The goal

Serious and influential Yes … to make you understand where I stand Is here to share my life on one sheet And if you miss I kindly ask you to turn your face in another direction Someone invited me to the biggest group But small on earth Just a fraction of what awaits And this […]

The play is fun

Do you think I can shut up? Fever is a fact Hear my voice in the night Maybe it’s too bad for you My points are completely open That I am hot for you Is a fact I have to realize I think I’m exploding Come and take it when the heat is there You […]

Give in for the second

Throughout the night I enter Have a secret I can not keep Trying to hide everything But you dig it up like a treasure What can I presume So I give in for a second The night is my pleasure When you send out your feeling I take protection from the light of the day […]

Touch it

Touch me That thought makes me crazy Full moon in city And the night is young I’m in search again When it attracts me It’s this time And I’ll take it if I get the chance Touch me if your mind feels so Quickly, everything disappears like a flash I do not treat you as […]

If i should be late for work

Sometimes shadows crawl on me Sometimes it storms within me But time wants to show And I’ll stay I smile And my heart beats Coming into me And sit down What movie to watch Consider what I am akhilles for It tears and apertures It hits so hard The knife is sharp But that’s nothing […]

Medial heart

Hokus pocus dear Everything is real Medial and deep within me knocks Ice blue eyes Icey close to what you even know about I’m hit in a storm Sucks in my eyes And I travel ashore Feels like it gets cloudy The engine sounds and I guess The lacquer against its leather sits smoothly like […]