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Common folk disease among the old? — September 27, 2010

Common folk disease among the old?

New day for a whole week, my friend comes to visit me
Interesting and fun is not set in a good while, but nevertheless
so i try to feel better.
Today was Monday morning and no one was wrong, I went to
home service and would clean as usual, we went the bus and stepped off started to walk
at a faster pace as my heart suddenly stops and beats double, this one
Once it doesn’t hit a hundred and eighty anyway, this time it surprises
to stop too.
I received a minor reprimand from my supervisor on practice
to search for hormone disorders Que. Okay yes I actually thought about the idea
and several special women have pointed out this phenomenon.
Thyroid hormone yes just what they tested on me in
julas, when it showed too much overproduction.
You gave a referral and the next visit to the doctors was the right value
again, but now this is every month’s three months this has been going on,
my doctor whose thought is completely in the bronchitis he is stuck there, maybe is
more reasons, however, one can say that everything he has checked except in the case of
what I came to visit for the first time.
Thus I have been on the tight all the time to have too much
hormone overproduction, which is very common among women who have filled
thirty I got to hear today by a nurse. Brilliant that they say it now
here in the middle of practice and everything but better late one never, you have tried Levaxin
the? Nea I did not say, surprised, that I got medication for anything else
There is a cause right in front of the noses of the doctors, otherwise they point out quickly
me for the investigation i went through.
Talk about judging in all kinds of instances and
health care, if you have been in the psyche for various reasons, you can give it
on being stamped you get fast, certainly it can be the psyche that breaks down, believe
I do it when things in the body start to fucking.
I have never seen anything like this before I have finished
becomes worried, which contributes to panic in turn.
But I was asked to call the doctors’ time
Tomorrow, do it all else on the day I am free, besides filling
in paper for insurance cash and jidders with judgment, and paid bills today.
Okay so I’ve reached some kind of regular female hormone
In other words, disorder, but why not look at things that can lie
closer to hand as well, it is often samples that also exclude what one has
And not, samples which I have taken a few times at each visit, one must come
ten or have a referral say sour carts at the blood center? Okay when the situation is
urgently I guess so they say at the health center where I live!

To fight against something you do not know about — September 25, 2010

To fight against something you do not know about

Saturday, September 25th and I am running and B-logs a little again.
since I started the practice has gone well, have three days a week and
four hours a day. When I clean the home service is a municipal
activities for one like me, to rehablitlieras in again in
the labor market, I have noticed the older I have become, so are more things
scary. But it must not be too much concern then I can’t
live at all, therefore I now have 5mg Sobril that I take if needed for
much anxiety.
This anxiety I experience is one of the worst
the earth I think, to get through.
Do you live many years at party level
without people thinking about how often, for me it is often to and from through
the years, when you suddenly have to get out of this bike the wheel is driven towards
what is called the anxiety of withdrawal.
Which is one of the harder ones to
work against, you do not have to be full-fledged addict or alcoholic
to get the anxiety of withdrawal, but Inf a long time party contributes
it if you also get stuck.
This summer I had the most
the nicest and casual holiday ever from everything it is called,
except that my boyfriend moved to his own and my grandmother died two
months before, and that my father just got him in time to the hospital before
Much was at stake I would go into dependent therapy for
having fasted too much was thrown together with a bundle full-fledged
drug addicts and alcoholics, where you started treatment with giving me
25 mg of antabus, in which my body hit the back immediately got almost allergic
shock without having drunk anything, so I stopped after a week, then
I would go to Campral instead, which you wrote out full dose four
Times a day, my mother hit the fist in the table and said you can’t fuck
Just print out medications for everything, it needs therapy and help beyond
Which she is right and what I have clearly said throughout
The time to practice, activity is most important to me.
Because of
exclusion contributes to still sitting and you lose the desire for everything
In the end it is dangerous to health, I do not see it as strange that
I escaped more and more in partying the days but the consequences were each
I’ve probably never experienced anything like that
the last few months, but sometimes it ceases to just feel nothing
everything is great.
I’ve been to the doctors for health reasons there
Signs of bronchitis were discovered, but failure of heart and lungs
the values ​​looked good.
So I went home and thought I could relax,
despite the fact that the times I did not party for a while and will
take the step out of real life then i can suddenly get dizziness, shaking,
sweating, tangible uncertainty of the balance.
It’s sick of me
gets pissed on myself and then it disappears instead, I have
Never before suffered this.
It came when I filled up
Thirty year-end to 2010, the first feeling was in Uppsala where man
not reflected the fate that hit me yes I saw it so, and the morning
there through a Christmas party, shit felt, got a high pulse and thought I would
The heart beat for many strokes per minute, drank some water took
a cig then went home, it disappeared, nothing happened in two months.
When D lived with me and he was with co-workers so it struck
at home, in the middle of the night when I was sleeping, I called him express speed
And said now you get home, he didn’t quite understand what was going on
To happen, neither did I actually, the same thing arose and as soon as he did
come home so everything pulled back, since between the yards i feel really good,
as soon as i go out and have been near a pub or bar though
I do not drink, this will only happen, and it can sometimes be just a few
days after or weeks, no matter where I am
or talking about.

