Your power gives me life

Something has brought me Whether I’m sitting down or standing up Alone is strong but it is wrong We all seek Community And I’ve found your way You chose to respond What you possess is more than just human Fallen angel ascending or how it may be Temperament and tenderness in a Something I need […]

A french man possesed my body..

My story is too sweet and sick But it is mine and I love it so Back and forth Up and down all the time Year after months in Same eyes and body that heard from again Again a winning catch You are becoming more attractive with age I can not help but look on […]

Mind thinking is not always good..

Summer is strange as many years, and I love the season. My chronic thinking may be it is no use and seek to supplant it. Have tried forcing myself before becoming even worse, think or deep-reaching thinker perhaps? The day has otherwise been good, except that weather driven my desire to do something, fell asleep […]

You are my soulmate…not my boyfriend.

I gave my soul to you finally Without requirements or constraints It was so easy when you lay there beside I look straight in your beautiful eyes How do you choose, you are now here You can do anything but forever with feeling Constant which can only exist where In my heart there is a […]

Julian assange..the truth hurts??:P;)

He was and is I forgot to say What I know about it But he is my father My donors and teachers The name echoes between the valleys I can not lie And know that the passion is there Forever his from day one But living life We’re not married But has taught me what […]

Life’s lottery luck or rivet

Barely had time I write a line in the poem about who had for love. What should I do speak clear language or hide? Best to be honest, I think, like it started with, but can also grow over the years, even if you live out in other circumstances. You learn tell me what to […]