Poetrey and music

That´s it

Geneva diva and summer fling
Get the fuck me if you can not handle me
I promised my best friend to turn
And give a good show time remaining
So that’s what I will do

Health and wellness

Anxiety and to live.

Funnily this with different stages, I myself know how my heart cries out.
But my brain says that it is dangerous, before I was much more outgoing, did not wait for people to decide to go out or not.
Destructively or not but I made myself better, have not been in town for months.
Every completely crippled by the case that was, but my sister and I discussed, we are like that going on, and it is probably in the family.
It continues to the end then turn to the slopes of the stress takes over, really crazy now, I take it very calmly. Yes there have been a few days with little stress when my cat became ill, we suspect even he to have gone into depression wretch. He is eleven soon and it shows that he has become older, the balance is not what it was. Although he has always been a bit of beauty itself. I slept some nights with my sister because she needed some company all have inherited this with anxiety, it just affects people differently.
But to get out of it is enough to say to be aggressive, again I was definitely not like this scared before.
My suspicion and disbelief of people have given me this, too many knives in the back of the s, k, a friends and that regardless of gender, actually. But mostly it’s about girlfriends to me incredibly usually my mother say I’m bisexual? Though it has nothing to do with the people are just different, and I often have bad luck to meet with very destructive people, hope is now in progress. Will be great if two are doing as badly as it just pulls down each other.

Poetrey and music


I become more and more untamed
Desires becomes hotter and more
Someone who the dark figure
Kiss my neck and throat
Slowly sweep at me in your attic
Can I pretend nothing has happened
I think it will be very difficult
Sorry for my silly verses

But you have turned me inside out
I do not take for granted
But forgive me for asking about craving
Something that you can give
And it is physically and warm
Can we get to a meeting my friend
Show me what you can
I must be crazy to want you

One that you shake me inside
Fire flames reach high
And I can not go out without cooling
Can you get me to relax
Because I can not turn it off yourself

Kärlek och känslor

I keep on walking.

Saturday and I really hate some days, sometimes it feels like everything is against me.
No matter who or what I put it out as soon as possible behind me.
For starters, my cat fell ill and I try to be as much as possible with him, he goes on eleven migration soon, and besides I had slept little awkward tonight with my sister, a person presented itself to me via text message and said he did not have time with me right now! You should call people friends until you tried it how they work, guess it was another one sought by me.
But I’m not surprised, that’s not my only desire in a relationship. For me it’s all or nothing, I do not tolerate deceit regardless of friend or more, have stopped throwing pearls to swine.
If you’re really sick to keep you neither work or go to the pub, I know, anxiety is bound to be, and when I had the worst smell I do not even nose. And the last thing I thought of is to drink myself drunk at the pub that still make matters worse, I did that classic before when I did not enjoy what’s wrong, I partied and anxiety every never reduced.
But as I said it is up to each one whatever you can get in touch in due time, if we do not have time to hang out longer.
I do not know when all every so busy this is not me, but people are different I guess.
Moving on and try again jump into the saddle, there are more people and new views hope for better next time.

Poetrey and music

You say sorry but i´m sick:( give a fuck!

Your attempt to forgive is not good enough
Always something that stands in your way
Give a new reason to avoid
Just tell your thing and then pull
I have not forced you to stand and wait

I think it’s pathetically weak
And I do not know what you did out there myself
Does not light with the torch from you
You will have to step forward and tell
Or just turn around and give me freedom
Is not your toy or girlfriend

So let go and forget me
I have so much more to give
The time is mine and no more should not take
I’m tired of people like you

Poetrey and music

You pretend to be some kind of king!?

I’m tired of old tracks
Located not your gang
Was never there and snooped
Do you have a way such that I
You are not one of my brothers
I should understand your purpose
And now I’m about to fall in love

Does the door open for new views
You can not come back
And juggle with my heart
I’m not desperate to fit just yet
And you thought I would stay
Just because you gave us your story

But the similarities are just a touch of everything
Looking for someone to hold on
Someone who is mature for my love
Understanding and tenderness with lit candles
Extinguish if you can not handle it

Poetrey and music

Morning song.

This is a weird text
For someone I never met
How can I know the
But somewhere there is a sense
That you may be right on time
What should I tell the others
Problems pile up but I feel our
And smiling with the sun peering

I want to be close together with you
Just to be close to you when the night comes
Where can I hear your voice
That voice I consoled by
And the body is hot
Your beautiful shine that reflects to me

How much can I keep writing
Without even sit here at my door
Just from a picture I want so much more
It feels almost like idol worship
But that love is sweet
I know it well before then