Life has its test — September 23, 2010

Life has its test

This is my own test
You’re just part of it
And I have to fight
Or shut down
The demands and chances of love
May be good or bad
Who doesn’t know that
We process them differently
When you believe the best
Can flash down
So I take no forgiveness
And I never hope too much
Rather little one for
We only have one life what we know
Smile as often as I can
Do things here and now
My breath always feels like the last
Stress comes and goes
But if I burn myself out, the flame can be extinguished
Burning out his mind and joy costs
But the whole life has its price
Even to feel good

I am not surprised — September 20, 2010

I am not surprised

The fact that Sweden the Democrats have entered Riksstan is not me
is surprised.
With Sweden’s policy and legal action when something
happens in society so it goes quickly to silence in some cases, I know
not why? Don’t think any people, regardless of relligon, think it’s a good thing
But with the wrong writing in the media plus a lot of ignorant ones
this contributes to their coming.
With yesterday’s voters there are many who are certainly
upset by all sorts of things in our society, different parties blame things
on each other and there will be no serious closing.
I was also not surprised that the Borgers won with
The bad advertising some other parties have done for themselves, not least
the advertisement was not very much put on.
Plus I think many voters don’t dare to change because they
think maybe it will get worse, then we have the upper class and
the big entrepreneur who seems to mean more in society.
We others who have diseases, burned out or that with gender discrimination
around different layouts etc., as said how is it now? Is this something everyone
in the country it has been striving for, or it is people who think it is right to
inferior paid and sick people should be forever among the park benches in
I do not know what we should have for government really, have
always been a Social Democrat.
But still some occasions when they had control over Sweden went
it also bad, but it certainly cannot get better with Sweden Democrats,
for what they want to change most is immigration policy and that with same sex
marriage, the rest as they talked about better welfare and more jobs for
young people are just small details for them, SD is a party with members almost
can go hand in hand with the Nazis and this I will hear about, but I do
have been among all sorts of people once in a while.
High-ranking writers from SD to people from NSF, others
nationalities irrespective of ravages free crime among all these groups,
no one is better than the other.
I do not see the individual skin color or sex, with mine
background that lived in the suburbs but still lived a party life inside the town’s many
different clubs so i have the way most things, but you do not say a shit about it
where nationalities and people gather and deal poor as rich, so great
The problem is not the skin colors or the sexes but what some people are eating
the honor to live on.
Then we have community groups in the country that at all
do not want to concern themselves.
With problems like crime, drugs and other things
letter combinations.
Then I think of that group of older generations as in theirs
Luckily learned their genes not to get along with people who are own but for it
No need to mean that you are worse off someone else.
I scoff at them altogether, because it’s the same then
ignorance as with immigration and religions, I for my part have my own faith,
But when it starts to become fanatical and unpleasant then it has gone too far.

You dont need to pretend anymore —

You dont need to pretend anymore

You’re not coming
to be able to deceive me more
Your goal and everything you think of is yourself
Avoid touching
me for family and friends
Not my problem
You class everyone
my problems as a joke
And you see yourself as a betterwisser
But you don’t own any
Like you preach to me

Continuing pretending that we have something special
That you love
someone else one yourself
Soul friends take care of each other
Not like you
How you can now
raised to the clouds
Angels protect and show tenderness
Gives things like you
Not from the heart

I do not give from the heart because it is
a must
It should come freely
Loving of emotions
As conditional love
Do you even know what it is?
You can’t just go away

But you continue like that
I make it difficult
Your obligations
and rules should apply
But not mine
It makes you crazy

Our time and genetics — September 16, 2010

Our time and genetics

Electric shocks
Would be something for everyone
Trying can never get worse
Living in a snapped area
As if not who would be crazy
Even if you came from a normal family
So the company around the area kills
Even if you love them
Old fashioned bands like Beastie boys sang
And Tupac was still there
What we danced to
So you can hardly judge me as never been there
The whole area seems completely carpeted
Think you understand if one way from the beginning
Sick generation
who gave us birth
There you sang about freedom and love
Peace on earth must have been high evenly
Smoked on cannabis and took cocaine
Great concerts where everyone was with everyone
Lord God why should the offspring be different
Haha what idiots thought it would be better
Genetics has some significance
And he the Almighty must feel that we have failed

