Old storys

Old stories can be good sometimes to hear about. But sometimes it can lead to big gaps, then I really mean it. I have my own trips and stories, but not always so nice. Some people should not be mentioned as I do not have to do with them, I have a life where I […]

For always

  Tickles easily, like a feather. I see your smile and shine up. Please don’t leave me now. I think my heart needs you more than ever. If life is dear to you, you remain. I see you and shine up. I keep going because I want you close. I always want to wake up […]

Best lovin ever!

The past is what I have left. She left  but found. The love of her dreams became true once. Maybe but forever it will last some how. Stop playing around and settle down.   Be a woman that you dream of. I’m only yours. Thinking about how you always hold me. Thinking about how you […]

poem one hundred an thousends…

My heart dies another day.My heart shine because of the love you giving me.My heart will belongs to you.I have said it before.But all has it’s time. My soul loves your world.My soul longing for paradise.My soul cry another night. Let me hold you forever.Let me be the happy forever.Let me take you where you […]

Motivation att ändra!

Motivation att kämpa. Tar mig år att försöka prestera. Jag älskar dig och dina fina ögon. Du ger mig ny energi att orka. För dina ord etsar in i hjärtat. Mitt hjärta vill fortsätta kämpa. Tack vare allt som sker i mitt liv.   Nya infall och nya stjärnor träder in. Nya älsklingar och hatiska […]

My dream.

I love you baby. I am not like all the rest. Every human is unique. I got my own fire. And when I start believe in the life I’ll go far. For you I can do anything to make you love me. I am fighting till I can`t stand anymore.   I got fire enough […]

This is the life.

Am I wasting life.I don’t want to look.I don’t want to get another surprise in my face.People see different on surprises’ and gifts.I am me and you are you.I can’t stop from crying some times.It feels like I am one of foe that is true.May be I am to honest and true.People most don’t like […]