I have nothing to hide

Feels silly to have to hide what you feel for everyone else’s sake. Realize that I have to open my heart, but refuse to cry before you or anyone for it. I know you hate when I get that way and I don’t want you to feel that way. When it is clear to me […]

Do i need to tell the chaos

The entertainment that was entirely to hell. First, some idiots are able to contact me again and again can lead to misunderstandings. When I cherish my friends and know where they stand waiting for me, I don’t want to let it pass. Is it then that something miffo who made them bad once or majority […]

Mery Christmas and happy new year

Well now you are sitting around the table soon again with the family, then it becomes a lot of eating. So you are allowed to cut away all those where the kilos you struggled with before haha. Drinking mulled wine and wine getting a little round under your feet so I don’t have fun playing […]

Stupid people answering on what?

My buddy and I sat discussing different ways some respond to, one can write about what people read only half the content of the thread? !! Then their own interpretations are formed and when you see how people want to be seen just because, their real shortage is the imagination and real events to write […]


So then it was my day, what a fucking birthday! As I said in the past few years, I have always been somewhat unwanted. Even other days of my holidays, it has been fucked properly, so now he has gone with the agony inside. His condition can be counted as at least good! Wonder why […]


I feel confident in your arms have landed finally, and then you should move for a while. But I have to keep some things from you as a memory, you assured yesterday that you will come back. Without a doubt you are probably one of the few mature and nice men who make me whole, […]