Anxiety and to live.

Funnily this with different stages, I myself know how my heart cries out. But my brain says that it is dangerous, before I was much more outgoing, did not wait for people to decide to go out or not. Destructively or not but I made myself better, have not been in town for months. Every […]


I become more and more untamed Desires becomes hotter and more Someone who the dark figure Kiss my neck and throat Slowly sweep at me in your attic Can I pretend nothing has happened I think it will be very difficult Sorry for my silly verses But you have turned me inside out I do […]

I keep on walking.

Saturday and I really hate some days, sometimes it feels like everything is against me. No matter who or what I put it out as soon as possible behind me. For starters, my cat fell ill and I try to be as much as possible with him, he goes on eleven migration soon, and besides […]

You say sorry but i´m sick:( give a fuck!

Your attempt to forgive is not good enough Always something that stands in your way Give a new reason to avoid Just tell your thing and then pull I have not forced you to stand and wait I think it’s pathetically weak And I do not know what you did out there myself Does not […]

You pretend to be some kind of king!?

I’m tired of old tracks Located not your gang Was never there and snooped Do you have a way such that I You are not one of my brothers I should understand your purpose And now I’m about to fall in love Does the door open for new views You can not come back And […]

Morning song.

This is a weird text For someone I never met How can I know the But somewhere there is a sense That you may be right on time What should I tell the others Problems pile up but I feel our And smiling with the sun peering I want to be close together with you […]