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Fucking new years eve…same shit but wonderfull or? — December 31, 2010

Fucking new years eve…same shit but wonderfull or?

New Year’s Eve approaching, a new fresh year starts .. but think how the hell you can see the rockets.
Starts good, I must say, I do not see the colorful patterns it pours snow.
Heaven is alles light now and almost time for toast in the new year, um, I fear that my rental coupon is a moment late in but it was not possible to get out, as I said, my new life starts tomorrow. May be make or break has done time for a long time now, despite my panic anxiety, this is not something I think stuck with the rest of the time. Started today with a stop rampage of ailments which I made last time some of the beginning of a hypochondriac, I feel, reach well as everything has a beginning and end, as time goes by quickly because I do not have time to think. Slower one second that I am so it makes me stressed out sometimes but I know it does not give much anyway?
Here I sit and play music and look at the network sites can see the odd guy out, and full sail on its own, then the party got out of control.
Was not long ago it was flying so himself is not worth remembering celebrations mostly blurred, and I can avoid that kept running as long with it.
Patting myself on the back for it in all cases except that smoking is as hard to get past seems to be my greatest gift to defeat so far.

New years eve. —

New years eve.

New Year’s Eve and on another new year, I felt no sense of christmas or New Year’s coming.
People started to cause to become familiar with our holidays and the same routine, not so grand anymore.
I have just taken my first alcoholic drink in 6 months ago I went into the wall, it was laced bit on the bottom just to see how it goes, but it went well.
I will probably be alone with my parents this year, because we are fewer, but will toast the New Year with my grandmother anyway! My sister did not know how she would do at all or rather where it will be New Year celebrations, can understand the same thing every year, next year if there is then I will go somewhere if the economy is okay. To sit and celebrate the same thing in this spirit, we have done now for many years almost 30 years, I am no longer in other words so overwhelming over there.
Plus, summer is my monthly love sun and heat is more of a winter, reaching well may in all cases to wish you a happy new year out there who you now are. And do not shoot from your fingers with all the rockets I avoid them always.

To be different. —

To be different.

I smell a story about different
In the meantime, we are outclassed and threw
Have you ever felt different
A wound that never heals
Insensitive spirits tackles and wrestling with you
Test your gifts
Make every effort to depress you and prove their good graces
I learned early on that my invisible disability synthesis

Maybe I should write book about the events
Viciousness and ignorance led me behind the lights
Doctors and scientific men hurt more one does a good job
My friends I had were just like me
The only family I could reconcile myself to
Had they never existed I do not know how it went
I appreciate that you held out a hand

Still I am faced with uncertainty among the people
Power and money is what they see
Fractions and who is the best takes unexpected consequences
So the only thing I trust is my maker
You say he is
Take a look at our world before it is destroyed completely

I had enough. — December 30, 2010

I had enough.

I climb up the ladder
Whether you like it or not
Many mouths to gape about much
Those who know me well know what they get
And you were not one of them
Do you think I fell into your game
What a fool I’ve never been
You learn over the years to see through

I wanted to test your taste
And try my wings with you
But you already dropped the first month
However, I gave you more one what you needed
When you use it as a game
Remember what I said
Me playing only with a time
I forget is rare but not bitter
For the same thing coming back

You think no one beats you
What you know makes you more aware
Bullshit you just think that what you gave me
And turn my back when I needed your help
To believe you can love was just stupid
But now I know who you ar

About you and me. —

About you and me.

If you know this girl
So tell me what she is thinking now
If you know so much about me
You say that I feel you
Shook hands and kissed
I remember you a
Missing our crazy antics

When I described the secret
Then it was you I meant
But you already know it
And what should I do about it
You know how I am
So save your sexual adventures
Come and take a drink with me
And feel free again

You singing on stage
And I’m dancing close
She swallowed a sip of beer
And looked wildly at me
Then she sang the blues hesaste t
I just wanted to drown you in kisses
Feel honored because I am just your honest

Livet här och nu. —

Livet här och nu.

Livet mellan här och sen är förankrat med hela världen, jag
har lärt mig under resans gång som person med sjätte sinnet att allt är inte
som det verkar, vi lever på lånad tid därför ta till vara på det som är nu, jag
kan inte bevisa här och nu att det jag sätt eller drömt verkligen hänt, men det
är vad man känner i säg själv är sanningen och ingenting annat, därför är det
så svårt att hitta likasinnade att diskutera med som man känner sig hemma med,
förutom att ha ett osynligt handikapp är jag också alltså öppen för det vi inte
kan se eller ta på, livet efter döden.

