New years eve.

New Year’s Eve and on another new year, I felt no sense of christmas or New Year’s coming. People started to cause to become familiar with our holidays and the same routine, not so grand anymore. I have just taken my first alcoholic drink in 6 months ago I went into the wall, it was […]

To be different.

I smell a story about different In the meantime, we are outclassed and threw Have you ever felt different A wound that never heals Insensitive spirits tackles and wrestling with you Test your gifts Make every effort to depress you and prove their good graces I learned early on that my invisible disability synthesis Maybe […]

I had enough.

I climb up the ladder Whether you like it or not Many mouths to gape about much Those who know me well know what they get And you were not one of them Do you think I fell into your game What a fool I’ve never been You learn over the years to see through […]

About you and me.

If you know this girl So tell me what she is thinking now If you know so much about me You say that I feel you Shook hands and kissed I remember you a Missing our crazy antics When I described the secret Then it was you I meant But you already know it And […]

Livet här och nu.

Livet mellan här och sen är förankrat med hela världen, jag har lärt mig under resans gång som person med sjätte sinnet att allt är inte som det verkar, vi lever på lånad tid därför ta till vara på det som är nu, jag kan inte bevisa här och nu att det jag sätt eller […]

Life here and now.

Life Between here and then anchored to the whole world, I have learned along the way as a person with a sixth sense that all is not as it seems, we are living on borrowed time, therefore, take advantage of what is now, I can not prove here and now that I’m way or dreamed […]