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Paranormal activity.

Paranormal activity occurs whether you are a believer or not, I no longer have it proven by scientific men, I have set it myself and can even get a taste! But in no way surprises me the world seems, I am fighting back with full force in the subconscious, and I’m not afraid, navigators is not about to give judgments without more to show the way is right or wrong, I can in my true dreams then make contact with spirits and ordinary people, whether they need help or not, we all connect only. Non-believers are beyond this, however, because they do not care or want to admit it, they have nothing to gain or lose on it. For my part, not knowing anything else, it would feel weird, the remaining family would not recognize it here except my sister who always believed wholeheartedly in what I convey. Then she experienced unexplainable things, we are not alone in the universe. I’ve slept with my sister a few times now, for her apartment is truly different from staying in the self, even my own is there but not in the same way.
Because I can feel the power shed that should not be in certain places so I do not see with the camera or with the needle’s eye to understand. I feel gusts of wind that are impossible indoor or small vibration force also precipitated as unreal power outages and similar things. Often freezes or I get tremors, difficulty breathing and my anxiety is started right away! My sister and her children have had påhälsning at the front door first I thought it was a human being, but soon realized their story that this is wrong? So I’ve slept there a few days and there has been no life at the entrance, where the condo. Watches callers who do not will work, television snaps in different volumes, force precipitated producing disturbances on the telephone, television and even through the computer. Extremely vulnerable are children too, although they have reacted funny the last night to be honest it seems to have escalated. So last night I decided to look up what it now was, for my family I protect as best they can. And I found barely a male figure, which are linked to the dwelling in any way, he is intimidating in close contact and is not afraid to offend if he can access. In my dream, he is looking to rob people who are themselves at home in any way, I think he knew of me? I knew he was so clear and his companion, and the appearance was near me and they both brought conversation.

Entertainment, religons and beliefs

Searching for my answer…

The parapsychological research can be divided into field and laboratory research.

Both experimental and field research can be conducted with an emphasis on evidence or procedure. Research evidence (evidential research) means to try to prove that psi exists. Conventional critics are constantly active, and claims that paranormal phenomena are not really there, and that anything that suggests these are either fraudulent, self-deception, shoddy trial or scientific misinterpretations.

Many researchers believe that the sum of experience in parapsychology for more than a hundred years clearly shows that psi exists. According to these researchers, it is no longer useful to once again try to describe an ideal experiment to prove that psi-fenonemen there. It is more interesting to study why, how and when the phenomena occur. More and more research is given to process research, namely to examine the psychological process behind psi.

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Hysterical or even pathetic.

This is what the stuff is all about now, what I want and feel.
Confined in any way that goes, I can not stop.
Shame on me, many done, but the main thing that I feel satisfied
Dom I trust the few, and they may be the same as me.
Nothing is unusual for me anymore, but I set the limits.
And it is neither you or someone else’s responsibility.
I’m lovable in spite of my pictures and this is Carina.
Many ifs and buts about me.
But nothing can change my mind for its own sake.
Just as I can to self-interest.
Love is like the mountains and deep valleys.
You leave the carousel several times if it is wrong.
And no one is debt free or so.
But I do not first best.
And I have never done either images exist or not.

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Human gift.

Curvy woman with charm
And smiling lips regardless
Always trying to be happy
My mountain peaks have been steep
Social divisions were deep and painful

I can talk about them today
In talking about the same story all over again
My family and genes carry the DNA
Through good and bad
One person explained the abnormal
But who are you besides a learned slave

The rightful Judge seeks worldwide
And I’m just one of many with gifts
But maybe it’s me who use them right
All the senses are open and sensitive
Tears flow when you hurt me with knives
And laughter echoes through the air
Then you give me a hug or two

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If people only new?!!

Life with the tests and for some inevitable, I am neither the first nor last to wonder.
Some people seem to serve a larger purpose, a second, perhaps because some are born with “talent” for better or worse, I call letters on it.
Since I was 8 years it has performed tests, we have examined me, but never given any united response.
Doctors and schools left their dialysis at me in which my parents strongly questioned.
The idea makes me sometimes wonder how many of us are walking around and waiting for a document, a document, type of people with training in the deepening of the body? What we may see and learn from the ground that there must be something wrong, especially as you do not behave yourself, or is that the rest of the flock? Anyway, we left out that little to believe in them adults’ generation and we all have been small, but there is something bigger that govern the cosmos.
I am convinced that everything has an explanation if you want to see? When I finally got my diagnosis last fall by the municipality of Sundbyberg so are you now at the Karolinska hospital investigate if I only suffer from ADHD, recent excerpt from psychiatric services in Sunderland.
My parents are the questions we may never have time to answer, why even bother with how long it takes, I have done things and accomplish all the time, there are many people waiting for its ruling! I’m not the first person in adulthood first find out answers to what I have? What I have I am not sick or abnormal, a second? Perhaps it is we who are the norm and those who do not bear the inheritance of diseases and conditions that are beyond the atmosphere, anyway?

Poetrey and music

My Romeo.

I am married to a dream
With the world’s most beautiful
And I can not get there from here
But in reality, we are playing ignorant
That’s how you want it
Mystik around your life

I am so open here
But life requires more one our dream
And you know that everything is complicated around me
For you offered me a ring on her finger
But I said no
Since I know you want to live free

The man and the combination of the woman is there
At the corner of my heart, you sit and smile
Nothing I do makes me forget you
Forever chained to your imagination
There you are my master and I am your lady

Poetrey and music

I´m a gambler just as you.

I am a winner
And look not to lose
For it is not like me
You can not stop me now
I do my best
And you can never take from me

You are not happy with me
But it may be for you
I can not make everyone happy
Is this for my job
And some will still like me
For they know the truth of the

Something that you can not reach
As long as you see yourself as a problem-free
Weaknesses exist but you never show them
It is a soft feeling inside of you
But I can view all pages on one sheet

I do not speak for anyone else
Always starts from myself
Something you annoyed you in a long time
You confuse complacency
With one out there who speaks from experience