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Letter Combinations — August 27, 2010

Letter Combinations

Tired of psychopaths and honestly twisted psychopaths.
They use everything for their own benefit, I have come to a point when I get tired of being drawn to everything dangerous, but love makes you damn blind sometimes, and I should think but this is the same thing.
But then I have an obstacle which these people use to the max, that I can not even read between the lines a concept that one is supposed to say all the time, and always at the next oblique step.
How painful any time you pull up with your roots time and again?
I am looking for some in my surroundings who know what they are doing, which my security can find place in, and who do not intend to stick me in the back at any time.
A true sadist = psychopath does not think about your benefits regardless of how you met, they can attract everything regardless of getting through their goals.
I am looking for people who have skins on their nose and have gone from there it will be something wrong … a psychopath is damn clever it should not throw under the table, they live among us and usually they have a higher position be say the job or home, they have a solid school and despite adversity they always have ways to clear away, I have tired of keeping my mouth shut.
Living with letter combination means a lot of contact with like-minded people, which is good but where through it is as with black art. If you open that port and the information takes all contact.
I should be a van but as I said they are all different though they have common traits, they hardly tell anything about say themselves, they want to know everything about you in order to know weak points.
Because I have had so many problems before, they feel very well, I have enjoyed good people.
I have compassion for what makes it yes sometimes go ahead, I understand to some people who themselves have problems but I can not help if it is already too late, you think nothing is too late but some things are delayed.
Sometimes I need to break my silence and speak out, I have a lot of aggression like they could be the nightmare of the world, if I did not have the pity and the thought of there being bright moments, but they do not think so everything is either black or white. I recognize myself there also because of my letter combination but still not half as emotional and cold.
I feel sorry for the people, however, that never being able to feel either one or the other, maybe there is enough research to also teach a psychopath what love and emotions are.
Not only clear away everything for their own gain, whether you came as submissive or dominant, they do everything for their own gain nothing for you, that’s what I learned from my thirty year old life among people, there are people and so there are people.

The unsure you — August 17, 2010

The unsure you

No needle stick
Nice arms
Deep eyes
And you can speak for you
But not too much
The case of someone betraying you
Emotions are dangerous
Tea party when mother or father wants
You pass by but want home
You stop saying yes again
Dominated by someone you don’t want to know about
So when you met the world
Were you closed and suspicious
But you don’t want to feel it
The drug relieved it
But you quickly realized that it would crush
It costs your image you showed everyone
Someone saw as wants
be with
And do what it can
Maybe to understand say yourself
But no one could give you a hand
And no one dared to defy your incredible pride
You realized that in the game you were playing alone
And that game gave anxiety
When loss is a fact
You tried to throw away the evil
But it comes back every time
When you met me, it sneaked at you from behind
And you might think that this time it was right
I feel sadness and love
But a big gap without you
Then I understand more than you might
And that I can’t beat your demon off


Different addictions —

Different addictions

You hide your own needs
Two slaves under different drugs
But for you it is no problem
While you are judging others
Takes your dose when no one seems to see
Even if you know it’s wrong
You try to be a team and learn
But everything comes back to yourself
I can never judge you
But store of honesty
Were you worthy of my open heart
You closed your own feelings
You pulled the curtain so I didn’t see
But you came too close to me
You don’t see me as yourself
But everything is the same shit
You are just like me slave under dirt
Dependent on different things
You are like me and it came too close to you
You are touched and crying in the night
But never shows a tendency for people
Therefore, it gives you shame and disgrace for your family
I should know how it feels
Why would my closest friends know more
Why would I speak more to you
And how could they save me
If I never talked about what you know
Why do you know
Because you were drawn to a pretend world
Like my own existence

Drugs —


Good morning on you all, now it’s another new day, soon
autumn recognizes the wind and its clouds.
Well another year with quirky riots or not? Against
The meeting soon it always starts ten in the mornings then you sit there four
hours every day.
Every day is a theme except Thursdays when we go out with
twelve step group and visit other meetings and miscellaneous.
Today, the theme is to address the five most embarrassing memories
drunk times, I have two but it concerns the family and my girlfriend
Actually, what is with me you might think that for two liters of wine is required
It drinks every day, not for my part.
This has increased after the years I can say, but still so went
I soon thought.
From the age of 20, I have been partying about every third day, mixed with every weekend regardless of where I lived
and lived.
The last two years I was out at least as much and for me
Raising the tempo doesn’t have to take every day for it.
Talked to my sister yesterday about the matter, and she said oh it has
I probably never thought about? No, I think no one has done, I have not been directly
Signed with it or I have tried to hide it.
Also called lying for say yourself and those in one’s surroundings, so
yet I have lied and not always been honest, in my latest circumstances and
life style no one else has thought of this except you my dear, maybe it was
therefore I woke up. Think no one else wanted to realize who you were or awaken me even though I thought you were mean to me
then! For you to see people walking in confusion is probably nothing new because you do so
good self, without having to anesthetize anxiety with alcohol or the like, but what knows
I? What is closest and frightened is often what one seeks to say away
from, but still come closest in the community. You are so scared of this in mine
eyes that it almost becomes like you have to go through the friendship bands to see
yourself outside the vicious circle.
Then I look at you near me, certainly one addiction is
Never by good there are better things and less good, I agree with this one
The form I consume is still one of Sweden’s most common drugs. Had you known how
dangerous it is and in the long term how people are hurt it had been classified as heavy
Drew, because in my eyes it is one of the heaviest drugs one can consume, the body
takes as much damage as chemical drugs, all the ways lead faster to death if man
has a horrible bad luck, but then it is with all forms of addiction … one stops living
healthy and just care about one thing just the drugs then go to hell,
the consequences are a fact for me i have started to realize it. Though it hurts
and I know why yes takes the easiest refugees so it will not