Många frågor kommer ständigt upp men fler och fler säger säg
stött på fenomen i världen, alltså kan det inte vara helt ruffel och båg.

Jag som nu varit sjuk en tid har inte försökt utöva någon
kunskap alls, därför utan stabilitet tar det på krafterna om det inte går att
stänga av, dom som är riktigt kunniga i detta har lärt säg stänga av och öppna
på ett sätt som för dom är positivt många gånger, men för mig som inte ser det
här som en rolig gåva har hela tiden stridit emot, jag om någon borde kunna
säga nej men jag vill inte ha det så här eller leva vidare, men jag har inte
någon inverkan på det.

Ingen i världen kan bestämma om de vill leva vidare eller
inte, önskan är där emot olika var på vi också bygger upp olika troer och
historier, jag med mitt fenomen kan säga jag har sätt andevärlden och det vi
kallar mellan här och sedan, vissa stannar kvar ouppklarade i denna värld, jag
har stött på så många som inte lämnat denna plats, att det snart inte går att
se vem som är vad. Vi vill hoppas på att en gång återförenas med dom vi håller
kära men så är inte det inte alltid, utan det är ödet som bestämmer det inte

Jag har många gånger hoppats på att få återse mina kära som
gått bort när jag somnar in, länge trodde jag att det är absolut så, men det
kan vara någon helt annan som också hamnat i mellan här och andra världen som
inte accepterat sin bortgång mera, när man inte är klar med sin uppgift blir
det som på nytt fött du måste göra det du kom för, alltså är det inte så
konstigt om en del av oss känner oss iakttagna av andra som vi inte kan känna
eller ta på, dom lever som oss här och nu fast som rena energier sant som sagt,
skulle jag inte varit med om mina fenomen hade jag aldrig kunnat skriva det
här, vilket ni en väljer att tro.

Så sanningen är att dom vi lever med nu kanske inte alls är
så att vi träffar på världen är stor och vägarna är många, vi får vara glada
för den tid vi har med varandra.

Jag vill ta upp ämnet eftersom efterfrågan är många, och en
del av oss känner mer en andra där med lättar det kanske att veta dilemmat vi
inte är ensamme om att fundera över, jag vill bara säga att den här världen är
vacker egentligen om inte alla krig hade varit och makt beroenden, vilket vi
själva gjort det till ingen annan.

Life here and now. —

Life here and now.

Life Between here and then anchored to the whole world, I have learned along the way as a person with a sixth sense that all is not as it seems, we are living on borrowed time, therefore, take advantage of what is now, I can not prove here and now that I’m way or dreamed really happened, but it is what is known in saying itself is the truth and nothing else, because it is so difficult to find like-minded people to discuss with which you are comfortable with, in addition to having an invisible disability, I am also therefore open to what we can not see or touch, life after death.
Many questions come up constantly, but more and more say tell encountered phenomenon in the world, therefore it can not be completely ruffel and arc.
I has now been ill for some time have not attempted to exercise any knowledge at all, because without stability, it takes hard work if it does not close by, those who are really knowledgeable in this have learned say shut down and open a way for them is positive, many times, but for me that does not see this as a funny gift has always fought against, I know if someone should be able to say no but I do not want it like this or survive, but I do not have any impact on the .
Nobody in the world can decide if they want to continue living or not, desire is where the different was we also build various troer and stories, I am with my phenomena can say I have ways of the world and what we call between here and then, some stay remain unsolved in this world, I have come across so many who left this place, it will soon not be able to see who is who. We would hope to once again be reunited with those we hold dear but that is not there always, but it is fate that determines it is not us.
I have often hoped to see again my loved ones who passed away when I fall asleep, while I thought that it is absolutely so, but it could be someone completely different, which also come in between this and other world that have not accepted his death more when you do not finish their task will be to re-birth you have to do what you came for, then it is no wonder if some of us feel observed by others that we can not feel or touch, they live that here and now settled as clean energies true, as I said, I would not have experienced my phenomenon, I had never been able to write it here, as you choose one to believe.
So the truth is that we live with them now, maybe not at all so that we meet in the world is large and the roads are many, we shall be glad for the time we have with each other.
I want to list it as the demand is many, and some of us feel more a second there with ease it may know the dilemma we are not alone to think about, I just want to say that this world is pretty much if not all war had been, and power dependencies, as we ourselves have done that to anyone else.

Occult phenomena. —

Occult phenomena.

