Stupid people answering on what?

My buddy and I sat discussing different ways some respond to, one can write about what people read only half the content of the thread? !!
Then their own interpretations are formed and when you see how people want to be seen just because, their real shortage is the imagination and real events to write about themselves … but they just answer regardless of whether they shine what you mean or not? I understand here that my friend is running with people that he is jokingly checking on all those people who answer …?
Luciferiss K25 från Västerås i Västmanlands län, Idag kl 01:37
Luciferiss K25 från Västerås i Västmanlands län, Idag kl 01:43
T19 från Sundsvall i Västernorrlands län, Idag kl 01:47

LuciferissHow do you notice that one does not get one on the hook outside one’s point of view.
My mother is such an idiot. She has faked me once. Everything to ruin for me.
So my friends and my girlfriends thought I had a blowjob.
Girls on the hook doing it?
What to do about it. You get that blanket over it.
How do you notice that you do not get a fake blowout or fake handling outside your field of view?
And that one’s girlfriend then goes away with another guy?
Comes out there and pretends to snap a button under a blanket … Make good moves and stare meaning on your girlfriend and you understand nothing.
Or worse still keep your head a bit away from one’s legs and pretend to pick up something from the floor. While eating a bun down there.
Then when you see it they stick one in the neck and when you get up so that it really looks like you have come.
T19 from Sundsvall in Västernorrland County: I think he means when it looks like you are getting sucked, etc., from the eye of others
K26 from Umeå in Västerbotten County, Today at 1:53

How can you avoid seeing it yourself?
The fact that someone makes “up and down” movements in the vicinity of one’s writing is quite difficult to miss.

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