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Reasons and answers. — April 30, 2011

Reasons and answers.

Deep feelings never rust
Old friends kept in my heart
What you chose one for the road
I make my own choices
There is no beginning or end
Only one is alive
The reason is simple
The thread is in front

But it may be too difficult to detect
The easiest answer may make it harder
We always want it to complicated
Man is a term for science
Anything bigger we do not see with our eyes
It had a beginning but we can not reach
And the final is not the answer you want

To dance and have fun while you can
Learn from the mistakes and make new
The school of life is about knowledge of different things
While we work hard to understand
Maybe too much sometimes
Believe exist but they called different
The names make us blind
We do not focus on the gift longer

I shoot him in my dreams… —

I shoot him in my dreams…

I sometimes can not forget the sight of the room
Full of people who gave you tablets
From a handbag that was hidden
I sat and looked but turned and went
Refusing pet when you wanted to give up drugs

You were my best friend for a long time
We had much in common
For one what others may have thought
Therefore difficult to forget all the pictures
You showed me what was your honest
How you were afraid to set against the very

You could not hear about all the sad
I was thinking of but said it straight out
While other refined area
What you should have been on for a long time ago
I love you ennu and it makes me sad sometimes

Paranormal activitys. — April 27, 2011

Paranormal activitys.

The world today is chaos, genocide and disease, why should our souls not continue his journey yet. I am happy to tell you how I know if one believes in it. Has nothing to do with relligoner but a fact, now we can take pictures with cameras and film, some things they ridiculed the evidence that actually exists.
My revelations began as a 13 year old to an event at home. Mom and dad worked and my sister was in her bedroom with her boyfriend.
I had headphones on me was at full capacity, and wrote poems that now, when I feel a hand over his shoulder, I quickly reflected and turned around.
No one was there so I stood up from his chair and went to my sister, knocked on and laughed as I said, stop kidding. Both my sister and her boyfriend stood pale in the face and said they are not any near my room. I egnorerade feeling and that nothing happened for a while, until my true dreams started his journey, I dreamed of a boat in open waters off the north that would go under, the radio was not on and I was sleeping! My dream was about how an accident occurred on a large boat with people on board, chaos and screams arose I stood amidst all, went into the water was freezing cold and there were no life jackets so it was enough. The day there when I woke up I heard the news on TV, Estonia boat had sunk in the icy waters of the Nordic territory, I could not believe it was true. Did not the event for anyone in the belief that I probably would be taken for crazy, but telling, however, for my sister who always believed in me.

I kept dreaming things that you can not explain but they just happened, typical war and the tsunami and earthquakes which then took place a week later, sometimes months, but it was exactly that in my dreams.
I recognized faces and names that were in the papers, I began to party very much to forget when I have not had a lot to talk to about this.
Being alone with phenomena that can not be described is frightening and horrible, it takes much energy and you become weak from time to time.
In old areas, and especially hospital environments things happen constantly as people know but refuse to believe in, but my sister who works at the hospital has uncanny way things happen, I will not say exactly which hospital, but it is great and where many patients go, there is a section where she works as always receives calls made from rooms where no one is placed, or the linen as before been a patient room, she has answered several times and gone there but no one has been there.
With more of her colleagues who have been through the same thing so it is clearly daunting, but what will they do they have to put up for patients’ sake.

So it shall be… — April 25, 2011

So it shall be…

I come out and hits hard
The city’s underworld live their lives
But even if you may spit on it
Who are you to judge us
Probably you will forget where you come from
I’m learning to always be a true suburban girl
Nothing can scrub the name of my back

You will suddenly be surprised
The smallest is happening around us
When every you shocked who grew up there
You try to move but found the same people
Why not just accept their fate
I do but try to find a better way

It does not mean I try to cover up my old
Have not tried to flee from you or the
What gives you back to yourself
You escape with a cloth over her head
But still remember all of you

Your still one of the best. — April 21, 2011

Your still one of the best.

