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The time of the innocent — March 31, 2009

The time of the innocent

Feel like a cola bottle today shaken and just opened.
I know that yes it should not, but now the rail starts to feel it, you think it has been done all the time.
But it does not matter what others think and think about it, they lose on the actual judgment that shakes me so.
I am kind to some limit and I am completely satisfied with a situation that cannot be misinterpreted in my eyes, so then I take it terribly if someone jidders with me.
Feel like sitting in a car that goes too fast you want to type have more speed and feel more annoying, but suddenly the gasoline stops, then you get angry pretty much anyway … just because it is such a
Ironically we live in and it is not just me who does.
Yesterday is not the same as today for my part mood, emotions fail a lot about everything, and I feel 100% but feel some shadow that sometimes comes and then my negative thoughts are started.
People who hope to pull, there will be no more jidder from my side that I have not found better person than this that could give me everything.


Thoughts — March 30, 2009



Do I need to say that it feels better as soon as we are on the same page.
But when we get apart, I have no idea when the panic breaks out … feels like you don’t get stuck a little something I want to.
Sometimes I just get close to everything and that is when we are not seen then it is probably the worst, you feel a little foam against ordinary people.
Do not go on to tell everyone what you are going through, they would never understand perhaps best it stays unsaid sometimes, depending on how often you come to be seen as well.
Today I was and met the darling’s mother what was nerve-wracking most of all, turned out to be quite calm, it felt like.
And it is often the reaction one wants to have been the best for times when things have not gone the way at all, however, I have sometimes told too much .. I did not necessarily do this this time.
Suffice that the person I live with should know that I think it is after all the person who should spend most time with me so I think it is important.

A little bit of everything —

A little bit of everything

Maybe I see the light someone’s place.
But don’t know if I dare give it all.
Because it always shows a black shadow.
It feels so good and just then it is usually cut in pieces.
I’m calm in my body but my heart is leaping.
Can’t be quite still, but still calm before the storm.
I do not want to show that page to anyone but it is inevitable.
That part you are aware of who steps into my life.
No one chooses a part you can take the whole package if you want to get life and love.

Some friends — March 27, 2009

Some friends

True and I are very good friends we have both experiences that make a little naive and easily cheated sometimes.
Believe that man is among one of the few I really love and respect most, times have passed and friends have come to pass, and that there are some that I actually care about … this B-log is after all supposed to investigate me Yourself, as you said to my friend, is trying to think that we all have our skeletons.
I try not to judge others “because I myself have not done so damn good things all the time, the main thing is that you come on it and change what was a bad thing, then I do not know if everything I was with need to be bad, it is because you have always heard around that some things were less good, some relationships and so but I fix it myself! Just can’t hear how damn wrong everything should always be, I know and we know as where and got pointers on us.
From what others see clearly then what can be turned to poorly exemplary or similar words and terms.

The life is ironic. —

The life is ironic.

If I was a saint I would not love you.

If you were saint you would not love me.

I smiling because I can once and a while but who say’s I am happier because of that.

Life is ironic things happening all the time.

I woke up six a clock in the morning.

I have bean thinking a lot and now I coming to you.


Like I said life is not a treasure all the time.

We all get hurt and sad what ever it means.

I can’t just live life like nothing happened around me.

Would be whiteout feels heartless and that is not me.


Might want to land on another one now.

But for me it’s you because I fell and hope you did the same.

Now when it’s time to arrive at you’re area.

Angående YouTube – Pablo Francisco – Psycho chicks 2 —
Let the lie in to the life. — March 26, 2009

Let the lie in to the life.

You make the better half of me.

You make me hate and love my self.

You feed me with you’re chaos.

You make me remember bad times as good with you.

The gentle face of a person that searching for love.

I do know you want me to love you.

But our issues are different.


My text is reviling it self.

I was a bad girl I grew up as a nice girl.

I was an outsider and shy too.

How are people going to look at us?

The thief’s of the night the gents of time.

A strange melody about skeletons in the back yard.

How many times do I need to hit the fall to face the truth?

Am I suppose to live with bad because I done my things.

Am I supposed to find all the nutcases around the globe because I am emotional?


This is my sad story to all the faithless.

This is my story to all the thugs and girls to them.

We never change how ever we wish not really.

We have the names why hide it.

When ever we turn to each other it will be an unhappy ending story.

Why are we the once to never be forgiven in peoples eyes.

I am sorry but I am for always one of those girls to that evil and charming faces seems like.

Who am I?? — March 25, 2009

Who am I??

Who am I.



Who am I searching for the light?

Is it there or some where else?

A puzzle for me that never going to ends in my mind.

Sorry you I still want you.

You could not have tempted me less.

With you’re sunshine smile and pretty eyes.


Who wouldn’t fall for a face like that?

But would never harm you, but telling you I was born to be some prisoner’s daughter.

The secret feel of breaking all the rules and waiting for some one to catch up in time.

How do I break that spell from hell?

Because I see it’s there with me.

I guess everything is meant to be, some how I hope I don’t need to hear about it ever again.

If I do I will literally kill my self instead of sitting and hearing about it again.

I will not stay if it shows a new face here and there with you.

I can’t you must understand that.


I risqué everything for this.

I give it all away to and hope that you love me in return.

I have to say this before me going insane.

I don’t want to hear about her ever again she is pain for every one to remember.

And if you still going to meet her after us I promise you it won’t be a day after to morrow.

Twisted minds. — March 24, 2009

Twisted minds.

Bella Donna is tripping on everyone she sees.
I was just there with all my garbage in a bag from where I belong.
I was a wild child and new sooner or later I will be a target for some one.
I deal with things; I have always deal with things my way.

I ´m sure the bad old man still lives at he’s house where I use to play as a little child.
But I’m stronger then he ever going to be, I left it behind and struggled on.
I became a very unsure person instead, looked for friendship and tasted drugs for several years.

I was looking for love and sex at same time at young age, wild became untamed.
Innocent I never was because I new how to do, shame on me those times I couldn’t fight against nutcases.
Men and women always tripped on me why should I save either one of them to be nice.
What do I get out of it, only my true friends giving me peace and something in common?
We war used but we got strong, and cops didn’t help they only drag us down in the dark even more.
I wish our world look a little more as the paradise some people talks about.

But it’s not what’s going too happened; some of us maybe get a ticket to heaven some are not.
I don’t know where my ticket goes I just live for this moment.
Drinking and smoking fucking and looking for deceiving love, and that’s what I get or what I will give back some times.

Whitout misstakes in life you only get burnd all the time.

Devotion. — March 23, 2009


Jag fylls med ångest över mitt känsliga hjärta.

Tar jag för mycket plats med många ord.

Jag har tendens att prata folk varma och mig själv.

Lyssnar mer på hjärtat en hjärna ofta.

Och jag vet inte om det är ett bra tecken.

Att jag söker det rätta är sant.


Jag drar upp en del smärta i ditt hjärta.

Och jag knackar på din dörr när som helst.

Det du ändå var mest rädd för igen.

Att släppa in mig för tidigt, men jag står för mina ord.

Kärleksord kan skapa ångest och tjusning.

Kärleksord kan fördöma och skada.

Kärlek kan göra någon glad in i det sista.


Som jag trånar efter det.

Känslan att vara behövd av någon som du.

Någon betydelsefull i livet som gör intryck.

Som aldrig försvinner även om kroppen kanske gör det.