It feels sometimes like I’m living in two worlds, one foot here and the other in some sort of spirit world.
Do not people have the same interpretation or pictures as I do, but I’m not alone.
Sometimes I think some are born with talents that others do not understand, what it does to us.
We are confused and alone in this, that the retailer may be declared insane.
But too much evidence of occult phenomena have been shown all over the world, still want people not to take it to themselves.
I’m just one of many who know of another one we live organisms here, and I have the most contact in the subconscious, and my dreams, and even if you or others do not believe in it so it makes me who I have become today.
I have never directly done much work on learning to close or open doors, but it has only been there unexplained.
But the older I become, it has become more evident and I now share this knowledge in a realistic, for me it is so.
That’s what I’m used to, some have asked me but if you can see things why not do something about it, because it is not intended so I’m not a god! I may not seem like it either, and where to say I never name God, but one big fuss over land and sea, the people will know I am not speaking of the nightcap.

It´s all in my head. — December 29, 2010

It´s all in my head.


Kväll sitter här och skriver igen, bloggen blir inte utan
något inlägg.

Lyssnar nu på Kat Delunas senaste musik och skriver lite,
trött som jag vet inte vad?

Jag blir kvar här till helgen åtminstone sedan börja vänja
mig vid min lägenhet igen.

Man känner snabbt beroende om man bor som jag gjort ett tag,
och det gynnar ingen det har jag förstått. Dock är det svårt när man mår som
jävligast utan uppbackning och det har jag.

Är glad för det men vet dock att dom inte alltid kan gå vid
min sida, så jag måste lära mig handskas med detta vakuum av sjukdoms tillstånd
jag har ärvt.

Finns ju inget direkt bot utan bara lära sig leva med

Men lättare sagt en gjort, då man skapar sig själv en
overklig värld av panik ångest som tar mer och mer tid, i stället för att njuta
av livets alla former. Kanske det tillhör en del av min bokstavs kombination, troligtvis
säg vad jag inte har dragits med på grund av det?

Men jag är inte den enda, som tur är har jag förstående
vänner en del  som vet vad det innebär. Och man kan tyvärr inte kräva att
alla ska förstå, även om jag tycker det vore bra att öppna dörrarna lite mer
för vad som finns omkring, att alla är lika värda ändå oavsett handikapp och

Jag ska fira nyårsafton med min familj på fredag avskyr
smällarna och det sen liten, ser alltid till att vara långt ifrån. Och vara
barnvakt så här på onsdags kvällen är inte direkt vad jag önskar nu när man
mått som sämst men lite lyser det upp i alla fall, jag är inte ensam och bra
systerbarn som ser efter sin moster haha.

Åter till helgen på lördag finner jag mycket njutning i en
träff med en kär vän som jag träffat på, och han ska jag introducera på bästa
sätt, fast vi redan hunnit en bit på vägen genom våra samtal..gemensamma bitar
faktiskt en hel del men det brukar ju vara så. Fördelen är att man förstår
varandra bättre en andra som inte delar mina erfarenheter alls.

More writing and listen to music. —

More writing and listen to music.

Evening sit here and write again, the blog will not be without any message.

Listening now to Kat DeLuna’s latest music and write a bit, tired as I do not know what?

I will stay here for the weekend since at least begin to get familiar with my apartment again.

It feels fast, depending if you live like I did for a while, and it benefits no one there, I understand. However, it is hard when you feel that bad without backing, and I have.

Is happy about it but know that they can not always walk with me, so I have to learn to deal with this vacuum of conditions I have inherited.

For there is no direct cure but just learn to live with escapades.

But easier said an done, then it makes itself, an unreal world of panic anxiety that takes more time, instead of enjoying life’s many forms. Maybe it belongs to a part of my letter combination, probably tell what I have not been included because of it?

But I’m not the only one, luckily, I have understanding friends some who know what it means. And you can not, unfortunately, require everyone to understand, although I think it would be good to open the doors a bit more of what’s around, that all are equal regardless of disability, and yet so.

I will celebrate New Year’s Eve with my family on Friday hates explosions and the then small, always looks to be far away. And babysit so here on Wednesday night is not exactly what I wish now that we measure at its worst, but some lights it up anyway, I’m not alone, and great nieces who looks after her aunt, haha.

Back to the weekend on Saturday, I find much pleasure in a date with a dear friend who I met, and he should I introduce the best, though we have already some way through our conversation .. common pieces actually a lot but it is usually supposed to be so. The advantage is that we understand each other better than others who do not share my experience at all.