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My heart for desire

I know you’re circulating
Lace and velvet in the bed
You clearly show it
Because you are not shy
You saw me somewhere
And you understood that it was you I meant
As soon as I saw you there
Like the victim
She completely stole my presence
And I could hardly sit still
That’s the fact
That girl is dangerous
And even then I understand
Then you’re an explosion
That eagle is so dangerous
But I have no money
Just pasion and my hands
Those heels want to put someone in the eye
And I love it
And your eyes become black like a corpse
I see you like my strength
And I know you’re drawn to it

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Pleasure on the dance floor

She has my number
Be sure
But she took you under the wings
Now you’re stuck
And you see her seduce
How does it feel that you know it’s me?
But I take my place like everyone else
Forgive me…
It’s a time of confusion
And I’m in the middle
And if you know my name
Is there nothing I can do about it now
The magician knows my number
And pleasures are a fact
I know her size of clothes
And I know what kind of imagination she sees
Even though I’m not close to her
Because there is time as long as both breathe
I know Karma will return
And I think that already happened to me

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Sitting and thinking a little …
This is because I’m pregnant but still living a special life.
And actually counting me as single, I have not promised me any punches.
And I like to live like this, but as an old former school colleague wrote in her blog when she lived, why do I have obligations to inform people about who or who I am flirting, just because I happen to be single and picked it.
I also wonder, loyalty, I know what it is, but if it’s completely unknown people who ask out in blank nothing about my private life why should I tell who I like etc, now I write poems based on feelings, people without names , ah a little bit of each.
Admits people to bother me that I’m single, and despite being pregnant and prioritizing my child first, I see it frankly honestly, so I understand someone’s role. I’m not completely without morality, but I presume that those I meet can handle the lives of their lives, whether they are busy or not.

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I have to wonder

I have to wonder
And say things when I feel
The Internet world is eating up
It is artificial and has become all
It takes all the time
And people have changed ways to discuss
Never the same as in reality
Talk shit over a screen
And believe you’re on the throne
But that’s not it
I remember faces
And I take it awake and straight away
But rarely they come forth
I see lots of opinions aimed at my friends
Takes word in your mouth as soon as you have a social status
Seeing yourself as better knowing
Remember one that I’m looking straight through
I’ll take you later with the words

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You are like a party

You are like a party
It never gets sad
And you are an easy addiction
There I have to get out
And sometimes I see you so close
I can almost touch you
I can next hear you next door
It was not hard to understand
You crossed my way with pleasure
And I saw it as a light
It’s still as tickling
Just in 6 months I have turned sheets
And I like what you say right out
I like your karma
I like your shyness
And I see you as you are
That’s what I discovered

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Candy bag

Here and there
Much travel within me
But I like it as my candy
Oh she turns it on
Oh, she’s forbidden fruit
But I’m struggling with
Talk about the light and the love of God
When it’s so dark
But I like it
Those brown eyes laughing
And the poison flows through my veins
Has been for half a year
Thought it was obvious
But apparently people are reading completely wrong?
Ah, I do not understand anything
I explain the same thing again

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I told you all

I light a cigarette

What should I think of?
Hhm …
I already know my areas and their lives
Raised to meet someone who put fire
I’m sure and not sure what I saw last week
But you try to say I do not know
Clearly she liked my smell

But you want your own right and that’s so wrong

And you say that I feel so well
Ah why are you having such problems
Oh if you now like it so much
Swear I know exactly who she was
She just passed me now and then
I told you there is one that I like
And some have the same sides as me
And I’m writing all the time in my memoirs

So if she passed me
Positioned five meters from me

She has a poker face and I like it

Do not like when people do it too obviously
And she is not the desperate person

And why she’s like me in terms of fetishes

So smells are worth a lot

What turns on inboard ah …