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Only me. — January 30, 2011

Only me.

When all you want is right and just be
And when you reach a feeling of hopelessness
When a person stretches out his hand
And give a new sense of life
A smile on his face revealed
And his eyes sparkle again
But this time she walked not wrong

Venison and superficiality is much of
I too have been turned into a self-absorbed nymph
All cases what photos show as soon as you show her body
Today everything is either or where stress also awakens
I have learned that it does not bode well
You do all what others think and want
Live for yourself or someone else
In the past, I rushed around and searched
No use of something that still made no sense

But then I found a way that appeals to me
And see more of my own desires and pleasures
Not so important what others think of me
Just to give and take on equal terms
Show me both hands if you want to be in my life
Otherwise, you can go with both linked

My photos. —

My photos.

Photos and on me, I love to take photos for fun.
Even if I pose it as much fun as fun to show them.
I know that some immediately think scantily clad girl and she’s looking for sex!
Can not complain sex is natural but too over the top in my opinion, to see sexually out and actually seek sex tape with a man are different things to me.
I have no desire to look like sponge bob and not being proud of myself, I’ve never been like everyone else that yes is happy. Someone says to me sometimes that one should not be like everyone else, when they in fact follow the flock may be, I never go into those clothes that are inside when others use them, but totally my own style and so be weird, but it I am.
Natural female or boy-girl is more my style and I prefer them over snobby and too fine at the edge, not something I myself fall for either.
Yes it took me many years before I put up with myself, have not gone out on a shrimp sandwich, which many may think, had a good upbringing but you can not get everything. And I know, and you should never compare one another’s misery you experience in life, can not do.
We all come from our own baggage, no better or worse, I think, for a day is what I’m standing in shit properly, which no one knows whether I did or not.
Perhaps no one likes to boast about yet, after all, since it is written books on one scenario is to teach the world about various conditions, the scores, I understand and actually picked me.

Don´t denial the dark — January 28, 2011

Don´t denial the dark

I can cold winds
Just as you are buried in me
Run catch up with you
Like the old good time
I call your darker inner
Get out and let me see what
You have already chased me twice
Even now I am afraid of you

In the guise of beauty
But also a beast
I neatly drawn up on the sheet
The paper I write my words on
The song I always played since the days
The movie my sister showed me
With everything she knew about me

Can you ever delete it there
Do not we all come from the old
Even if you try to forget
Or find why I like you so much
The answer is right in front of your nose

Between you and me. —

Between you and me.

For eternally among the crowd
People and dust
Only you can make me happy
Hope you understand what you’ve done
I think you know what that spins
And unfortunately I can not deny
Not even you can get it undone

So you are hiding somewhere
But I see you there you go
And wherever you go, I’m with you
Only you can save a soul like me
And you know it
That’s why I sought your knowledge
But then I fell in love all over you

Has not it always been there
What you gave what so much more
Now I am happy and can understand more
From what you know so I can answer now
That both have more to give what we have done

For you to understand this. — January 27, 2011

For you to understand this.

If I say a nick name
And if I smile sometimes
Is there a reason
Something that only I know
And I think of
Do not worry
For feeling is inside

For I can hear his heart beat
Even if he lives far from
Is that true love is a feeling
No matter how far or close to it will
The memories reflect a whole story
Did not you folks
I’m here to talk about it

Sometimes I wonder myself what happened
And why you came back
Will going through my nights
Dances like a fairy in black dress
With the tiara on the head of mica
And I hear your breath closest to me

My doctor is a new guardian angel. —

My doctor is a new guardian angel.

My dreams alive
It said my doctor
Whether adequate training
I thought she was joking with me
But when she could stand on it for me
I realized that you were actually in my dream
It makes me smile with my whole body
I’m far from crazy

She said the true dreamers, many of us
But to learn what it is that of
You have learned to travel between worlds
Many do not know or open
Therefore, many still in one place
They do not absorb the gift that it is

Fear takes over and some are stiff
They refuse to realize that there is more one of this world
That there is something bigger that is waiting outside
The atmosphere has everything to offer us humans
Only we want to explore and learn

Deep blue. — January 25, 2011

Deep blue.

One last evening poem
This may be so
Like the sea’s deep blue
And skin as pale as snow
One look and never forgotten
The well-turned body
As you wish were near
But as always fly free

I dreamed once about us
Maybe it meant something
For it brought life to heal me
Many years have passed
But as long as you burn
Perhaps that desire is difficult

Mystery and history
Music and poetry meet you
It makes you calm
Something that I always was a great
But how could you know
Or so you thought that I
The wounds you wear are evident
Sure they do and then it is better to move on

I love him like no one alse. —

I love him like no one alse.

A mature older man
For many years
Walking through my soul
Someone call him dark
Others would call him Light
I say nothing

It is my life’s lottery
Both cases and travel to top
Something not everyone could do for me
In this life and the times we live in
Hope you understand when I decline
Nobody wants to get hurt even I

Forgive me friend, but you can get along
I will always stand by your side
But can not compensate for both their world
For many sorrows and the case is still there
I have to wake up in the bright again

Departments and country council… —

Departments and country council…

Locks with different departments within the County Council Social Services Department and co bad.
What patients belonging dependence unit and psyche? I have been asked by the anxious physician how you cope? It’s almost as if you want to laugh right out, but I’m not the only one because the problem is well known, turn of bad luck can one say that the system is so.
I hate to write and talk about my past as if it were just a victim, had I not been through this, it feels that important information had been concealed, some will be destined for that too.
Sure, it has been hard to sit in different chairs for almost 20 years without a definite answer, as yet only led to the medication, the name that you put on these states that I have been doing it either easier or harder. Knowing that I always each to their own place, I still managed to achieve what I want, except for school, but that I worked for a long time back, all may not be good at everything. Top five scores and a lot of competition of who has the highest score I do not take that track, more what you been through in life, something or nothing.
A person like me in the psychological spectrum as well as been accused for years of having a fully qualified dependent personality, but today the diagnosis of the pathologist in the dependent device that there is no that kind of problem with me, if all of the population that is sometimes feel shit and take to alcohol would be considered as alcoholics, it would be crowded throughout the country, which is not true.
Not everyone has an addictive personality because they drink alcohol, and in my paper, it has long been that because of the wrong people’s influence, and strong pressure from social and sounded the alarm immediately when they saw a bank statement that I did something fun for money.

Monday morning. — January 24, 2011

Monday morning.

Monday morning and I did not go to my internship, slept like a rake and have only now begun to come to life, every day can not be on top. It’s like a roller coaster, but try to accept the state of all-weather team. I do not think there is any idea to rush through it, there are feelings that are not eternal but only temporary, which is easier to learn a lot at least for me. Panic anxiety or total have been run into the wall known as depression, which our whole family seems to be taking part of in one way or another, is in the family.
But nothing to be ashamed because we are not alone and unique to that subject, unfortunately, there is talk of some of the still taboo around the world, daring to admit weaknesses and that too much stress leads to collapse in the end, when will we humans learn to take one day at a time, I had very hard for it before my case while awakening. Every day can not be like the others, and disease flowing in the world the way we look at it, how we are trying to outrun that there are setbacks, so it is just around the corner, we have to learn it.
What I’m about to do now if you will, a process of growing up for real maybe. But do not forget the fun days anyway, just have to say that it is not always so even if I wanted fun and pleasant all year round as long as you live.