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Dedicated for you! — January 29, 2009

Dedicated for you!

Feeling good feeling blue.

That’s my life up side down.

Hunting and running.

Better or worst.


Raining and glowing.

Blowing and slowing.

I’m a fighter and a lover on the move.

Staying and going.

You winning and loosing.

Dikt — January 28, 2009


I want to fly, but sometimes it feels like I’m afraid to fall

I want to cry, but my eyes won’t let me, there are no tears at all

I want to run and hide keep it all inside maybe I’ll be fine

Maybe I won’t



I Hope you’re listening

I wont be, I wont be afraid,
To say that I’m afraid of falling in love (falling in love)
Being alone (being alone)
Sometimes I feel so far from home
Am I alone, am I alone
Is anyone there answer the phone
I’m calling on heaven



You don’t know how I feel please tell me I wont realise
I want to run and hide keep it all inside maybe I’ll be fine
But maybe I wont
Maybe I won’t.

Time to realise —

Time to realise

Angående Angående YouTube – ‘The Unborn movie exclusive Clip — January 25, 2009
Angående YouTube – ‘The Unborn movie exclusive Clip —
I burning — January 23, 2009

I burning

Which judgment is our decision.
Sure, one should son their crimes one does.
Who can best do wrong and be judged by mankind here on our earth.
I read my friend’s blog and get a view of racist messages and threats next door.
Ok that you even drug longed but you should never be cleansed because you are inside to earn a penalty.
No matter in this life and in our world that we humans live, we happily donate death penalty here and there that can really only do the creator of everything.
And in our hearts everything has become a single great hatred over everything, everyone becomes a monster and the one who at least suspects, even the one who sits and blames different acts himself can become a monster.
But we do not think about that … I am not innocent nor you or anyone else. We were doomed for a long time ago how we wrongly did what we wanted ourselves, man has never addressed what is in old writings because it does not exist mean a lot on..but as some say we come through a big big bang … sorry to say but that’s probably not the situation in any case, i must be a believer in mine and deeply involved in what i think is important … when you are an adult, it is forgiven that everything should be treated correctly..for as a small one did not need it because then you are small and do not know anything..well everyone knows more than one they believe for their age always have it so! And the role models before us were as barbaric and awful as today..if we are going to talk crime and doomed monsters..ever is never condemned for anything but passing by on a track not that unfair then?
Wonder from my side … when you earn your punishment it must be accepted … you don’t have to take anyone’s excuse if you feel threatened or disappointed but never judge anyone in death .. it can be you yourself next time too.
I have often wanted many in death even those who have hurt my friends … but I do not get and can not go so far yet I will never look down on anyone else regardless.

Michael Jackson returns in my life! —

Michael Jackson returns in my life!

There is nothing more to say.

It will not be changed.

People start to realise that i`m not a freak that just talking.

My mind my dreams were real all the time.

Don’t take me for a fool before you know the truth.


Some one knows who he or she is.

Some one knows who I am that way.

There for I can’t be wrong you see.

But still no one is left behind of my deer friends.

Cause nothing changes, life goes on love goes on the same way in me.

Don’t ask.

Don `t guge.

Don’t turn and walk either.


Don’t ever tell me i`m a liar.

Don’t ever listen to what other say before you know the truth.

My history will always be truth no Mather what and my love for that one will grow old with in.

It will stay there.

It will stay darling.

The realization — January 22, 2009

The realization

I dare not look but must.
I dare see this.
When your name was mentioned, I felt a cold wave.
I dare to see this and hear your words again.

A person who gave me insight in a short time.
Or has there always been one like you in my vicinity.
Your face is like the closest you can get to that angel.
With shortcomings that stand out from the crowd.
You undress yourself before everyone but for me.

Feels like you undress me too.
Feels like you’re digging out of it.
I cannot resist as your mental strength over me is there.
And regardless, I realize that it will always be so.
But I listened and saw.
I listened and watched your eyes as well as your mouth.

You snapped your fingers as always.
A nervous little look every now and then into the ground.
A small voice that I recognize behind everything mysterious.
The mysterious thing is gone now and there I breathe out.


Troubled — January 20, 2009


To good and all turns to hell.

In one minute you turn all to hell from good.

This has to stop, but don’t know how really?

But I do know one thing when I finally found what ever I may seeking I stay there.

My mission is to go on from here, it were some qute thing back there.

But they are more then one cute thing back there.


I thank god I have my write goal.

To rely on something other would be very bad idea seems like.

I can’t deny my fantasy and all that romantic stuff you kind of giving me some times.

But anyway if I only lived for fantasy then I would be dead long ago.

Men like you — January 11, 2009

Men like you

How can I love the old fashion man like that?
The once that always try to make me hide.
They are all the same to me.
They play on and play off and wake like monsters.

I don’t need another hero that plays when ever he feels like.
I always loved Bothe women and men, but all through the years I saw something new in me.

I discover those men still round me, that wane hold me down and force me to do what ever they please me too.
That will never happened again; you fools got nothing more to show me.
And they can look good on the outside and have the talent in speak.
But underneath they are bad, waiting for you to come on their side.
So they can put you where they want to, with all too many men with same attitude I face the same reaction about my life.

And their fist is never far from my face, they hate to see me climb and they hate to hear me speak cause they know they never get me again!