Attack you

What the hell Come on You should understand what is the matter Thought you made me cry Imagine thinking correctly Who the hell do you think you are Some artist who never made progress In addition to your pornographic scene that makes money Take me as I am or stay away from here I have […]

You can get who you want

Why? What a stupid question Why? Clearly, I began to turn to the sisters Too many brothers fall off I can not stand out with a bad prince And you judge me Why? Obviously I’m taking what’s best Leaves the worst to you Do not forget who you are talking to No matter who you […]

The dancing Prince of Egypt

You like floating over the dance floor You had the charm That king of pop was your second god in dance I saw you next to it You were always so suspicious I had fun So you observed Then you took your chance when nobody really saw it Do you remember I could as well […]

It was so long ago

Memories start coming back Here and there they fill the gaps I was always protected Do not use any brother or sister to join Never alone for a second But it came the times I only lived and that’s what I’m doing now Nothing I regret I still have friends But sometimes I miss the […]

In imagination

It’s right you’re so raw And say crazy stuff I’m not looking for anything long But excitement makes me crazy Tonight I’m living in the imagination And I’m writing you to the imagination Because you will give up Haha I think the water boils You forget about yourself I think I’m writing you away Tonight […]

Allmost holy

God… Count my part in game God.. You want to wrap me in glass paper And you want to play with my skin I can not do more You pass this game to yours I have my part in your game now I drive all my part if you give your … You want to […]

This girl

Swipe in your words What you have already done You start to fall in your steps Just stay there I can carry you If you are weak and tired All night long Am I in any kind of dance with you It continues with clothes or without What am I getting out of it I’ll […]