Reasons and answers.

Deep feelings never rust Old friends kept in my heart What you chose one for the road I make my own choices There is no beginning or end Only one is alive The reason is simple The thread is in front But it may be too difficult to detect The easiest answer may make it […]

I shoot him in my dreams…

I sometimes can not forget the sight of the room Full of people who gave you tablets From a handbag that was hidden I sat and looked but turned and went Refusing pet when you wanted to give up drugs You were my best friend for a long time We had much in common For […]

Paranormal activitys.

The world today is chaos, genocide and disease, why should our souls not continue his journey yet. I am happy to tell you how I know if one believes in it. Has nothing to do with relligoner but a fact, now we can take pictures with cameras and film, some things they ridiculed the evidence […]

So it shall be…

I come out and hits hard The city’s underworld live their lives But even if you may spit on it Who are you to judge us Probably you will forget where you come from I’m learning to always be a true suburban girl Nothing can scrub the name of my back You will suddenly be […]

Your still one of the best.

He is one of those who I have a feeling for But all he did was to run around The wrong and yet he listened to what I said Love is complicated for everyone Nobody will get away even if you want it The whip and turn on your heart EVERY time you get tonight […]

Speak from your self.

New word I just want to puke You are not far from other But you may hate me because I’m calm Have always been best with the guys The friends were never girls Tomboy who I am and always will preserve I’m proud of myself And my mistakes have taught me things Mixed with sadness […]

Just a little bit

I need no more patrons My darlings are around here I just wanted to see if you liked Can be as nasty as nice What belongs to you I learned from scratch Need lodge clowning Protective angels from all corners I have them nicest and most pleasant Equal justice as illegal My farm boys stay […]