the zeal
Why so blind and not realize your own value
I roll on to the next station

Poetrey and music

Just look into my green eyes..

To my sisters forgotten
Already many years have passed
But I play this song for you
Santana on the guitar to the text
Mary and Jennie could have been here now
But their paths chose a different route

Trusted the wrong people
So I notice that they are still here
Though you can not get or see for yourself
Do you trust any more a this life
And that body and soul when you leave the shell
I can assure that it is true

I stand strong and do not fall as other
Refuses to go the same way as any other
The time is just under and I make my choices
But I know they are with me
So I live their lives here and now
Do all the things that they would have liked
I am part of both
So look in my eyes they have not forgotten you either