The story of Jennie

Disease meets disease Crash something checking salt Has the energy I have the energy you Nobody has the energy so long it remains Fast changes and nevertheless feeling What will one do confusion and suffering? But is there something beautifully Among blood and tears that nobody other sees I know and only ask that you […]

Updates of my blog

Yesterday’s evening was both fun and above all a lot interesting, I would have met a polar yesterday at Gamla Stan, but it was never off, so instead I met a girl friend from Hagsätra in town :) Thought was still 20- yesterday and nasty cold so you got a little sour that no one […]


A week left to surgery of my teeth should be carried out, while I know that yes not feeling a fuss in the meantime I am a little nervous for the effect of it whole. That I was so terribly afraid of the dentist’s chair, must be It remembers when I got a shock but […]

Wishes and dreams

Walls you build up Trying to run from emotions Why am I surprised What happened over there Was some nasty and disappointing It is a close neighbor to me Have always caught up Rush through life and wasted time The sunshine of life goes down behind a mountain The mountain shines the view towards the […]

Givin words

Extremities I love to some extent, and then I mean not from disease purposes. I am happy and not especially down right now, not my period of tears and bother. Even though there is always a lack of it, I palletize right now was at the makeup party with sister and mother yesterday, a divine […]

My descion

Confused state and generally pondering, people and sheep always in my vicinity. I would have gone in and fried with a friend in town today, but what was canceled did not work. Everything is exactly in my process of changing for the better, but something small minus always comes between mind days. I miss and […]

Forget that payment

My thoughts sometimes go back to when it was a little easier, yes for some years it has been worse or better so it is for everyone. And today, anger was almost overrun when a letter steamed down in the box here! With a claim of SEK 66,000 from an apartment whose small square was […]