Maybe i have right

48-year-old died from the antabus cure DRUG AGAINST ALCOHOL Antabus can be distributed in many forms. Here at it is distributed in drinkable form. The intention is that the agent should make it impossible alcohol intake. Photo: BIBBI JOHANSSON Experts warn of fatal side effects Antabus can be fatal for people with alcohol and alcohol […]

Treatment against alcohole

Actually, I have to write this, why are you not talking about patients who take antibus that there may be depressive tendencies and possibly to Schizophrenia? I was asked to take Antabus for alcohol intake, even though I said long that my problem is also related to depression, so you still give me Antabus. I […]

And on again

I am in a really bad mood today, slept badly and angry idiots gather and it feels uwee. Everyone who thinks and thinks but at the end is the one who decides, exactly I no one else! Today I went down to the dependent reception and sat there expected two met from my motivational group, […]

The presaure

Must write today, an upside down day for most of them my proximity. Felt just to be and every time something big happens that for me it is hard so i like to go away. But most people know if that sweetheart tries to make me Be more involved before something like death happens. But […]

Whats normal and not

Time and attributes, difficult events that occur in my life. Which makes me more or less nervous at times. Having trouble right now is to handle stress even though I easily heat up up myself over unnecessary things, it becomes so when one lived a life like me and many more. Unfortunately, many seem to […]

Mess with me?

My girls and I were nothing as you The new generation that left it old We had cruel people and friends No failed someone No left some behind why Some died of monotony then someone comes that would play hero I tried nothing only where as a friend will last Parties and criminals was included […]

Minnen och tider

Jag funderar och tänker tillbaka ibland, jag var verkligen vild när jag var yngre. Sprang ifrån mor och far i affärer fastnade hos okända människor och fikade helt sjukt egentligen. Fast mina föräldrar lärde mig den där regeln följ aldrig en okänd? Vad fan är det tänkte jag de är snälla och bjuder mig på […]