Psychoactive pharmaceuticals — September 14, 2010

Psychoactive pharmaceuticals

One wonders where the world is going, too many choices
I say.
Something my grandmother and grandmother didn’t want to have.
Receive something like my parents and their generation
entered with full force.
Psycho-pharmacology and medicines in the hope of finding it there
nice calm, be the one you want.
Stress and pressure from different quarters though that it should be
perfect, though there is no one who is or has been, but we still try with everyone
means live up to it, we control ourselves in the wall.
Thank you all our role models you helped so well, then where
the few protesters who did not give up but tried to maintain some old customs in
Our societies, the one with medications increased dramatically in the world when heavier chemical
drugs came in the picture.
Which was launched as advertising with artists, artists as well
us were the best and they had so much charisma.
I ended up there even though my role model was not shown
all cases as an addict of chemical drugs, pictures present where his legs were
knitted with needles confirm nothing, it’s just pictures of a pair of legs like
you signed with his name. But some drugs have always existed and perhaps
more in the states one here, the last 40 years that new things have been launched so contribute
it to more abuse among younger ages, also for the part that one goes out
with that part of it calms down and reduces stress, while the years later soon
comes to any infectious disease institute that it is not so good at all! I
sometimes wonder where the world is going, our generation and its offspring which
newer options will they have? Even more to choose from so it eventually becomes
hard to access at all. The goals are so great and the ideas worse and
Plans that may not be happening, but you are not thinking so far anymore.
I always felt safe as little right up until I was
16 years about, then the world began to scare me in some way, hunger need and
assault, escape with drugs and alcohol were a modern and popular thing, while
others farther from could see that this was not so good, but you tried
Don’t do anything to stop the smuggling of smuggling goods like drugs, it dares
one doesn’t they have weapons and? Today, all guns carry legally as illegally who
preferably it feels like can fire a shot. I

Boygirls live my dreams — September 10, 2010

Boygirls live my dreams

Sexy dressed just as she
lashes and long nails
Painted in black and blood
The nylon dressed skin from me
Notice the sharp nails
deep into my skin
High heels and a cheap haircut
Things that turns me on

She appears in the track bar tacks
I can not help
Sneaking behind corners
As a spy
Shameful pictures tempt me more

I like myself
But it can not be anyone
Inviting so as to taste
Slowly, they pull your fingers through my hair
But you can already see
Can not keep me soon
It explodes like one river
The idea of your body against me

Mouths meet half way
Very interesting
me more and more
Haha I’ll be naughty to
see you
See all your bare back against me
butt with them pink panties
Haha I think lala

with rosy cheeks
A little naughty and
Do not show the whole world
But it’s out now
Can not turn
And has no intention to do

Can not help but give me a reference
My parents think I was crazy
But the secret I carried on long
Deep inside as the tomboy
I was always
Like the flame that spreads
Of man and beast
I hunt and waiting
Friends said I was crazy
I was always there but never seemed outwardly


Min kropp och min hälsa. — September 6, 2010

Min kropp och min hälsa.

Jag har mig själv att skylla

Att min kropp backar

Är ett tecken på varning

Psyket pajar och fysiken går av

Jag försöker att inte visa dig

För jag vill inte att alla ska vara oroliga

Fast dom ser liksom jag att det är något fel

Även om jag har ångest

Det här är inte enbart vad saken handlar om


Livets överraskningar och skeden

Man pratar kanske här hemma

Far och mor säger rusa inte

Rusa hit och dit hjälper inte

Ta det lugnt sansa hjärnan

Du hinner i morgon

Vad hinner jag?

Tester eller svar

Jag vill så mycket mer

Det vore orättvist just nu


Tanken säger du har haft flera år

Men det har tagit mängder av energi för mig

Inte för att man gör sitt bästa

Utan för att jag kostar pengar och tid

Det är läkarnas jobb

Alla fall vad man säger att det går ut på

Idag faller man lätt mellan stolarna

Speciellt om man är social bidrags tagare

Det bör alla veta

Har man lite över det problem med sig själv

Är kö längre ändå knappt så man får plats






Det kommer tillbaka likt ett spöke —

Det kommer tillbaka likt ett spöke

Trots att jag vet svaret kommer det tillbaka

Försöker andas lugnt och prata mig till sömns

Första dagen var bra

Men huvudet spökar med mina känslor

Är det bra eller inte

Först är det lugnt sen springer allt

Halsen är värst irriterande skrapande

Sen blir det som en dimma i huvudet

Jag vill bara sitta ned


Jag gjorde min första större insats idag

Tydligen gick det bra då

Men senare kommer chocken tillbaka

Kroppen vill sparka bakut helt

Men alla säger skena inte

Ta en lugnande hoppas på det bästa

I morgon ska jag ta nya prover

Kanske lika bra

Få det överstökat


Inga spöken mer

Sluta oroa dig

Vänta till morgondagen

Jag får vänta till klockan slår åtta

Rusar mina tankar nu igen

Uppenbarligen för vad hinner hända till morgondagen

En lugn natt till kanske

Det är alltid frågan om kanske nu mera