Only me.

When all you want is right and just be And when you reach a feeling of hopelessness When a person stretches out his hand And give a new sense of life A smile on his face revealed And his eyes sparkle again But this time she walked not wrong Venison and superficiality is much of […]

My photos.

Photos and on me, I love to take photos for fun. Even if I pose it as much fun as fun to show them. I know that some immediately think scantily clad girl and she’s looking for sex! Can not complain sex is natural but too over the top in my opinion, to see sexually […]

DonĀ“t denial the dark

I can cold winds Just as you are buried in me Run catch up with you Like the old good time I call your darker inner Get out and let me see what You have already chased me twice Even now I am afraid of you In the guise of beauty But also a beast […]

Between you and me.

For eternally among the crowd People and dust Only you can make me happy Hope you understand what you’ve done I think you know what that spins And unfortunately I can not deny Not even you can get it undone So you are hiding somewhere But I see you there you go And wherever you […]

For you to understand this.

If I say a nick name And if I smile sometimes Is there a reason Something that only I know And I think of Do not worry For feeling is inside For I can hear his heart beat Even if he lives far from Is that true love is a feeling No matter how far […]

Deep blue.

One last evening poem This may be so Like the sea’s deep blue And skin as pale as snow One look and never forgotten The well-turned body As you wish were near But as always fly free I dreamed once about us Maybe it meant something For it brought life to heal me Many years […]