When all you want is right and just be
And when you reach a feeling of hopelessness
When a person stretches out his hand
And give a new sense of life
A smile on his face revealed
And his eyes sparkle again
But this time she walked not wrong

Venison and superficiality is much of
I too have been turned into a self-absorbed nymph
All cases what photos show as soon as you show her body
Today everything is either or where stress also awakens
I have learned that it does not bode well
You do all what others think and want
Live for yourself or someone else
In the past, I rushed around and searched
No use of something that still made no sense

But then I found a way that appeals to me
And see more of my own desires and pleasures
Not so important what others think of me
Just to give and take on equal terms
Show me both hands if you want to be in my life
Otherwise, you can go with both linked