Air tube catarrh and twelve step program — August 15, 2010

Air tube catarrh and twelve step program

Air tube catarrh and twelve-step program, I got it as one
letter on the mail.
Just as well to drive on a full island at once, I thought
maybe something like that awakens me faster.
And I woke up in a disturbance, I’m like that must happen something
unfortunately because it should turn for the better.
Do not ask me why it should be an inconvenience, maybe it is
as a person, nothing is easy and all things have both back and front,
negative or positive consequences that I deal with right now.
I write most of the poems as said they still think they should speak
about how I feel, or how I might feel within the table, anyway
commenced the twelve-step program last week opened the business again, the week
has been both scary and amusing interesting, met new people you might be able to identify
say with, or learn from some is very bad there an i. You can
also say is an awakening watch before it is too late, even the trachea
the catarrh did say remind.
If you have a living like me and many others you get
diseases sooner or later, depending on how it is also in the genetics,
faster death or not.
I can often say this but exaggerate when I drank last
the time I was up in two liters of wine, whether I have stayed up or not,
I no longer feel the back of drinking too much, but the habits show
say in other ways that my bronchitis did, the body said stop smoking unclean
Every occasion and drinking two liters of wine is not a good combo, I thought through
The case and realized after all that I want to live a little longer, have been drinking one time ago
the month of july died out, that was when i had consumed so much again, of pure stupidity
and to escape from all the hard work.
But it gave answers to speech and the group I go in talks about
much like this, behaviors and ways to aggressively destroy their own lives,
Not worth to anyone, whether you are happy or not, usually we are
people lighter or more difficult depending on different things, in this case too
my part floating shape.
I take my Campral but got another new medicine in shape
of liquid, Mollipect not a good remedy in the long run, with 3% alcohol content
You give it to me as a doctor though I said it is not recommended at all.
What would I do to destroy the airways brought to the hospital or open the bronchial tubes,
but there were consequences of this medicine as well, tremors, dizziness and
various palpitations etc. I felt of it oja, had to sleep with the parents two
days before it turned to the better, then I thought shit that I am 30 years most important
is that I survive here and now.
Now to what I was amazed at this one gives to children with
inflammation of the throat and trachea, I can not understand it with alcohol in, can
It really be good even if it should only be taken ten days to gain momentum
or effect.
Take a break — August 14, 2010

Take a break

The world’s most beautiful friends I have around
Although they are few and not often seen
That’s what is said and stops
I have not always been good at it myself
Sometimes I have bad days
But I was never supposed to have it
It was assumed that I could be there for everyone
Listen and give advice
But then it was my turn
Many cases were
And not many stayed at my side
But those who have done it may want to give up
I understand that neither you nor me is easy
Everyone has their own and I appreciate when we talk
The comforting voice on the phone
The strength you have but may not be able to give right now
I love you anyway
I no longer stress
And I don’t push anyone
Follow me or stay in the corner
I have to get up
Bad condition or not
Time goes by but at my pace from now on
No matter what others think and think
You can give advice I should listen
And take to me but decide
At the end, I say yes or no


Something inside of me — August 12, 2010

Something inside of me

Sometimes saying health reminds
Have you lived an unhealthy life
Do you live dangerously regardless of age
Once you take their steps for improvement
Occasionally, tumultuous things happen
Some people probably think that you can take it
And some think a second chance should be given
I have taken immense risks in my life
For what reason you are led there
To the risks that expose a healthy life
As with me all dangerous was my excitement
Challenging heights is against my fear
While fun drugs were excitement
But who in the long run kills
Slow and lots of pain
Everyone knows how the red triangles look
But some skip them
Some with pleasure are thinking about it a little
But can cost health for good
As I currently know
Something grows inside my throat
And want to choke me
It’s just a little cough
Or is it something that grows and grows larger
Doctors sometimes sound questionable
And some quite cold and dismissive
Just because they sometimes know that they treated the body badly

My dream — August 5, 2010

My dream

In a series lined with leash
I look out over the sea of strange people
Sitting on the front row like a fashion show
The parade of purple and green, all colors that the rainbow
Wild dances and songs appeal to me immensely
Long nails are painted and sharpened

I never get enough of what you see
My eyes see and want more
Long nights in my paradise
In my dreams they are lined up
I can feel and take no shame

Give me a divine love child
For the best varieties by the love you show me
Hot Passion of the best of two varieties
The longest stretches me to search for
I’m so weird that you say
And my father thought perhaps far beyond the mountains
Perhaps they are not available here and now
But one day perhaps they will

Angående YouTube – Kylie Minogue- Two Hearts(Official Music Video) — August 2, 2010