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Extremely embarrassing — November 28, 2008

Extremely embarrassing

Then you have updated the friendship list and photos.
One has, however, that some are not entirely alone, which I cannot see either.
What can’t be done?
Mmm thought so much, it’s so dear friends and all other people.
If you do not like to spend time with someone you do not do it and vice versa, is up to each one.
Everyone cannot love each other as one thought small, the false side outward was then shown to calm the children!
And think that life should always be happy to live and you should never get sick or feel bad.
But then no one has gone through life unproblematically I just write about mine, which not everyone does!
Not something I force others to write about it or read about it, we all have a page on the story no matter how many people see it!
But the one who carries it within says he or she knows right that it is :)
I have something else to do to prove to relatives and possibly how I really measure and why I think some things are wrong, I do not just for my own sake but to show the outside world that I care!

For example, to hear the day out and in how people fight or abuse their loved one just to feel power!
Only to feel power and spit out his anger for what others did yourself before, as many do but sometime realize is very wrong!
Even me with weapons as words could hurt a lot if it had been lying !?
But since none of what I wrote was lying, I think it was right all the time!

Should I speak from my own person perhaps — November 12, 2008

Should I speak from my own person perhaps

Actually, I think my statement begins to say.
The alleged disease that does not exist according to some, one becomes confounded when the only thing that happened
is misery p, g, a that disease.
Because some have taken up the hunt for my lifestyle and my experience as found.
Then I think about it that one is well aware of his condition as sick.
However, I previously tried to tell people about it all before the shock was total for some.

That people must believe in what others have written about me is up to each one.
I know best about myself and my condition, you can wonder why someone never asked before, but only took the forgiveness that I had the giant light.
It’s really nobody who really has, but I usually ask people if they want to talk about is up to them themselves!
Believed that I did not grow up on the street or in a war-torn country, it is nothing that is said to have been easy for me.

Another part that you can also wonder about is why there is so much double in everything.
From one side you should be properly and neatly dressed in a little bit sexy, the other side you should be completely nun to fit in, you are believers you get different messages.
From the public, there will be updated things from yesterday maybe?
Or a thousand years ago, but it does not matter that I believe in things that make it awful!
Since how I live there is not at all said that it is the will or law of God, I believe yes to it quite a lot through my years, not with the will to hurt the creator of everything, but because I have decided my own choices and ways.