Tells the story

Today it feels like a leached day to say the least. What I wrote down in the B-log before are parts of what I lived with. And what I have been fighting for years has yet to say that it was worse than small. But one learns I think to understand if one has been […]

Borderline och aspberger-autism

Borderline personality disorder How you behave, feel yourself and relate to others is constantly turning back and forth. You often feel angry, depressed, unhappy and have anxiety. Emotions can go against the leader and emptiness or horror-stricken toward catastrophe and abandonment. You may find it difficult to restrain these feelings and usually express you aggressively. […]

Normal faces abnormal

I do not know what I will say Has nothing to allocate presently Feel both lifting and heavy For I am for abnormal to fit in For normal to may help around about I live with let invisible disabilities I love it not in particular a lot But I hate it not neither It is […]

Jag måste aktivera mig

Usch vilken seg dag, vart oplanerad fest igår. Fick påhälsning strax efter nio på kvällen efter träningen, ja jag har börjat gå till gymmet. Kan vara bra att börja med någon form av aktivitet som håller mig i form. Trotts lite smått träningsverk så följde jag med till den här festen, kände tre personer resten […]

Invisble angel

  I feel poorly and it crawls in me I want to only sensible it open I want to   open doors I know whom that shows are Someone that loved me that is out I know whom that is who protects me I know whom that opens is, it’s unconscious I know whom that chases […]


The nights arouse me and dreads me Something intimidates me behind everything I try to persuade myself to release it But someone arouses me permanent With tears running down for the cheek I can it unconscious And it does not farm to release in daylights But at night and in darkness is said everything I […]

Vuxna som pratar sex offentligt

  Har tänkt på det här fenomenet som blir bland vuxna. Speciellt när de har tagit ett glas eller så då blir dom fruktansvärt öppna. Mer öppna om t.ex. sex vilket är rätt naturligt för dom flesta av oss. Jag håller med en vän till mig i det här, att sitta som vuxen och prata […]