He is one of those who I have a feeling for
But all he did was to run around
The wrong and yet he listened to what I said
Love is complicated for everyone
Nobody will get away even if you want it
The whip and turn on your heart

EVERY time you get tonight accession
But even a tantalizing desire to be needed
And you are right that sets the limits
What I need is one that you
Why are you afraid to make love to me
You took my heart again
And it is yours because everybody knows about it

How can you say that I was hooked
When you hugged like no other
You held me when you kissed me
Caressed my arms and we loved the night away
But you still pretend as if nothing
I can not do anything and you may laugh all you want
For I am no judge for you

Speak from your self. — April 20, 2011

Speak from your self.

New word I just want to puke
You are not far from other
But you may hate me because I’m calm
Have always been best with the guys
The friends were never girls
Tomboy who I am and always will preserve

I’m proud of myself
And my mistakes have taught me things
Mixed with sadness and joy
But in the case of relationships are the girls best
I have my feet in both worlds
And can see which ones are rotten or best date
Do not come and spit your anger at me

Generally, you can talk but do not forget yourself
I always talk out of myself and the experience
It annoys people say the are such that you
Speaking for all instead of yourself

Just a little bit —

Just a little bit

I need no more patrons
My darlings are around here
I just wanted to see if you liked
Can be as nasty as nice
What belongs to you

I learned from scratch
Need lodge clowning
Protective angels from all corners
I have them nicest and most pleasant
Equal justice as illegal
My farm boys stay as long as

I am looking for a serious relationship
Has the qualities to take them alive
Hugs and love, I give
Give of myself and laugh to music

I will not listen to false alligations… — April 19, 2011

I will not listen to false alligations…

A Tuesday full of ideas, while learning how to say the artist industry works so you should take it with a grain of salt. I have in my diaries describing the time about Mr. Jackson and all I went through in my childhood, some relegates what I have written safe, others believe in me.
In this post, it will be on Mr. Jackson again, then a private citizen gathered “evidence” from the trial in the pedophile scandal against Michael. I dispute these allegations until I see proof otherwise, in this letter was sent links from FBI headquarters on court decisions of Michael’s trial, I can not read all the links when the text is somewhat blurry and the attraction for me to read, but this is copied plagiarism and not true, because I still believe in my friend Michael, who at this stage not even last as a living figure among us, that not even a rest now. Pedophile harness which I remember during the most talked about time for me, that just this period also see him in real life and a completely different side of the one man I heard about?
Still, he is a true artist and friend I keep well, and these links will I reduce the in my eyes it is not real evidence.
A police case in various respects does not occur in this way over My Space, and especially not copied their own written stories like these, I ask you you who wrote this to let me be, keep your doubts to yourself.

Punishment and joy. — April 18, 2011

Punishment and joy.

You drag me up and kill me again
Throwing around my feelings like my paper sheets
Can not stop circulating around you
You make me suffer like never before
And you get me to enjoy your presence

You are a legend in my childhood
A forbidden fruit that everyone wants
Give me your little finger while I want all you
Nobody keeps me in check as you
Even when I yearn for your fantasies
I sit on my knees in front of you
While you punish me the hardest you’ve ever done

This is the worse one when I was a little girl
But in your center of eyelids, I am still the little
You take but you give so much more of yourself
Teach me to sit nicely when I want to stand up
In order to learn not to let me fly in the first place
When I invited you again

You could have but on both conditions —

You could have but on both conditions

If there is anyone who has a place, it is you
Beauty to get and I like you
Our time rushed past in one fell swoop
So when you talk to me, warms me inside
You have the charm to bring you
And I want you
‘ve Been in training for your mouth

At that stage, I answered yes
Sure, you will visit, but everyone talks
And I do not want to address what is going to cook
You know what I mean
Your little girls are waiting ever
I would not put my foot between

But the time we have before us
For a good time, we have a cold beer
Together for I belong to your circle
And you are always in my heart