The drug issue continues

Starting a thread in a forum is like opening doors to hell but a good test for what to come maybe. Haha I laugh it is so ironic to see how people think And thinking about people who feel shit, they may have gone far from themselves There but still even if they have it, […]

To my older souls

All at the same time When another wakes up Sleeps a second half Feels like a heavy quilt But now you don’t have to miss Grandpa You don’t have to worry about falling asleep It was your greatest fear to leave us others That you always thought of others before your own I always remember […]

My nees

I saw my sister children today Many would say that my thoughts should be there Many would say that they are happy having two kids who love me And many people would say that I have something to be happy about Some would say I might forgot about them on the road And you’d say […]


Yes it was again a Monday afternoon, a little summary of yesterday. When you live in a cohabitation you sometimes have to discuss their things, with two stubborn in the apartment there can be hot discussion but it never strikes according to me! Weathering the lungs is useful one cannot always be the same, yes […]

Time and present

The week that has been felt both hard and good, some discussions at home. Many people who are to participate in one’s relationship must say man want or not. You probably have everything and it’s the whole new scenario, at the same time try to respond to their dependence with a view to getting something […]

Now i had enough

Goes too far Sit down and listen I’ve had enough of you Take whatever you want but should not take away from me Have never had so much trouble with a sledge before Had it been here a few years ago you had experienced cold Where I come from, we know who is holding and […]

crazy life

The end of someone’s blog and continuation of someone else’s, saw that my friend stopped writing for a while. Must say that I understand but you were used to all the mad uproar and at the same time earthy but also deep thoughts that signaled to people, myself continue writing though it is for the […]