Paranormal activity.

Paranormal activity occurs whether you are a believer or not, I no longer have it proven by scientific men, I have set it myself and can even get a taste! But in no way surprises me the world seems, I am fighting back with full force in the subconscious, and I’m not afraid, navigators is […]

Searching for my answer…

The parapsychological research can be divided into field and laboratory research. Both experimental and field research can be conducted with an emphasis on evidence or procedure. Research evidence (evidential research) means to try to prove that psi exists. Conventional critics are constantly active, and claims that paranormal phenomena are not really there, and that anything […]

Hysterical or even pathetic.

This is what the stuff is all about now, what I want and feel. Confined in any way that goes, I can not stop. Shame on me, many done, but the main thing that I feel satisfied Dom I trust the few, and they may be the same as me. Nothing is unusual for me […]

Human gift.

Curvy woman with charm And smiling lips regardless Always trying to be happy My mountain peaks have been steep Social divisions were deep and painful I can talk about them today In talking about the same story all over again My family and genes carry the DNA Through good and bad One person explained the […]

If people only new?!!

Life with the tests and for some inevitable, I am neither the first nor last to wonder. Some people seem to serve a larger purpose, a second, perhaps because some are born with “talent” for better or worse, I call letters on it. Since I was 8 years it has performed tests, we have examined […]

My Romeo.

I am married to a dream With the world’s most beautiful And I can not get there from here But in reality, we are playing ignorant That’s how you want it Mystik around your life I am so open here But life requires more one our dream And you know that everything is complicated around […]

I´m a gambler just as you.

I am a winner And look not to lose For it is not like me You can not stop me now I do my best And you can never take from me You are not happy with me But it may be for you I can not make everyone happy Is this for my job […]