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Your power gives me life — May 26, 2011

Your power gives me life

Something has brought me
Whether I’m sitting down or standing up
Alone is strong but it is wrong
We all seek Community
And I’ve found your way

You chose to respond
What you possess is more than just human
Fallen angel ascending or how it may be
Temperament and tenderness in a
Something I need in my life now
Promise me forever is nothing you or I do

But hope is that you should go with me
Meet me so I do not wake up alone
I know you are there regardless
As a figure in my mind jumps
Love whether I die tomorrow

A french man possesed my body.. — May 25, 2011

A french man possesed my body..

My story is too sweet and sick
But it is mine and I love it so
Back and forth
Up and down all the time
Year after months in
Same eyes and body that heard from again
Again a winning catch
You are becoming more attractive with age
I can not help but look on the sly
But you already know about it
You’ve always been one step ahead of me
Growling a bit stern, but I love you
Nothing can beat your way to be
Your Stuff is magical and wacky
All what I need with or without you in my bed
People do not know how I’m for real
For the one I show on the web is a page
And not everything you can know and see
My mind knows how to get access
Where the name of the complex

Mind thinking is not always good.. —

Mind thinking is not always good..

Summer is strange as many years, and I love the season. My chronic thinking may be it is no use and seek to supplant it. Have tried forcing myself before becoming even worse, think or deep-reaching thinker perhaps? The day has otherwise been good, except that weather driven my desire to do something, fell asleep an hour. And step up to eat dinner, now I drink a cup of coffee and remember thinking it was Wednesday night. Take easy error on days when you have been sick for by’s sort of jaded by reality. I’m trying to get up early in the morning anyway around eight, it is early for me.
And then to have my round I go on the block for days to move me, then it will be to set up on my little sister when she is single mother and works at the hospital, clearly she could have chosen to have worked half time but she enjoys and earn more now. I think sometimes that it might be an idea to open his own, but how do I get financial help for it and what chores for me to get along with myself?
Although I love animals and recently took up such as dogcare or poultry farmers to my administrators haha.skratt I dare not even get an egg from a hen that lay, because the wood is hungry and chasing, and these cocks to control everything in their surroundings, it will be that I run more condemnation for me, so it went away pretty quickly then chicken farming!

You are my soulmate…not my boyfriend. — May 24, 2011

You are my soulmate…not my boyfriend.

I gave my soul to you finally
Without requirements or constraints
It was so easy when you lay there beside
I look straight in your beautiful eyes
How do you choose, you are now here
You can do anything but forever with feeling

Constant which can only exist where
In my heart there is a man forever loving
And he got my body and soul on the same night
Many years of waiting and longing
So do not speculate in our relationship that I hear

All explodes over truth
When I finally made ​​up my mind
Although we do not go hand in hand
And every day sitting in each other’s knees
It’s not that we have with each other
Hot passion for spiritual stage

This is to my friends and Nina Havthorn whos fighting against stroke — May 23, 2011

This is to my friends and Nina Havthorn whos fighting against stroke

I can not be everywhere
And I know we all get there
Eventually that day
But I hope now that the best place
And you do not have to suffer from pain
Thinking about all the fun we have written
And I forget the time sometimes
I know how strong you are
And your will is the strongest way I
I hope to get back to see you writing here again
Every time my friends disappear
Then stick it in my chest
Because I do not want to lose or break
Can anyone up there to hear my voice
But the feeling that life’s lottery is so

Julian assange..the truth hurts??:P;) —

Julian assange..the truth hurts??:P;)

He was and is
I forgot to say
What I know about it
But he is my father
My donors and teachers
The name echoes between the valleys

I can not lie
And know that the passion is there
Forever his from day one
But living life
We’re not married
But has taught me what I need to know
The name everyone remembers Julian Assange

I need hardly mention the
People are startled by a gap
And says, but he was kind to you
No, not especially, but with an erotic
He taught me how to survive idiots

Life’s lottery luck or rivet — May 22, 2011

Life’s lottery luck or rivet

Barely had time I write a line in the poem about who had for love.
What should I do speak clear language or hide? Best to be honest, I think, like it started with, but can also grow over the years, even if you live out in other circumstances. You learn tell me what to do and not, nothing is stressful for me any more manageable working, but not over it.
I’ve had my relationships to somehow try to lie to myself or forget.
But today, I know that it is not the right approach towards myself or others, no matter what it is or not that is what they do, not something I intend to change.
One can have feelings in different ways for people who you meet I know it, you just have to be able to distinguish who is giving what to think! Life goes on after the slip, but with this you do I never think like that, then we never destroyed their friendship with stress, bad language and power struggles which often occurs as soon as you live under the same roof, love the man who once gave me lessons to be myself, no one else I’ve let come inside the vest in that way. That figure out who he is and their curiosity to get to the name which I will not disclose here or later, it is something that is for the private inside and that one of my fond memories no one else’s

You don´t deside me you seduce me:) —

You don´t deside me you seduce me:)

I’m happy and down
With or without you
Always the same thing
But you learned the hard life
Love is not an easy thing
No one has promised roses only

I’m yours forever how one becomes
And honest, I have always been you
Far from or near you’re the one I see
None mannered person who shows up

I love your hair and style
Your clothes and your honest way
I can not ask for more
And while you’re away so I understand
Nothing strange on the side
For you to say it straight

Your thoughts and questions —

Your thoughts and questions

A completely normal day as usual, me and my nieces.
Sit and write my poems in peace, when people who obviously interfere in my pictures are tons, it will be like a nun or only porn freak, I’m not out of it.
I’m the one you see above, love to take pictures for fun and I’m kind of a exhitbitionist, society is structured in different ways. I took into account to be questioned, today I do not care as much about someone questioning my life, I have very good days also where friends means a lot, you know who is what.
Lived 31 years in opulence, the one that says just say take it easy over the years and will come out as one of God’s best children should not talk to me, because I do not think anyone is there.
Mine is that it looks and I’m happy anyway and can talk to people, like I discuss, the ego with the pictures is very interesting discussion on different subjects to talk about, as it would be the only one of me.

Some have even taken away because of the pictures, but that’s what I do as a private hobby, among other things in addition to writing poems and enjoy.
Life is too short to worry about little things like people disturbing on some pictures of one half-life, not everything to me

Evanescence – Going Under (Video) — May 21, 2011