I feel confident in your arms have landed finally, and then you should move for a while.
But I have to keep some things from you as a memory, you assured yesterday that you will come back.
Without a doubt you are probably one of the few mature and nice men who make me whole, with lots of fools it is hard to find.
You say we should take it easy and you do not want to stress, we can not even reach the situation as it looks.
If you come back then you have me here and you know that :)
I have saved space in my heart for a few, the names are not mentionable here, but everyone knows their own place and name that gave me warmth and sense of love.
There are eight people in my life who fulfilled what I wanted, which will always have a place with me, the eight know which ones are about nothing so soon :)

I cannot feel joy in the same way as with you at my side, you are mature and know what it is if you do not make me confused at all.
You have firm hand and principle firm, but kind and calm what I may need most in my life, nothing slashes or rudeness but only pure cards and clarity as well as a sense of security in love that is interplayed.

Published by lachicalove

I am an unusual person, I believe, has gone through a lot in just 15 years, studies of Asperger VS Add lived a pretty wild life outside of Stockholm City, has grown in the suburbs and this is my story of how I was treated by people both as youth and adult, who I have been designed for.

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