Letter Combinations

Tired of psychopaths and honestly twisted psychopaths. They use everything for their own benefit, I have come to a point when I get tired of being drawn to everything dangerous, but love makes you damn blind sometimes, and I should think but this is the same thing. But then I have an obstacle which these […]

The unsure you

No needle stick Nice arms Deep eyes And you can speak for you But not too much The case of someone betraying you Emotions are dangerous Tea party when mother or father wants You pass by but want home You stop saying yes again Dominated by someone you don’t want to know about So when […]

Different addictions

You hide your own needs Two slaves under different drugs But for you it is no problem While you are judging others Takes your dose when no one seems to see Even if you know it’s wrong You try to be a team and learn But everything comes back to yourself I can never judge […]


Good morning on you all, now it’s another new day, soon autumn recognizes the wind and its clouds. Well another year with quirky riots or not? Against The meeting soon it always starts ten in the mornings then you sit there four hours every day. Every day is a theme except Thursdays when we go […]

Take a break

The world’s most beautiful friends I have around Although they are few and not often seen That’s what is said and stops I have not always been good at it myself Sometimes I have bad days But I was never supposed to have it It was assumed that I could be there for everyone Listen […]

Something inside of me

Sometimes saying health reminds Have you lived an unhealthy life Do you live dangerously regardless of age Once you take their steps for improvement Occasionally, tumultuous things happen Some people probably think that you can take it And some think a second chance should be given I have taken immense risks in my life For […]