Ring my bells

The distance between our worlds It keeps us alive as friends But when the bell rings, you are around here I just know, just know… Sometimes you need it Sometimes you release me completely Sometimes I fall together But often of a smile as it strengthens me From sad to happy in a minute And […]

The look of a wolf

Follow me around in circles As the lips of Megan Fox And eyes like the wolf With your silver moon Perhaps it is wrong or right But tired of being sick and tired Looking over the horizon Longing for a dance under the moon Perhaps it is wrong But this is how I am And […]

Not in love

Becomes crazy by your presence Wakes up just as wet as the dry after the early morning hours You know it And it bothers me in everything I do But I’m not in love Just in love with what you are and everything you do But don’t run away I see you on hold And […]

Kittycat Stray cat

Sparks fly around my eyes Still lurks in the dreams It changes nothing Tears of pearls thrust People are strange The way I described you is the truth These tears of stones All these mixes of emotions When will all realize you will always be in the background You kiss someone in a picture And […]

It collapses

Must have time for myself It concerns me But there are time that I need And you deny to the So take it as I say it I don’t need the lockup And I can come home when I want to I have to run the fastest You confuse me more than any other I […]

Beyuties and beasts

Of all days, this day Is never too late to start or finish Hot summer night And I dream away Perhaps on a chair somewhere alone The way you play with me on is completely different Gives me more energy when it seems darker What I give to you Perhaps the hope that, regardless of […]