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Those who refues to accept the who i am — June 16, 2019

Those who refues to accept the who i am

I know that it annoys the so-called righteous
Nothing can stand out
These so-called old military people are following
I don’t need a weapon
I have a mouth to talk with
When was the truth of your so-called history idiot
I do not intend to quit now
And I’ll take care of myself
Fit me not to put your foot wrong according to you
According to you, it is wrong to be who I am
Without understanding, it is difficult
And yet everyone should accept who you are
Is there even someone who knows who you are
Possibly the same ones
And where the Scythian holds life together
But you sound exactly the same
How come you all sound brainwashed?
Huh ??
Tell me if I should listen to someone like you
And now we have children
But I had snakes in my head
And now I’m free
But my child is part of me too
Hope you understand that is so

Me and my selfies — June 15, 2019
What was dead woke again — June 14, 2019

What was dead woke again

There is always something to talk about
If you promise to understand
I can’t persuade myself to stay
That answer sounds like mine ….
It’s a fun time
When everyone smiles
And everyone is dancing
Both high and low
I just admire …
But she wants to give it …
And she wants to take it
I knew about it …
Just being there
I am glad to listen
But it is only to be desired
Do we both do the same …
And even if she wants to give it
And even if she wants to take it …
Yes I would have said yes ten years ago
But one thing is like that
Sorry again …
As I said it will come again
I can’t escape from such a glow hot ..
Well I told you …
But play is play
And now the flame is already up so what do we do now …

Is Always meant to be —

Is Always meant to be

Different names are part of the show
And different numbers are distributed
I am one of them all so ….
But I have my own will
And is not forced to remain
Never did …
I live my life now and then
What comes my way
Is meant
Whatever others think and think
I live it and learn from it
So dreams and reality are not the same
That’s why I have time to think
Many just rush in
I can’t do it again
Many times have become half
And that’s not enough for me
But love I continue to do

My body shape and me —
That`s how it is —

That`s how it is

That’s how it is…
Desire and desire ….
But I handle it …
Believe me
Have done this before
And is not with inhibitions …
Always turns on big …
To everyone’s surprise at my age
For my age, only one figure is
And so it has always been …
I do it at my best
No one can avoid …
But everyone wants attention …
Fixed different attention to what is worth
And what really stands behind
Is it often love …
Mom or not
Have always gone big
And I’m wrong
I’m right
Is always learning
I learn faster than many believe
A true camelion

Keep on do this —
Why bother to understand — June 13, 2019

Why bother to understand

Why I even address this is because it is taboo to be differently gifted, still though we are in the year 2019, adults before my time who neither wants nor wants to understand. Diagnoses are different degrees, many European countries are well ahead of Sweden in the acceptance that ADHD and Aspberger are a congenital disability, with that this does not mean that everyone is equally hindered by it, some more others less. The problem is that societies do not want to understand it or accept that there is, it is difficult to read about, all cases for the “normal” people in the outside world, life goes on for them fairly easily compared to for it with any of the above diagnoses. Some may take the help of medication as some are strongly opposed because it is stimulus drugs simply, you become addicted … but it is in any case not self-medicating that many do because they try to fill the gaps with something drastically, and what is different from other people’s everyday lives.
I have to have a structured everyday life, all cases as much as it goes, not too much stress, several pieces cannot talk at the same time then I do not pay attention to everything that is said, the concentration is a little worse, you are giant gifted on some topics and others topics a little less, we have less of what is called Seratonin, the medicine I have raises among other things also the dopamine that we have too little or too much of, it thus helps to make life a little easier, but it does not help outsiders to trample us on the toes all the time with all things we may not be able to do, no one has to highlight what is positive, people who do not have diagnoses may have these problems anyway, I do not know but it is more characteristic of them with ADHD and Aspberger, structure and Orangation is AO in the whole process and not many people around this take it but argue that it does not exist, we just want attention? For what ?



You do not break me with your nonsense —

You do not break me with your nonsense

Both evil and good in your story
But for some a bit better
Available here for a request
So said the coolest person in my life
And I have continued so too …
No turning back
Few understand
But I’ll try to get you to understand
Understated abilities
Considered as a circus button cuckoo
Just try with me
No stopping will be judging
And you will no longer go beyond your nose
I’ll have done this so many years
And now I have woken up from the shadows
There were some who made me see it that way
Do not complain
Do your own thing
Do not sigh on my merit
Everyone gets their straw to the stack in one way or another

The adults ? —

The adults ?

….. what do you say about today’s society Greta Thunberg is Aspberger and therefore she should not comment on some viewers on Facebook, she is a child, which extraordinarily stupid adults sitting and writing their comments, etc. what to do say not many people know what people with diagnoses actually do, according to “normal” people, we are partly considered intellectually handicapped also with the diagnoses we have! gentleman god so extraordinarily silly! You can’t actually defend it all the time with that, but maybe they are right, maybe we are crazy, completely incompetent, assembled with everyone with diagnoses, throwing everyone in a pile there they can be!