Mery Christmas and happy new year

Well now you are sitting around the table soon again with the family, then it becomes a lot of eating.
So you are allowed to cut away all those where the kilos you struggled with before haha.
Drinking mulled wine and wine getting a little round under your feet so I don’t have fun playing the whole Christmas with the sister children * joking just they like to tease me * asg
Wish my heartfelt was here but he is about 100 miles from me I wait until he removes me from here, until then I live my life!
He has said it and that I should only think about poistive thoughts do not be afraid that he will not come back, but I cannot take it forgiven.
If you live far from each other, it will be difficult to just go there, everything has to be planned for advice and stuff.
I really miss you, and wish we could celebrate New Year together … love you in seacret :)

Published by lachicalove

I am an unusual person, I believe, has gone through a lot in just 15 years, studies of Asperger VS Add lived a pretty wild life outside of Stockholm City, has grown in the suburbs and this is my story of how I was treated by people both as youth and adult, who I have been designed for.

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